MOCA (Mobile Classroom Application): A Tablet based end to end solution for Schools


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Pressmart drives the digital revolution in education. Introducing MOCA, a paperless, tablet-based end to end education system for schools and colleges. For more info on MOCA, please visit

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MOCA (Mobile Classroom Application): A Tablet based end to end solution for Schools

  1. 1. A New Transformation in Education.
  2. 2. who we are ? Social – Mobile – Cloud (So-Mo-Co) Company. We are born Cloud in 2004 and re-born as Mobile and Social in 2011. We are pioneers in providing e-paper, e-mag and e-portal products on cloud to media and publishing customers, that’swhere we started our journey in cloud. In 2011 we introduced “Publication Social Network” helping publications with social and mobile features. With customers in 67 countries and 33 languages. Headquartered In Hyderabad with Global delivery centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore. With sales offices/representation in US, UK, Middle East, Germany, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia . Experienced Leadership and Board of Directors with strong engineering and business teams. Platform converging cloud / mobile / social paradigms.
  3. 3. 57Countries.33 Languages.Our reach….
  4. 4. Know?Doyou
  5. 5. School bagsare getting heavier by heavier !
  6. 6. The weight of the bag is20%-25% of a student body weight.
  7. 7. SolutionSend a MOCA instead of a Heavy Bag..!Student can carry 30 books in about 500 grams.
  8. 8. Paradigm Shift in Education• Touches all constituents (parents, students, teachers, admin, publishers)• made 15 Kgs to 494 gm• Expect Process Changes• Change management is key!Innovative Technology Features• Theft recovery• Backup & Recovery• Battery Life• GPS based Location• Role Based Security• Dense WIFI, Power Backup• .And lots moreMOCA (mobile classroom application):
  9. 9. MOCA (Mobile Classroom Application)is an interactive tablet based education platform, delivered via Cloud TechnologiesPressmart in Education ( PiE) : MOCAMulti Dimensional Visual, Audio & Touch e-books & Digital Store.Classroom Learning Apps.Collaboration Tools.Teaching & Study Apps.Evaluation & Analytics.Teachers, Parents, Administrators.Device & OS Independent Solution.
  10. 10. MoCA Ecosystem :EquipmentParentsTeachers/SchoolsStudentsPublishersCognitive IntelligenceAdvanced analyticsPermissionsAttendanceeBooksHomeworkExamsReportingPermissionsDRMDigital BookseStoreRevenue ShareTablet DeviceManagementSecurityBackup and RecoveryServer InfraNetworking Infra
  11. 11.  MOCA integrates publishers into school digital eco-system. Books are converted into digital interactive e-books in MOCAe-reader store e-books are protected by in-built DRM. Publishers can get pre-press format and Pressmart convertsthe same for fee if needed.. e-books can be mapped per section, student through intuitiveUI and can be changed as child progresses forward. Thesebooks appear in MOCA e-store for student download. Publishers get pre-configured revenue share per eachdownload from MOCA e-store.Moca : Publishers
  12. 12. MOCA : Students / Parents / Teachers• MOCA enables smart pack and no more heavy back packs.• Students gets to interactive learning methods making learning more fun.• Online collaboration will enhance their Social IQ.• Teacher parent billboard, e-assignment, chat, notice board, time table, attendance, quizzard modules makestudent interaction complete with in tablet.• Analytics provides student level bench marking with in age, class groups across important subjects.• Cognitive intelligence provides patterns on how student answered questions in quizzard with time andmethod of solving the problems.
  13. 13. MOCA : EquipmentMOCA integrates with multiple equipment vendors:• Tablet Manufactures like Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Acer.• On Premise Infrastructure Vendors like Huawei and CISCO.• IaaS providers like AWS and Redhat.• Mobile Device Management vendors like Airwatch, Zenprise, Elma and Tara.MOCA brings in all constituents of eco-system to participate and partner.
  14. 14. NotebookChatAttendanceQuizzarde-ReaderStudentUsecase : Student
  15. 15. MOCA – Student Dash Board
  16. 16. Student – Quizzard ( List of Exams)
  17. 17. Student – Quizzard ( Test )
  18. 18. Student – eReader ( e books )
  19. 19. Student - Attendance
  20. 20. TestNotice BoardAttendanceExam ResultsMessagesTeacherUsecase : Teacher
  21. 21. Teacher – Quizzard (Native)
  22. 22. Add test detailsTeacher – Quizzard (Native)
  23. 23. Assigning examto thelist of studentsStudent – Quizzard (Native)
  24. 24. Teacher – Home Page (Web)
  25. 25. List of Upcoming testsMOCA – Teacher Usecases
  26. 26. Creating a testTeacher - Test
  27. 27. MessagesTeacher-Message
  28. 28. List of Studentsin the particulargradeTeacher-Attendance
  29. 29. PointNotice BoardAttendanceMessagesParentParent : Usecase
  30. 30. Details of thestudentParent : Usecase
  31. 31. Attendanceof the kidParent- Student Attendance
  32. 32. Parent- Message
  33. 33. Parent - Notice Board
  34. 34. Parent - Points
  35. 35.  PEARL Pilot – 5th Grade in 2011 Launched with all grades (1 thru 12) 4,500 students, 400 teachers 1st school in the world to go digital Pressmart, Samsung, Huawei etc.MOCA Case Study - Pearl @ La Salle - Philippines
  36. 36. Pressmart Media LimitedUnited States980 Roosevelt, Suite 200,Irvine, CA – 92620.India3rd Floor, MJR Arcade,Khanamet, Gurukul Society,Landmark: Near Meridian School,Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081,