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Pressmart: DeepDive


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Pressmart: DeepDive

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Pressmart: DeepDive

  1. 1. Horizontal Media Solution Provider
  2. 2. FLEXIBILITY We were born CLOUD in 2006
  3. 3. CONTINUOUSLY INNOVATE ON BEHALF OF THE CUSTOMER Mobile and Social in 2012 Reborn
  4. 4. CONTINUOUSLY ADD VALUE Today, in 2014 We provide Horizontal Media Solutions
  5. 5. Global Reach 24X7 Operations Following Sun 57Countries. 33 Languages. Over 400 Customers Strong presence in Media / Life Sciences / Manufacturing / Education Verticals
  6. 6. Cloud Based Offerings
  7. 7. Pressmart Cloud Based Offerings AWS Cloud ServicesPublication Cloud Education Cloud We offer following cloud based solutions & services
  8. 8. Publication CloudCutting Edge Horizontal Media Solution
  9. 9. Cutting Edge Horizontal Media Solution Completely cloud based solution with zero capex cost for publisher. Pay as you go model. Easily scalable on demand and truly elastic. Completely subscriber centric with enhanced user experience and improved UI. Integrated search capabilities across archives and multiple editions. Commercial gateways for images and photographs. Global reach through integration with popular Content Delivery Networks such as AWS CloudFront and Akamai serving content via more than 50+ edge locations across globe. Our SEO services enable publications to be on Top with relevant key words.
  10. 10. Strong integration with Google Analytics providing insights about popular content that’s being read, shared and accessed from multiple devices and locations. Enabling User-Device-Location context. Integrated with major Social Media Networks, enabling Social Single Sign On and configurable sharing capabilities there by driving more traffic . Browser Apps, where by its App experience on browser, allowing the tablet and iPhone users to view your publication on their devices in same-as-print format. Native apps for iPad and Android, where by quickly and easily publish your content on iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
  11. 11. Multiple Monetization options:- 1. Through paid subscriptions controlled by geographies. You can enable free access in selected countries and paid option from selected countries. 2. Ads rendering enabled by Pressmart via google. Pressmart will pay you agreed share of the ads. 3. Paid subscription or Ads rendering to archives 4. Commercial portal for purchasing images and photographs. 5. Pay Wall, where by subscribers are allowed view certain articles free per month and then allowed to subscribe. 6. Geo-based subscription models. Seamless integration of your content across multiple forms Integrate Videos, E-portal. E-Paper and E-Mag on any device. Truly Horizontal media enhancing user experience with content packaging.
  12. 12. Digital edition of your magazine / newspaper / enterprise content Publish your newspaper, magazine, enterprise content online and top it up with rich media for an interactive experience. Paid subscriptions and additional ad properties ensure extra revenues. Tap readers worldwide with Search Engine Friendly capability. Increase revenue through Paid Subscriptions and Ads. Reduces long distance delivery cost. Understand your readers better through granular analytics. Improve Editorial efficiency with easy access to Back Issues. Monetize Archives through Paid Subscriptions or Ads Generate additional revenues through sale of photographs and images Increases your ABC and BPA certified circulation. Integrate your eReplica with Videos of your TV Channel. Get Breaking news from your ePortal to your eReplica. Manage print ads through XML based Tearsheet. eReplica (ePaper & eMag):
  13. 13. Upload your press pages Deliver your online readers in minutes Serve Subscriptions or sell ads How we Unfold your digital publication ?
  14. 14. ePortal : No IT expertise needed for setup or maintenance. Advanced publishing capabilities for a low monthly fee. No license fee. No hidden costs. Free feature updates with no dependence on IT. Create a 360-degree online experience with Add-on Modules. Zero go-to-market time. Faster ROI with embedded marketing and monetization tools. SLA-backed security, availability, reliability and scalability. No exit barrier. 100% content export and backup utilities. Repurpose content with seamless integration with Pressmart eReplica solutions Create news portals, education portals, video portals catering to targeted customers.
  15. 15. ePortal with Ads integrated with ePaper
  16. 16. ePaper integrated with Archives and breaking news from ePortal
  17. 17. Live Streaming of Videos from your TV Channel to ePaper
  18. 18. Live Streaming of Videos from your TV Channel to ePaper
  19. 19. Archives with Ads Enabled for revenues
  20. 20. Photo Gallery with Commercial Options
  21. 21. AWS Cloud Services
  22. 22. AWS Global Infrastructure US West (Northern California) US East (Northern Virginia) EU (Ireland) Asia Pacific (Singapore) Asia Pacific (Tokyo) GovCloud (US ITAR Region) US West (Oregon) South America (Sao Paulo) AWS Regions AWS Edge Locations
  23. 23. Media Companies
  24. 24. And Government Agencies
  25. 25. AWS Media Platform Overview Digital Asset Management Media Distribution Encoding Storage Media Management Services File Transfer Web and Media Servers Database Media Distribution Services Content Delivery Network Deployment & Administration
  26. 26. AWS’s File Transfer Services Services that help you move your large media files to the AWS Cloud AWS AWS Direct Connect Private, Dedicated Connection to AWS Amazon Virtual Private Cloud VPN to Extend Your Network Topology to AWS AWS Import / Export Hard Disk transfer to and from AWS Encoding Storage Media Management Services File Transfer
  27. 27. AWS’s Storage Services Services that store and archive your media files Encoding Storage Media Management Services File Transfer Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Redundant, High-Scale Object Store Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Persistent block storage for EC2 Amazon Glacier Extremely Low-Cost, High-Scale Archive Storage
  28. 28. AWS’s Services for Encoding Services that help you encode your media files Encoding Storage Media Management Services File Transfer AWS Amazon EC2 Virtual Servers in the AWS Cloud Auto Scaling Rule-driven scaling service for EC2
  29. 29. AWS’s Services for Media Management Services that help you with digital asset management Encoding Storage Media Management Services File Transfer AWS Amazon SWF Simple Workflow Service Amazon EC2 Host Digital Rights Management and Content Management Software
  30. 30. AWS’s Services for Web and Media Servers Services that help run media sites and apps and stream media AWS Amazon EC2 Run your web and media server of choice Auto Scaling Rule-driven scaling service for EC2 Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Virtual load balancers for EC2 Web and Media Servers Database Media Distribution Services Content Delivery Network
  31. 31. AWS’s Database Services Scalable and Durable High Performance Cloud Storage Web and Media Servers Media Distribution Services Content Delivery Network Amazon DynamoDB High Performance NoSQL Database Service Amazon RDS Managed Oracle, MySQL, & SQL Database Service Amazon ElastiCache Managed Memecached Service Database
  32. 32. AWS’s Content Delivery Services Services that help you deliver and stream your media fast Amazon CloudFront Global Content Delivery Service AWS Route 53 Domain Name System Service Web and Media Servers Database Media Distribution Services Content Delivery Network
  33. 33. AWS’s Media Distribution Services Services that help you distribute media Web and Media Servers Database Media Distribution Services Content Delivery Network AWS Amazon EMR Big Data Analytics Service Amazon CloudSearch Managed Search Service that Automatically Scales
  34. 34. Deployment & Administration AWS AWS Management Console Web-based management interface Amazon CloudWatch Automated monitoring & alerts AWS Elastic Beanstalk Java & PHP App deployment & management AWS CloudFormation Automated AWS resource provisioning AWS IAM Identity & Access Management Encoding Storage Media Management Services File Transfer Web and Media Servers Database Media Publishing Services Content Delivery Network Deployment & Administration
  35. 35. - 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 Jul-10 Aug-10 Sep-10 Oct-10 Nov-10 Dec-10 Jan-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 PetabytesTransferredPerMonthCloudFrontGrowth
  36. 36. Video & Web Infrastructure
  37. 37. Pressmart Media Limited India 3rd Floor, MJR Arcade, Khanamet, Gurukul Society, Landmark: Near Meridian School, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081, AP T : +91 (40) 6612 4000 E : W :