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Press Red Workshop @ CSPN Convention 2014 on CSPs and Volunteering


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These are the slides used when Press Red hosted a workshop on CSPs and volunteering at the CSPN 2014 convention.

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Press Red Workshop @ CSPN Convention 2014 on CSPs and Volunteering

  1. 1. Volunteer development Rob Wallis Press Red
  2. 2. Workshop outline • Check understanding of SE/CSP core spec requirements for volunteering. • Find out a bit about what’s happening with volunteering in your CSP. • The value of sports volunteering to wider society. • Learning from other CSPs. • Review: where are you now and where do you want to be? • Taking away tangible actions.
  3. 3. Sport England and volunteering Draft CSP Core Specification 14/15 (shorthand version) Aware of wider sector volunteering opportunities – signpost NGBs and delivery partners Include volunteering agencies in networking role and maintain relationships Respond to NGB requests to grow volunteer workforce Provide support to volunteers and coaches in clubs in line with NGB requirements Retain and continue to engage with existing volunteers – regular communication, retain momentum Maintain connections into local opportunities - be a conduit for NGBs, clubs and sport organisations looking to access volunteers Disseminate volunteering opportunities to volunteers
  4. 4. Volunteering – wider society • Big Society concept – Empower more local people to take a more active role in their communities. – Instrumental in reshaping and focusing investment and resources into volunteering and social action programmes. • “Social action is more than formal volunteering opportunities – helping those around you, such as checking on an elderly neighbour, is every bit as valuable as giving time to organised activity.”
  5. 5. Social Action • Heavy emphasis on youth social action • National Citizenship Service (NCS) – Offers 16 year olds direct experience of social action through a residential and home-based programme of activity and service (spring, summer, autumn). – 2014 investment £37m to include development of allumni programme for NCS graduates – CSPs have had success with Sport Makers and NCS graduates
  6. 6. Learning from other CSPs • Sport Hampshire & IOW • Nottinghamshire • London Sport
  7. 7. Sport Hampshire & IOW • Current priorities: recruitment and retention • Part-time volunteer officer: 3 days a week • Secured 2 years of funding: Board and County Council – Matches Sport Maker investment – 2,000 volunteers, recording 10 hours – Aspiration: to be self-sustaining by Year 3 • Sports volunteering brand – Hampshire Legacy Makers Make a difference – Brand cuts across CSP into other programmes – Communications plan and awards celebration • Recruitment and induction workshops: delivered by CSP staff and partners. • Recognise need for online volunteer hub: assessing VolunteerWeb, CoachWeb and Team London. • Coordinate a county workforce steering group: provides strategic direction for coaching, volunteering and club development.
  8. 8. Nottinghamshire • Umbrella brand Championing Notts for CSP and partner volunteering products and programmes. – Believe brand is critical to securing volunteer and partner buy-in. • Focus: young leaders – Four-tiered leadership academy programme in place funded by Dept for Education. • Increasing focus on supporting providers to develop their volunteering programmes and deployment opportunities. • Using VolunteerWeb to manage all products and programmes under Championing Notts. – Believe an IT system is critical to engage, communicate and retain volunteers. • Implementing an affiliate licence model for VolunteerWeb with local partners. – Year 1: free – Year 2: £200 per licence to 20 organisations.
  9. 9. London Sport • Conducting a strategic review of volunteer development. – Identify how best resources and investment can be allocated (within new partnership structure) – Practical action plan • This involves… – Research: policy and context at national and regional level – Consultations: national partners incl CSPN and SkillsWeb, other CSPs – Partner visioning event – Audit of data management systems – User survey: 10,000 Sport Makers.
  10. 10. London Sport user survey Findings Implications 73% still volunteer in sport Indicates there is still a keen appetite for volunteering that LS should address. The main reason for no longer volunteering? • 21%: “I don’t know how to find out about volunteering opportunities.” Indicates that active communications with potential volunteers could motivate more people into action Is an introductory workshop important? • 72% YES Indicates there is value in investing in introductory workshops How like to hear about opportunities? • 63% monthly newsletter • 57% weekly email • 90% quarterly calendar of events Indicates a keenness to have very regular communication and worth investing in sourcing suitable opportunities for volunteers.
  11. 11. London Sport user survey Findings Implications Top 3 training and development interests: 1. Formal sports officiating qualifications 2. Non-sports qualifications e.g. Finance, business 3. Formal sports coaching qualifications Indicates a high level of interest in gaining qualifications to support them in their volunteer roles. Top 3 motivations to give more time: 1. Access to subsidised training and qualifications (67%) 2. Recognition from the organisation or event organisers (53%) 3. Knowing more about other ways I can volunteer in sport (52%)
  12. 12. Emerging themes • IT system is central to an effective volunteer programme. – VolunteerWeb appears to be the preferable option – CSPN confirm system will remain and we need to make the most of it. • Creating an umbrella brand for sports volunteering for CSP and partners. – Specific customer-facing recruitment, deployment and training programmes can then sit below. • Embedding volunteering across CSP and partner programmes is critical. • Setting up and coordinating strategic volunteering networks beneficial to promote connectivity. • Taking a strategic approach.
  13. 13. Thank you Rob Wallis Press Red