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Work and Travel orientation

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Work and Travel orientation

  1. 1. CHI is your sponsor•••
  2. 2. ¡°Bring the world§ Bringing people of diverse cultur educational exchange programs § CHI works with Partne abroad to recruit p
  3. 3. What is the Work & Travel Program?§ Experience life and culture in the U.S.§ Work at temporary entry - level jobs for maximum 4 months§ CHI is designated by the U.S. Department of State (USDoS) and will issue Form DS 2019 for your J- 1 visa
  4. 4. Why Work & Travel?§ Become fluent in English§ Learn U.S. corporate culture§ Travel around the U.S.§ Find an Internship Trainee placement§ Have fun
  5. 5. CHI W&T Program Provides§ J-1 visa documentation§ Insurance for the duration dates on your DS-2019 form§ Complete orientation§ Student Handbook§ Program administration and supervision§ 24 hour emergency
  6. 6. CHI W&T Program does NOT Include § Round trip airfar § Airport transfers § Transportation to destination § Housing unless othe noted § Any daily living § Any applicable vi fees
  7. 7. You must bring $800 …••••
  8. 8. Form DS 2019 and your J-1 Visa§ you are sponsored under chi’s j-1 visa designation§ CHI issues your Form DS 2019 for the J-1 visa§ The DS-2019 form enables yo and legally work in the U. Security number
  9. 9. GETTING YOUR VISA§ CHECK ALL THE DATA ON THE DS 2019 AND J1 VISA TO BE SURE THEY ARE CORRECT§ Take DS 2019 form, passport, visa application, school records and CHI/agency information to local Embassy or Consulate§ The visa is issued and attached to your passport
  10. 10. § Passport with J-1 Visa, DS 2 letter§ Make copies of all documen your parents, and one in e§ Airline tickets / any other tickets§ Insurance documents§ Change of clothing and per§ USA Work & Travel Student H
  11. 11. Entering the U.S.A.§ important documents which you must have and present to U.S. immigration officials upon arrival in the U.S. 1) Valid passport 2) DS 2019 Form 3) J-1Visa 4) I-94 Card 5) CHI Sponsor Letter 6) Job offer§ Some Immigration officials a unfamiliar with the W&T Pro they question you, show them
  12. 12. I-94 FORM§I -94 form on the airplane. WRITE CLEARLY!!§ Attention!you lose it, If receiving a new one costs $3
  13. 13. Contact youremployer… You MUST go to your prearranged employer !!!If you do not, CHI will CANCEL your visa !!! You will not be able to get a visa in the future!
  14. 14. §ONLY arrive on the daysemployer§ Your first day at the joagree upon at the Job Fa§ You have to stay until tcontract
  15. 15. SEVIS Student & Exchange Visitor Information System•••
  16. 16. WWW.SEVIS.ORG CHI web site for validations§ Within 3 of arrival contact CHI th days or call the CHI toll800 1 fre 4643§ You must be validated in the SEV apply for your Social Security n§ To validate your visa, CHI needs employer information & US home a§ You must contact CHI for any cha within 10 days
  17. 17. LOGIN on www.sevis.orgUser Name: Last name (as spelled in passport)Password: DS number (including N) It is Your Responsibility to Validate your Status in SEVIS !!!
  18. 18. Social Security§ When you validate yourself in , 7 10 -in days you may apply for your Soc§ For the SS application process, you need: ¡© Your passport ¡© I-94 form ¡© DS 2019 form ¡© sponsorship letter from CHI and job acceptance letter from ¡© Put your employer¡¯s address on§ You receive a letter that you a You can go to the S.S. -15 day office later. Your card will be mailed -60 days.
  19. 19. INSURANCE§ CHI provides insurance IMPORTANT you have to conta toll free number listed on y within 48 hours after the ac§ Emergencies: go to hospital. Illness and non -emergency: go to a doctor§ Call the CORIS toll- free number for a list of doctor area§ If clinic does not take your insurance, pa receipt to insurance carrier for a full re§ $100 deductiblerefundable) - per visit (non§ Important !!! $250 deductib Emergency room in a non-eme situation
  20. 20. Self-placed students - changes in employment- Contact CHI at or 1 800 432 4643 for a SP Job offer form- New potential employer needs to complete, employer and student need to sign.- Send this form to CHI WT department by e-mail or fax. IMPORTANT! You can not start working beforenew employer was confirmed by CHI as safe andeligible for W&T students
  21. 21. Can I Extend My Stay?§ No, you may not stay longer designated program dates on -2019§ CHI will NOT extend visa -1 your J§ By staying beyond the dates jeopardize any further trav oryour family and possible de border
  22. 22. § Your employer generally wit -15% of your wage§ You MUST pay taxes while on Program. However you wil refund
  23. 23. Non-exempt Taxes§ Federal Income Tax§ State Income Tax§ City Income TaxExempt Taxes§ Social Security & Medicare§ Federal Unemployment Tax (
  24. 24. W–4 Form & W-2 Form§ Complete a form: indicates to you -4 W much tax should be withheld .§ Put your ddress on this form! home a Instructions in CHI Student Handboo§ W-2 Form - Tax Refund§ Your employer will -shows it to yo mail total wag amount of each tax§ If you do not receive W-2 form y March 1 contact employer & request replacement§ Aprilth15 You are required to file U.S. t
  25. 25. The W-2 Form & Filing Tax Returns§ Federal tax form to be co Work & FORM 104 Travel participants NR-EZ§ To fill out this form, foll Student Handbook§ For a small fee you can ha return your taxes for you.§ For further information, y TAXBACK at
  26. 26. Living and Working in America
  27. 27. “culture shock” and You § You need to be and open minde § Make friends § Keep a journa § Smile and have of humor
  28. 28. America is…••••
  29. 29. Americans …• proud of their country, just like you are proud of your country. Be sensitive!••
  30. 30. Working in the U.S.A.You must go to AND stay at your prearranged job . If you have any problems ¡© call CHI!!! We can help to solve them!We are going to help you if any circumstances change your job. Please rely on CHI!
  31. 31. Employment § Entry -level jobs § Hours may vary dep weather § Be punctual § Dress appropriately § Show confidence, no § Be tactful and resp § Be a "team player¡ § Prohibited jobs: Adult entertainment, commission -based, -doo door sales, domestic help rolling chair opera of vehicles or vesse patient contact
  32. 32. Be A Respectful Employee§ Your employers are very spe They hired you without knowing y§ Bring little gifts from your share with friends, employer
  33. 33. Housing• job-assisted participants: Some of you will have housing arranged by the employer. If not, CHI will provide assistance via CHI web -site. You must stay at this housing location unless otherwise indicated• self-arranged participants: Affordable accommodation options: hostels, motels, hotels, university/college housing. Do some research and make a reservation bef you arrive!
  34. 34. yesü Motel & Hotel roomsü Apartmentsü Share room with 3 other studentsü Share a double bed with another studentü Trailers, bunkhousesü Housing contractsü Depositsü Respect and appreciate
  35. 35. noü Noise & breaking housing rulesü Keeping / leaving housing i bad & dirty conditionü Breaking housing contractü Disrespectful behavior with: -landlords -other guests -hotel employees
  36. 36. yes no
  37. 37. Transportation• bus: GREYHOUND an inexpensive way to travel around the U.S.• train: amtrak the national railway system in the U.S. • airplane: there are many different air companies
  38. 38. Banks§ Open a bank account§ Services vary§ Bring several forms of id§ Some banks require a min balance§ Monthly service fee§ Banks usually require Social Security Number
  39. 39. Sales Tax§ Sales tax varies§ Be prepared to paybetween 0 percent to 10 percent in addition to the total bill. Tipping§ It is customary to tip (resta§ 15 to 20 percent of the amount owed services rendered
  40. 40. Telephones & Phone Cards§ A telephone number in the U. 1415 - - - 4595397§ For international call, firs§ Do not use phones at your jo family§ To call home buy International Phone§ Phone card is a prepaid ca supermarket, convenience sto§ emergency phone number 911 (police, ambulance, firefighters)
  41. 41. Emergency & Non-emergency Emergency§ A life or death crisisinjury or illness r -critical hospitalization§ If you are a victim of a violent crime§ If you have been arrested§ Contact CHI at the toll-free number -hour 24 1800 - - -432 4643 Non emergency - Contact CHI during business hours (Mon ri ¡© F = 9AM 6PM) § Loss of DS 2019 -94 form/ I form / passport § Victim of theft or a non -violent crime § Employee/employer concerns § General SSN and tax resource informat
  42. 42. “WORK & TROUBLE” or You And The Law
  43. 43. Playing It Safe§ Stay alert to your surroundi§ Keep valuables & property c§ No ATM machines at night/Ne of money§ Travel with a friend§ Wear a HELMET on the bike car
  44. 44. US Laws§ U.S. laws DO apply to you§ If you do get in trouble wit ¡© Call CHI for limited assistan ¡© CHI cannot be held account§ actions References forattorneys, you legal help: EmbassyThe possible Result(s) if youGuilty:Ø Monetary fineØ Jail timeØDeportation
  45. 45. You Should Avoid Problems And Trouble Such As:§ Illegal drug possession§ Underage drinking of alcoho§ Drinking in public places§ Disturbing the peace§ Destruction of property§ Shoplifting or Stealing
  46. 46. What is Stealing?Ø Not clocking work hourscorrectlyØ Not paying for a meal/drinkworkØNot charging friends for aproduct or serviceØ Taking merchandise outwithout paying for itØ Using credit card or checksthat do not belong to you
  47. 47. SEX, DRUGS & ALCOHOL
  48. 48. SEX§ It is your personal business and c active§ Mutual consent parties must agree -Both§ Sex with minors ¡© inors M -young people under the a ¡© f an adult has sex with a mino I relations is considered illegal ¡©he laws vary from - T state to sta the definiti minor and the severity of the§ Pleaseresponsibly, sensibly, and above all, act safely should you be sexually active
  49. 49. DRUGS§ Illegal possession of controll (drugs) in the U.S. is subj law.§ Penalties vary from state to subject to fines and possible ¡© or any possession of drugs F ¡© Association with people who are§ Many employers require drug as a condition of employment periodically during your ti their business.
  50. 50. ALCOHOL, etc.§ the legal drinking age in the u.s. is 21 years old§ ID with a photo is required§ Do not drink and drive§ Do not buy for alcohol people under 21§ Smoking is legal over 18 years of age§ Many laws about where you c§ Smoking not allowed in publi restaurants, bars§ Smoking is an expensive $8 -up to habi
  51. 51. Exits And Returns To The U.S.§ You are allowed before the your or I 94 - the departure date 2019§ Your J-1 visa must ¡°M¡± the have§ If you intend to visit any c U.S., mail your DS 2019 form t for a signature a minimum of 3 weeks prior to