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Meet the 2012 Global Fellows

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Meet the 2012 Global Fellows

  1. 1. MEET THE FELLOWS2012 Global Institute
  2. 2. education Cynthia Ferman is harnessing the power of education from across the world to empower a more cohesive and sustainable society. Join Cynthia’s mission!
  3. 3. education Melisa Goldfinger is expanding an association that uses sports to educate and integrate people with special needs. Join Melisa’s mission!
  4. 4. education Daniel Jacobs is developing an educational game for the iPhone to help people form intuitions for how to solve questions society faces. Join Daniel’s mission!
  5. 5. education Jessie Mallor is visioning Jewish education that provides learning opportunities to people regardless of institutional affiliation. Join Jessie’s mission!
  6. 6. education Justin Sakofs is creating an activity for young children to bring to services and engage in the world of tefillah. Join Justin’s mission!
  7. 7. arts & culture Emily Engelson is connecting Diaspora and Israeli artists to develop a program that will bring them together as a creative community. Join Emily’s mission!
  8. 8. arts & culture Tobias Finkelstein is founding a media group to produce Jewish narratives in all different spheres. Join Tobias’s mission!
  9. 9. israel Adi Arbel is connecting American Olim with Israelis to better utilize their professional skills. Join Adi’s mission!
  10. 10. israel Evan Malach is bringing Jewish college graduates to Israel to engage in community work. Join Evan’s mission!
  11. 11. jewish engagement Yana Rebrova is creating an interactive platform where people can ask for advice from experts in order to realize their ideas. Join Yana’s mission!
  12. 12. jewish engagement David Yehuda Stern is using an online magazine and news- site to provide fresh commentary and debate on issues impacting British Jews. Join David’s mission!
  13. 13. jewish engagement & community building Tamas Buchler is building a com- munity of Jewish social entrepreneurs to learn and run social action projects together. Join Tamas’s mission!
  14. 14. With thanks to our Partnersand Chair Sponsors The The Gottesman Gorlin Family Fund Foundation The The PresenTense Pearlstone Fellows Alumni Family Fund Chair