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How to Develop a Winning Business Plan Presentation


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How to Develop a Winning Business Plan Presentation

  1. “Great Presentation, Sells Everything”
  2. Today slide tips“How to develop a winningbusiness plan presentation”
  3. If you are failed to plan,then you are planning to fail
  4. Presenting a business plan should be ending by happy & smiling face...
  5. But, have you ever been in this situation?
  6. Your business plan was...REJECTED
  7. And you don’t know....WHY?
  8. Why we need a planning?
  9. To determine where company needs to go
  10. To define the targets ofsuccessful company
  11. Identify roadblocks & contingencies
  12. Keep the business on track to reach its targets
  13. Manage departmental &individual performance
  14. How to develop a “Winning” business plan?
  15. 1. Know your audience needs
  16. Talk to my friend... Where’s my $$$?Mr. CFOWhat does he really want?
  17. 1 I want you to...Save our money...
  18. 2Can your solutionSave our time?
  19. 3 Your ideas shouldMaking money for us
  20. 4Can you make usLooks great?
  21. 5 ake u s...C an you m
  22. 6 ke us... you maCanFeel secure & safe?
  23. Diagnose audience needs,make sure you’re relevant!
  24. KnowWhat wake them up at night?
  25. Putyourselfonconsumershoes
  26. Always try to answer... WIIFM What In It For Me? put yourself on consumer shoes
  27. And structure your presentationto meet their needs...
  28. And makes Mr. CFOHappy.... $$$
  29. That’s all about knowing audience needs
  30. Define your content structure
  31. Basic elements of business plan presentation Business Draft Final Concept1 Executive Summary2 Market & Competition3 Product or Services4 Sales & Marketing Strategy5 Management Team6 Support System & Organization7 Implementation Schedule8 Key Success Factors Key focus
  32. Ask relevant questions to construct your business plan contents
  33. Key questions for product & services section
  34. What are the killer features of the product/service?
  35. Who are the target customers?
  36. How we fulfill the consumer needs with our products?
  37. What is our business model?
  38. Female portal business model Customer Care Content Owner (Hotline, Email, (Blogger,Journalist) Social Media,etc) Ads Content Management Female Website Internet Users LifestyleDigital Rights Portal & Ads Social Media ContentManagement Management Online Ads COST STRUCTURE REVENUE STREAM •Content Creation •Ads placement •Web Maintenance •Freemium subscription •Community Development •Membership fee
  39. Has the business model been proven?Any case studies?
  40. What is the plan to maintainour loyal customers?
  41. That’s how we define our content structure
  42. Last thing to do and I love this part!
  43. Design your presentation withVisual, Simple & Engaging Slides
  44. KISSKeep It Simple Slide
  45. Everyday we facingcomplexity
  46. “Simplicity means the achievement ofmaximum effect with minimum means.” - Dr. Koichi Kawana - artist, designer and architect
  47. Simplicity is about reducing complexity
  48. Without removing function
  49. Simplicity makes your life become simple
  50. Welcome to COMPLEX world
  51. So typical slide decks?
  52. While your audience want to see this!
  53. SSIMPLE for your SIMPLE Techniques I D E
  54. How many points per slide?
  55. One point per slide
  56. 1WORD can explain a lot
  57. Before 56% mobile phone users, prefer music feature for their phone Music Camera FM Radio Internet 0% 15% 30% 45% 60%
  58. After 56% prefer musics Music Camera FM Radio Internet 0% 15% 30% 45% 60%
  59. a pictureis worth 1,000 words
  60. every picture tellsa story
  61. Before 56% prefer musics Music Camera FM Radio Internet 0% 15% 30% 45% 60%
  62. After 56%
  63. Show me the money, not rainbow!
  64. BeforeDisclaimer: all number are just for sample only, it’s didnt show the real figures
  65. AfterDisclaimer: all number are just for sample only, it’s didnt show the real figures
  66. 14% 50% 47% 25% 39% 0% A B CPie   charts   work   only   for   showing   Bar  charts  are  visually  more  precise  than  large   differences   in   propor6on   pie   charts,   and   can   accommodate   larger  especially  percentages data  sets
  67. ata s et for rfirst d lockT!P s start you the 12 o’c•A lway t at char ight a pie to e n. ositio a p i e c hart man y to p s too •L imit Mo re i ns. ectio tiate on a slide hart must s ie c diffe ren n a p enta ges o •Perc 100% p to add u
  68. Highlights what the most important for your audience EMPHASIZE
  69. And you will leave them with apeaceful mind & winning their heart
  70. That’s what we called...
  71. “Great presentation, sells everything”