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Presenting Beyond the Basics: A few lesser-known "nuts-and-bolts" of presenting advice.


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Most people know the basic tips of public speaking...Don't face the audience, maintain good eye contact, etc. But here are a few lesser-known "nuts-and-bolts" of presenting advice beyond the basics.

1. It’s better to know the subject than the presentation.
2. Imagine your audience leaving the room (after your talk!).
3. The rule of three (there might be something in it)
4. Store your presentation in the cloud.
5. Have a one-page cheat sheet.
6. Look everyone in the eye, then pick your favorites to come back to.
7. Remember if people are looking down at a screen and typing, it’s a compliment.
8. Have a Plan B for your intro and your outro.
9. Listen very carefully, an introvert will say this only once…
10. Think in tweetbites.

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Based on content by Ned Potter

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