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Engaging Non-Resident Tribes


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Deborah Suciu-Smith, Federal Highway Administration Pennsylvania Division Office, Office of Technical Services - Resource Center (ENV TST)

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Engaging Non-Resident Tribes

  1. 1. TribalConsultationEngaging Non-Resident Tribes
  2. 2. Background ResearchConsultSHPOACHPEducational InstitutionsNo Resident TribesIdentify Tribes with Likely Interest in PA
  3. 3. Initial EffortsFormalLettersPhone Calls
  4. 4. Second RoundSharedInformation on PennsylvaniaInformation on Ongoing ProjectsSolicitedTribal Information on PennsylvaniaInput on Consultation MethodsContact Verification
  5. 5. Responses 15 Tribes – Ancestral Ties Asked – Other Tribes with Interest? Located in:  New York  Oklahoma  Wisconsin
  6. 6. Consultation Activities Visits Tribal Summit Tribal Guidance Tribal Agreements Tribal Newsletters PennDOT Cultural Resource Website – Tribal Consultation
  7. 7. Roles/Responsibilities FHWARetains Responsibility for Consultation Delegate to Qualified State Personnel ability to share & solicit information with Tribes – WITH agreement of Tribes PennDOT Responsible for Actions
  8. 8. Tribal Interests Burials Funerary Objects Timely Exchange of Information  Solicit  Share
  9. 9. Success To DateCommitment ofFHWA DivisionPennDOTESPECIALLYCommitment of TribesAssistance of ACHP & SHPO
  10. 10. Thank you