Life on the Riverfront: 1800 to 1900


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Life on the Riverfront: 1800 to 1900

  1. 1. Life on the Riverfront, 1800 to 1900 Dr. Karen Niemel Garrard, Ph.D.
  2. 2. The Banks Concept Design
  3. 3. Archaeology at The Banks2000 – Preliminary Archaeological Assessment2002 – Phase I and Phase II Archaeological Investigations2010 – Archaeological Investigations for relocation of Mehring Way
  4. 4. Cincinnati in 1862 (from Harper’s Weekly)
  5. 5. 1900 Panoramic of Cincinnati
  6. 6. L&N Engine at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal
  7. 7. Race and Water Streets, late 1800s
  8. 8. Northeast Corner of the Intersection of Race andWater Streets as depicted on the 1887 and 1904 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
  9. 9. 1903 Photograph of the Northeast Corner of Water and Race Streets Showing the Buildings at 116 and 118 WaterStreet. Photograph from the Rombach & Groene Collection and used with permission from the Cincinnati Historical Society.
  10. 10. 1873 Williams’ Cincinnati DirectoryBotts, John S., teamster, h 116 WaterBotts, Mary E., h. 116 WaterCrist, Fank, musician, h north east corner Water and RaceFroneger, Joseph, tobacconist, h north east corner Water and RaceFroneger, Mary, widow, h. north east corner Water and RaceHanks, Franklin, shoemaker, h northeast corner Water and RaceJohnson, Rhoda, servant, north east corner Water and RaceLeonard, John, grocer, h 116 WaterMcVay, Dennis, express, h 116 WaterNilan, Patrick, laborer h 116 WaterRoach, Jos., porter, h north east corner Water and RaceSimon, Morris, tailor 4 Walnut, h north east corner Water and RaceThomson, Sarah E., widow, h. north east corner Race and WaterTilford, Henry, laborer bds, 116 Water
  11. 11. Artifact Origins: Pottery Tempest, Brockmann & Co. John Edwards & Co. J.W. Pankhurst & Co. George Scott POTTERY REPRESENTED: Local- and English-madeJ.& G. Meakin
  12. 12. Artifact Origins: Beer and Liquor BottlesDaniel Jung, co-founder of Weyan and Jung brewery LOCAL BREWERIES REPRESENTED: H. Niehaus & Co. Star Lager Beer Bottling Co., Park Brewery The Jung Brewing Co. 120-122 W. 2nd Street
  13. 13. Artifact Origins: Soft Drinks LOCAL COMPANIES REPRESENTED: H. Meinhardt Anchor Bottling Works Cincinnati Soda & Mineral Works
  14. 14. Artifact Origins: Miscellaneous Carter’s Ink Co. ad, 1892Carter’s ink bottle Pond’s Extract Co. ad, 1910
  15. 15. Beneath the Banks: Conclusions The analysis of the artifacts recovered from 116 and 118 WaterStreets shows us that the buildings’ inhabitants participated local, regional, and international markets.The residents were also engaged in the cultural developments that were local, regional, national, and international in scale.This is reflective of nineteenth-century Cincinnati itself, which had reached its zenith as a national center of production and distribution. The excavation of this portion of a remnant of what once was the heart of Cincinnati supports and enhances our knowledge of events in Cincinnati’s history.
  16. 16. Thank You!