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Cambodian wedding


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Process of Khmer Wedding!!

Published in: Education
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Cambodian wedding

  1. 1. Cambodian Traditional Wedding
  2. 2. Preparing Day
  3. 3. Preparing Day
  4. 4. Preparing Day
  5. 5. Call to Ancestors -Today is a beautiful day and the arrangements are ready. -We offer these gifts Inviting you to join us And shower us with your blessings.
  6. 6. The ritual of “The Monks’ Blessing”
  7. 7. The ritual of “The Monks’ Blessing”
  8. 8. The ritual of “The Monks’ Blessing”
  9. 9. Honoring of the Parents -Remember your obligations to your parents. -Honor your parents as you do the gods.
  10. 10. Honoring of the Parents
  11. 11. Picture Time
  12. 12. Picture Time
  13. 13. Dinning Time
  14. 14. The End Thank you!!!! អគុណ