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PresenTense Magazine media kit


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Learn about PresenTense's readership, and find out ad rates and specs

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PresenTense Magazine media kit

  1. 1. PRESENTENSE jewish life: here and now Media Kit 2 011
  2. 2. So smart and so good-looking—so menshlikheit! Like a boyfriend I’d be proud to bring home. Sue Fishkoff, Jewish Telegraphic Agency Past and present (and future) of the Jewish community and the Zionist movement... wow, there was a lot of food for thought at PresenTense. Kenneth Bob, World Zionist Organization PresenTense captures the intellectual breadth and depth, physical energy and moral commitment that can be found in young Jews today. Dr. Marcia Weinstein PresenTense is a young, volunteer, content-driven magazine committed to providing the perspectives of Jews in their 20sand 30s on issues that matter to the Jewish community, in thehere and now, including social justice, religious innovation, newexpressions of Zionism, Jewish perspectives on the environmentand cultural diversity.
  3. 3. WHY ADVERTISE IN PRESENTENSE? Key Statistics There is no other magazine in the market today that covers our unique demographic niche. Our readers are the leaders and trend-setters US, Canada and Israel of their generation, open-minded and eager to learn about new products and opportunities and share them with their peers. As urban profes- sionals and students, they are highly educated, New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, take initiative, and are well respected in their the Bay Area, Seattle, Toronto, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem communities. 95% of our readership has an undergraduate degree or is currently completing one, and 33% has a master’s degree or other post-bachelor’s 20,000 degree. They work in medicine, law, non-profit, education, business, and venture capital, among other professions, and 95% live in urban 5,000 cities in North America and Israel, including New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Jerusalem. 18-35, Average 27 According to the National Jewish Population Sur- vey, there are over a million young Jews between the ages of 18 and 36 living in North America. 50:50 That leaves a lot of room for PresenTense to grow — and a promising future for you, if you choose to start your relationship with PresenTense while we’re young. 95% have undergraduate college degreeSince the May 2006 pilot,PresenTense has published13 issues and expects topublish the 14th inJune 2011.0 Two Jews, Three Blogs 5 Israel@60 10 The Digital Issue1 The Fire This TIme 6 Minyans of the People 11 Jewish Heroes2 Damage Report: The Spring After 7 Food and the Jews 12 The Environment3 Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish 8 Education. 2.0 13 Social Action4 Putting the Social Back in Socialism 9 Philanthropy and Volunteering
  4. 4. PRESENTENSE IS MORE THAN JUST A MAGAZINEWhen you advertise in PresenTense, you’re not just The PresenTense Community Entrepreneur Fellowship,reaching a readership of over 20,000 young Jews which currently includes seven programs in the USacross North America. PresenTense is a Community of and Israel, helps social entrepreneurs turn theirCreative Young Jewish Adults, a Fellowship program ideas and projects into reality, and is concluded withfor Social Entrepreneurs, and has five local Networks a high-profile exhibition fair attended by influentialwhere ideas are fostered and developed. members of the arts, philanthropy, education, hi-tech and business worlds. All of this providesIn addition to individual subscriptions, the magazine additional visibility for advertisers in our magazineis distributed through our network to university and helps raise your profile.Hillels, Jewish Federations, and JCCs via bulk orders,which allows us to grow our community of dedicated PresenTense is building a self-organizing communityreaders. Through our communities in New York, Bos- of young, creative Jews who lead by example andton, Chicago, Toronto, and Jerusalem, we run salons seek to redefine how Jewish life is to be lived, in theand lectures in connection with magazine articles present tense.and the ideas and experiences of our contributors.PRINT ADVERTISING RATES UPCOMING PUBLICATION DATES ISSUE 14: June 1, 2011 ISSUE 15: September 1, 2011 ISSUE 16: December 1, 2011 CONTACT Simi Hinden