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Published in: Sports, Automotive
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  1. 1. To Dakar 050-5562519 ‫רז הימן‬ The Pointer Team
  2. 2. Dakar 2012In 2012, between the 1st and 15th of January, the Dakar will be staging a pan-American adventure of more than 9,000 kilometres in total.Unlike previous year’s loops, the route will transport the rally from the shores of theAtlantic Ocean to those of the Pacific.The scale of this challenge has also led to a change in the race’s format, which willinclude 14 days of racing in 2012. Constantly guided by the Andes Mountain range,the drivers and riders will be crossing the Atacama, and will experience in particularthe diversity of the dunes as they head into Peru.The adventure began in 1977, when Thierry Sabine got lost on his motorbike inthe Libyan desert during the Abidjan-Nice Rally. He returned to France still in thrallto this landscape, promising himself he would share his fascination with as manypeople as possible.The founder coined a motto for his inspiration: "A challenge for those who go.A dream for those who stay behind."Since then, the Paris-Dakar, a unique event sparked by the spirit of adventure,open to all riders and carrying a message of friendship between all men, has neverfailed to challenge, surprise and excite. Over the course of almost thirty years, it hasgenerated innumerable sporting and human stories.We offer the opportunity to join the teams success andinternational activities: Conquering the 2012 Dakar Rally Becoming Israeli "ambassadors" in the international Motor-Sport Participation budget is €100,000
  3. 3. Between them, Hillel & Raz have the greatest Israeli international race experience, greater by far then any other Israeli team. To put it in their own words: "We use to say that the two of us are actually a team of four. Each one of us is both a driver and a navigator." The Vehicle - In its original design, it is a low-set Mitsubishi Pajero + Two shock absorbers, ORAM specially-designed. Hillel removed the original suspension arms, while retaining the width, the wheelbase and the braking & steering systems. A new durable, light, self-fabricated tubing frame replaced the original chassis. The new 3,000 CC BMW engine was pushed back almost 70 cm and the passengers cabin was re-designed accordingly, in order to achieve an optimal 50/50 weight distribution. Two shock absorbers, Proflexs specially-designed components for races, were installed for each wheel together with much stiffer coil springs, making this the most significant alteration.The Pointer TeamRaz Heymann, Hillel Segal and the yellow vehicle started as a team on Israels 2005 Chermon-Eilat Rally and already then presented a promising line of achievements: Since 2005, yearly champions of Israels Rally-Raid league 2005 - Pharaons Rally - Category T1.2 - 2nd place 2006 - Pharaons Rally - Category T1.2 - 3rd place 2007 - Pharaons Rally - Category T1.2 - 2nd place 2009 - Silk Way Rally - T1.2 Private Contractors category - 1st place 2010 - Silk Way Rally - T1.2 Private Contractors category - 1st placeRaz Heymann - 47, Pilot, Is a legendary figure for generations of Motor Sport fans in Israel. Razwas the predominant figure in Israeli motorcycles field races throughout the 90s and one of thefirst few people who broke out of Israels borders. Paving the way to others who followed, Razparticipated in 15 international rallies, twice as a team manager.His sense of direction and orientation is legendary and his terrace-reading ability is subject tojealousy, by those familiar with this field.Hillel Segal - 62, Co-Pilot, Tractor’s Mechanic and the owner of "Layogev", has been competingin rallies and car races for over a decade.Participated in 12 international rallies, including 3 times in the Dakar and has to his name over50,000 km of international rallies - an Israeli record.The vehicle that the team is using is his own personal project. No one knows it better then him andstill he chooses to sit in the Co-Pilots seat.
  4. 4. The Israeli Team:Raz Heymann & Hillel Segal
  5. 5. ‫"‬ ‫זכייתכם היא גאווה לכולנו! הישג מרשים זה מעלה אתכם ואת מדינתנו לאור‬ ‫הזרקורים הבינלאומי ועל כך אני מברכת ומוקירה את פועלכם.‬ ‫”ראלי דרך המשי” הינו אירוע חשוב, איכותי ואני מבקשים לעודד ענף צעיר זה,‬ ‫"‬ ‫שבקרוב יחל את פעילותו החוקית גם בארץ.‬ ‫אני שמחה להודיעכם כי במהלך התקופה הקרובה אני מתעדת לקיים טקס‬ ‫שבמסגרתו תוכנן להעניק לכם תעודות הוקרה על הישגיכם הכבירים.‬ ‫אני מאחלת לכם המשך הצלחה ומייחלת, יחד עמכם, לשנים עטורות הישגים.‬‫‪Raz Heymann & Hillel Segal receive the Minister of Culture‬‬‫9002-8002 ‪& Sport Award for outstanding athletes‬‬