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AWS Services 7 Transformation Media


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AWS Services 7 Transformation Media

  1. 1. Horizontal Media Solution Provider
  2. 2. FLEXIBILITY We were born CLOUD in 2006
  3. 3. CONTINUOUSLY INNOVATE ON BEHALF OF THE CUSTOMER Mobile and Social in 2012 Reborn
  4. 4. CONTINUOUSLY ADD VALUE Today, in 2014 We provide Horizontal Media Solutions
  5. 5. Global Reach 24X7 Operations Following Sun 57Countries. 33 Languages. Over 400 Customers Strong presence in Media / Life Sciences / Manufacturing / Education Verticals
  6. 6. Cloud Based Offerings
  7. 7. Pressmart Cloud Based Offerings AWS Cloud ServicesPublication Cloud Education Cloud We offer following cloud based solutions & services
  8. 8. AWS Cloud Services
  9. 9. The 7 Transformations of Cloud Computing for Media Companies
  10. 10. A common misconception: cloud computing is only about…. Saving money
  11. 11. Cloud Transforms hat’s possi le
  12. 12. Transformation 1: Launch New Media Services Fast
  13. 13. Traditional Infrastructure Drives up the Cost of Failure … I o atio Suffers How many big ticket technology ideas can your budget tolerate?
  14. 14.        Experiment Often & Fail Quickly with AWS    Cost of failure falls dramatically People are free to try out new ideas More risk taking, more innovation
  15. 15. Transformation 2: New application success is not a problem
  16. 16. With traditional hardware it may be impossible to keep up with demand
  17. 17. With the cloud you can easily add the VM, storage, DB, and CDN resources you need
  18. 18. Transformation 3: New platforms and devices are opportunities, not threats
  19. 19. With traditional infrastructure, your media waits in line
  20. 20. With the cloud you can add thousands of servers to encode your library fast. Problem: Timeline overruns to support PS3 launch Solution: AWS’s Scale,1200 virtual machines on-demand Benefits:17,000 titles (80TB of data) transcoded in days, able to support launch
  21. 21. Transformation 4: Distributed Architectures Made Easy High Availability
  22. 22. Building Distributed Architectures with Traditional Infrastructure is Difficult
  23. 23. Cloud Computing Makes This Easier Distributed Infrastructure Building Blocks Availability Zones AWS Regions EC2 Instances Elastic Load Balancer Multi-AZ Services S3 RDS DynamoDB Loosely Coupled Process Coordination SWF SNS SQS
  24. 24. Architecture Templates for Common Patterns
  25. 25. Transformation 5: Embracing the security advantages of shared systems
  26. 26. Infrastructure Every Customer Gets the Highest Level of Security AWS Security Infrastructure SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ITAR, FISMA Moderate, FIPS 140-2 Your Apps Applications Flexibility to Choose the Right Security Model for Each Application
  27. 27. Transformation 6: Big Data without Big Servers
  28. 28. Atta ki g Big Data Pro le s Should ’t Be This Co pli ated Storing Massive Data Volumes Into A Huge Data Warehouse Investing In Expensive Server Clusters To Process The Data
  29. 29. Amazon S3 The Cloud Makes This a Lot Simpler Load Data in the Cloud Organize & Analyze Data Visualize Results 1 2 3 Amazon DynamoDB Hadoop Clusters Amazon EMR
  30. 30. Transformation 7: Content Access not Content Copies
  31. 31. Content and apps were device specific and needed to be replicated
  32. 32. Now the cloud is the content hub
  33. 33. How Pressmart Can Help To Achieve Transformation
  34. 34. Typical Deployment Private Connections Workload Migrations Access Control Integration Work with Existing Management Tools On-Premises Apps Customer Data Centers Cloud Apps AWS Most enterprises will run a hybrid IT architecture Some workloads will run on-premises Some workloads will run in the cloud Management & Integration is mixed Workloads can be migrated back and forth Hybrid (not all or nothing)
  35. 35. Typical Use Cases Prototyping and Development Test and Staging Data Warehousing and Analytics Collaboration DR/BCP and Data Archiving Web Application Architectures Media caching, streaming and delivery Tried and True Cloud-Ready
  36. 36. Cloud Risks, Both Old and New 1. Data Breaches 2. Data Loss 3. Account Hijacking 4. Insecure APIs 5. Denial of Service 6. Malicious Insiders 7. Abuse of Cloud Services 8. Insufficient Due Diligence 9. Shared Technology Issues Source- Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013 1. Accountability & Data Risk 2. User Identity Federation 3. Regulatory Compliance (CPNI, PCI, SOX…) 4. Business Continuity & Resiliency 5. User Privacy & Secondary Usage of Data 6. Service & Data Integration 7. Multi-tenancy & Physical Security 8. Incidence Analysis & Forensics 9. Infrastructure Security 10. Non-production Environment Exposure Top 10 Cloud Risks Source- OWASP Governance & Control Measure, Mitigate, Accept
  37. 37. We Manage Your Cloud Technology Risks A model of shared control responsibility AWS CSP Customer
  38. 38. We do Active Risk Tracking and Mitigation Example Risks Impact Rating Mitigation Type Remediation/Best Practice Effort Level No formal process to assess, track and report cloud computing risks. High People, Process 1. Develop a risk and reporting policy specific to Cloud Computing. 2. Begin project work to prioritize and address findings and mitigate risk to within acceptable limits. Medium Security configuration drifts from approved standards. High Technology, Process 1. Develop a change control process and testing policy for Cloud Computing resources. 2. Implement configuration reconciliation and change detection capabilities across App (source and runtime), OS and infrastructure. Medium Unauthorized access to xxxx. Critical Technology, Process 1. Institute clear standards, reference designs and scanning for all CNPI use cases. 2. Design and implement data protection and detection for all xxxx associated systems and networks e.g. encryption and exfiltration monitoring. High Uncontrolled use and expense of cloud resources. High Technology, Process 1. Institute policy and preventative measures to disallow unapproved end-user provisioning of resources and new accounts. 2. Inventory and track changes to CSP accounts and resources with periodic billing reconciliation. Low
  39. 39. Impact on Operations A shifting Paradigm – need for both control and agility at web- scale Almost everything is automatable, for better or worse Autonomy and self-service Thoughtfully extend existing policy, tools and techniques Develop Cloud specific policy and standards to fill the gaps The blending of development and operations functions
  40. 40. Impact Beyond Operations Organizational Process Technology New skills and new training Agility in project teams and management Multiple hats and blurring of legacy boundaries Rethinking roles Portal-based, self provisioning Agility in deployments New techniques for change management Extending access and identity management Automating workflows and key procedures A/B Testing and QA Mapping vendor software licensing New techniques for monitoring and response Integrating support with the CSP Changes in networking topologies Backup, DR and high availability Application and infrastructure event logging
  41. 41. Your Cloud Governance Initiative • Ensure the IT Cloud Computing strategy is aligned with business strategy and IT delivers against the decided strategy. • The risks associated with Cloud Computing are periodically assessed, tracked and mitigated in- line with the business strategy and overall risk appetite of the company. • To maximize the investment, benefits and agility of Cloud Computing as a transformative technology, while balancing the need for vigilance and control throughout the platform lifecycle. To lay the foundation and framework for a balanced approach to compliance, control, and acceptance of Cloud Computing within your organization. Goal Objectives Strategic Alignment Value Delivery Risk Management Performance Measurement
  42. 42. Cloud Governance as a Process Cloud Governance Board Provides a unified, centrally governed approach for the Cloud environment.
  43. 43. New Build Guidance Control Domains Governance Asset Configuration and Management Logical Access Control Data Encryption Network Configuration and Management Security Logging, Monitoring and Incident Response Disaster Recovery ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Measure, Confirm & Report Workload Onboarding Process Self-service Restricted Data- Checklist, Templates & Reference Designs Public Data- Checklist, Templates & Reference Designs
  44. 44. Example Process Workflow Workload Onboarding Process Requestor Cloud OperationsITSecurity Opens ticket and declares use-case, resource and data type Instructs on reference design and standard requirements Reviews and approves use-case with additional security requirements Requests deployment based and schedule and test plan Deploys resources, adds to BAU monitoring Scans to ensure standard builds and adds to BAU monitoring Concludes UAT and closes request
  45. 45. Next Steps We will conduct a full risk assessment of the Cloud Computing Program. Informed by the risk findings: 1. Finalize the Your Cloud Governance Structure and workflow 2. Complete the Policies and Standards for Cloud Computing 3. Ensure technical and process controls meet all policies and standards 4. Start POC of suitable use cases and show agreed results
  46. 46. Pressmart Media Limited India 3rd Floor, MJR Arcade, Khanamet, Gurukul Society, Landmark: Near Meridian School, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081, AP T : +91 (40) 6612 4000 E : W :