TALLY WEiJL Fall/Winter-Campaign 2011: "Sexy or sexy, that is the question."


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Basel (ots) nein, sie ist totally sexy! Diese Tatsache stellt It-Girl Alexandra Richards, Tochter der Rolling Stones-Legende Keith Richards, auf der neuen Kampagne wieder unter Beweis. "Sexy or sexy", das ist hier die Frage. Crossmedial - 360°! ... / http://ots.ch/60099de

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TALLY WEiJL Fall/Winter-Campaign 2011: "Sexy or sexy, that is the question."

  1. 1. LOOKBOOKFall Campaign 2011 Starring Alexandra Richards
  2. 2. «Sexy or sexy, that is the question.» Musicians, singers, dancers, painters,This autumn, the audacious TALLY photographers… all the artists flock to her side.Girl revisits classic literature. The touches of gold spice up her wardrobe. The leo print is a must, the leather components comeWith conviction and humor she next to the stripe sweaters and the heeled shoes.affirms her new fashion quotation. Our TALLY Girl is turning into a real Factory Girl.Shakespeare was yesterday, TALLY Then for a brief while, she forgets parties andis today! With the fall collection of focuses on her desire to return to basics. Wrapping herself into a long wool pullover or herTALLY WEiJL, the sexy attitude is all fur collar coat, the TALLY Girl is imagining walkingthe more present.The TALLY Girl is in tranquil places and confronting the cold ofdaring. Being trendy, she feels happy, distant lands. One part of her style resembles the beauty and uniqueness of the perfect nomad girl.she feels unique, she feels totally The silhouettes breathe a 70’s wind while thesexy. She simply feels like herself… shapes become like a cocoon. The fabrics are warm and the colors are closest to the nature of autumn. The stitch is twisted, socks are revealed,Dive into the past and immerse into the 1960’s pants become colorful… Her hair twirls withunderground. The TALLY Girl discovers the the wind. Sweeping a glance at her crossingfestive and creative world of Andy Warhol’s bag and hiking boots the TALLY Girl awakensfactory. Fitting the purpose, the message the desire for new and remote landscapes.«Born Famous» written on her t-shirt sets thetone. Dressed with her mini-shirt and her blazer 60’s myth or girly worldwide traveler, for our TALLYshe is ready to live her endless minutes of fame. Girl the question of this season is: Sexy or sexy?
  3. 3. Coat 45.95€ ref# MAFEANGI Skirt Shoes 25.95€ 35.95€ref# JCCARJOBAS ref# ACSHTRAVY 3
  4. 4. Pants Bag 25.95€ 35.95€ref# PACOTVELA ref# ACSHGABY 4
  5. 5. Sweater Bag 22.95€ 19.95€ref# PUACMIXOR ref# SACMORTY 5
  6. 6. Coat 49.95€ ref# MASALADY Pants 25.95€ ref# PADENWINTA T-Shirt Shoes 9.95€ 35.95€ref# TSCOTCOVER ref# ACSHGABY 6
  7. 7. Bag 15.95€ ref# SACKITY Sweater 15.95€ Belt ref# PULYMYRONZ 5.95€ ref# CEFIFI Shoes Skirt 35.95€ 12.95€ref# ACBTJOJO ref# JUCOTBAFF 7
  8. 8. Coat Dress 45.95€ 25.95€ref# BLCOBEAR ref# RCMESHPANK Socks Shoes 9.95€ 35.95€ref# ACHSPINK ref# ACBTROTY 8
  9. 9. T-Shirt Sweater 7.95€ 19.95€ref# TSCOTFAMY ref# PUATMISILE Skirt Shoes 19.95€ 35.95€ref# JCCUIRJAMIA ref# ACSHTRAVY 9
  10. 10. Coat 59.95€ref# MACOTED Dress 19.95€ ref# RCPLRISCO Socks Shoes 6.95€ 35.95€ref# ACHSGIRLY ref# ACSHTRAVY 10
  11. 11. Accessftp server: ftp.tally-weijl.chusername: ftp_presselogin: TWpresse2010ContactClaudia SteinhauserTALLY WEiJL Trading AGViaduktstrasse 42, CH-4051 BaselPhone +41 61 568 61 04presse@tally-weijl.comwww.tally-weijl.com