What is PresenTense?


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What is PresenTense?

  2. 2. PresenTense Magazine: 12 Issues Published
  3. 3. 90 volunteers from 12 countries
  4. 4. PresenTense is at the cutting edge of helping to build and shapethe Jewish future. Its really rewarding to be part of getting newideas heard, and to lend my own voice to the discussion.--Devorah Matkowsky, Magazine Editor and Writer
  5. 5. Local events around the world
  7. 7. Going to work is not only fun, it is a real pleasure. You enter the Hub, see familiar faces, and get introduced to new people who will broaden your horizons.-- Karoline Henriques, Jerusalem Hub co-worker
  8. 8. PTSchool teaches 21st century tools to non-profit professionals
  9. 9. Events for the Jerusalem community
  10. 10. We could accomplish some amazing things for the entireglobal Jewish community by teaming up with PresenTense.-- Vicky Kulikov, Development Associate, Jewish Federationof Greater Kansas City
  12. 12. 77 ventures launchedthrough ourFellowships forSocial Entrepreneurs
  13. 13. Matt Bar & Ori Salzberg, PTI ‘07Bible RapsBible Raps uses rap and hip hop to enliven core Jewishtexts and make tradition more appealing and accessible.
  14. 14. Eli Winkelman, PTI ‘07Challah for HungerChallah for Hunger raisesmoney and awareness forhunger- and disaster-relief,through the production andsale of challah bread.
  15. 15. Eitan Ingall, PTI ’08 TAMID Israel Investment GroupTAMID Israel Investment Group is a student led initiative thatpioneers the next generation of American commitment to Israel byconnecting business-minded students with the Israeli economy.
  16. 16. Bradley Cohen, PTI ‘08Be a KliBe a Kli engages Israelibackpackers in Indiathrough a 10-dayretreat combining localcommunity service andJewish spirituality.
  17. 17. Matt Berkowitz & Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz, PTI ‘09Kol HaOt Kol HaOt weaves together creativity and aesthetics, arts and inspiration, to convey the meaning and purpose of Jewish texts and ideas, history and values.
  18. 18. Manuela Zoninsein,PTI ’09AgrigateAgrigate is an onlinewebsite and newsletterthat fosters scientific andbusiness exchangesbetween Israeli andChinese agricultural techinnovators.
  19. 19. Charlie Schwartz & Russel Neiss, PTI ‘09MediaMidrashMediaMidrash is an online video library for Jewish Educators,providing a platform to bring art, animation, film & music directly intothe classroom.
  20. 20. Rebecca Zeffert,PTI ‘09Israel-Asia CenterThe Israel-Asia Center isan organizationproviding betterunderstanding andfurthering cooperationbetween Israel, theJewish world and Asia -with a particularemphasis on China.
  21. 21. Michael Goldstein,Boston Fellow ‘10Hebrew PlayHebrew Play aims to makeHebrew an integral part ofthe American Jewish identityby inspiring young childrenand their families to useHebrew when they playtogether.
  22. 22. Tess LehrichJerusalem Fellow ‘10From Garbage to GardenFrom Garbage to Garden introducfood recycling and composting intmainstream urban society in Israe
  23. 23. JT Waldman, PTI ‘08Tagged TanakhThe Tagged Tanakh is acollaborative platformthat joins vetted contentand user-generatedcommentary around theJewish Bible.
  24. 24. Get involved!1. Join the conversation on our blog2. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, RSS, or LinkedIn3. Attend an event4. Join the global PresenTense network5. Subscribe to PT Magazine6. Contribute to the Magazine7. Co-work at or visit the Jerusalem Hub8. Intern with PresenTense9. Apply for a Fellowship10. Donate to PresenTense to support Jewish innovation