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EFeCT Conference W1 Katrien Sel


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Published in: Education
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EFeCT Conference W1 Katrien Sel

  1. 1. Katrien Sel Katrien.Sel@oobc-nieuwevaart.be15 March 2013, Lisbon“The art of getting into trouble”
  2. 2.  Difficult dealing with rising tensions Expressing needs in a non-social manner Solution? Need for a break for all parties
  3. 3. “an active period of calmness for theyoungsters and their surroundings to deblockthe difficulties in the guidance, this wayraising the motivation of all people involvedand thus strengthen the guidance”
  4. 4.  Retired officer A new chance for so called ‘troubled youngsters’
  5. 5.  Rest Importance of other environment Belief in youngsters: they have capabilities Warmth and confirmation Time: at the tempo of the children and youngsters Respect for the youngster and his/her story Encourage initiative Sports and work: physically being active Experience-based learning Everything done together No knowledge on the guest’s background, only what he/she wants to tell
  6. 6.  We experience a rising demand for youngsters to have a time-out. Research project Research questions: ◦ What are the workable elements of time-out? ◦ How can we design a more general method of time-out?
  7. 7.  Qualitative Research Identify workable elements: ◦ Participatory observation ◦ Document analyses ◦ Semi structered interviewing ◦ Images General method design: ◦ Theoretical explorative research
  8. 8. o 12- 18 yearo Boys (girls if there is a femal accompanist)o 2011 : 49o Largest group: 14 – 17 yearo Maximum stay 5 dayso Reasons: aggression and rule-breaking
  9. 9. Your stay at “De Kruiskenshoeve”:- Application- Intake- During your stay- Completion
  10. 10.  Application by the institution, counsellor, school, youngster himself, … Stay: max. 5 days Within a week: Intake ◦ Arrival with counsellor ◦ Rules are agreed upon
  11. 11.  Helping with work at the farm Own room
  12. 12.  Short evaluation Conversations with mentor and youngster Focus on positive aspects
  13. 13. “At this moment I feel a bit down, but everything will be alright because I believe in it. Sometimes I just can’t function properly, but I try my best for the future. I really want to assume a positive attitude and maintain it. I know I will have a hard time, but I believe it’s worth it. I am now with a person (Robert) that is nice and knows a lot. I hope you all understand that I have endured a lot, but that I have already changed somewhat for the better. Kind regards, Michael.”Michael’s letter Translated extract
  14. 14.  Workable elements ◦ Seasons ◦ Network ◦ Ecology  Farm  Animals and plants ◦ Action ◦ Together
  15. 15. Seasons
  16. 16.  Animals
  17. 17. Action
  18. 18. Together
  19. 19.  Workable elements become more and more clear Goal : to implement these elements into a re- usable method Ecology needs to have comporable elements Balance between providing support and challenge