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презентация учеников 9 кл. школы г. пионерский


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презентация учеников 9 кл. школы г. пионерский

  1. 1. P i o n e r s k i yS e c o n d a r yS c h o o lM a d e b y t h es t u d e n t s o ft h e 9t h f o r m :A l e k s e yM i s u r aA n a s t a s i aM i n e e v a 2013
  2. 2. Some historical facts about Russiannational team• The first national team of the USSR wasfounded in 1924. In 1946 the USSRentered FIFA.• The best result of USSR’s national teamwas the victory in Europeanchampionship in 1960. The coach of theteam was G.D. Kachalin. Then in 1964, in1972 and in 1988 Russian national teamwon silver medals in Europeanchampionships.• The best result in the world championshipwas in 1966. Our national team took the4th place. The coach of the team was N.P.Morozov.• As for Olympic games, the national teamof the USSR won gold medals twice – in1956 and in 1988.• The most prominent Russian footballplayer was a goalkeeper Lev Yashin.
  3. 3. Great preparationWhat will the main arena look like?• Kaliningrad will change its face before theWorld Football championship. A lot of newsport objects will be built in it. At present themain stadium in Kaliningrad is the local footballclub’s arena "Baltika" (capacity - 14 200). It wasbuilt in 1892 and as it turned out the stadiumdoes not conform to FIFA’s standards. So, it willbe renovated and then it will be used as atraining ground. After the reconstruction a fanzone will appear at "Baltika".• A new stadium for 45,015 spectators has notbeen started yet, although all the engineeringdocuments are ready. The project is based on theconcept of the legendary "Allians Arena" thehost of the World Cup 2006 in Germany. It willbe a two-tiered stadium equipped withultramodern security systems and videosurveillance.
  4. 4. Training centers for thechampionship• Foreign investors are going to build four sportcenters in Kaliningrad region. There will besport centers in Rodnikie, Ushakovo, inPionerskiy and near Zelenogradsk.• As for Kaliningrad, its two stadiums “TheRed star” and “Lokomotiv” are going to bereconstructed and be used as sport traininggrounds during the championship.• All in all, 20 billion rubles will be transferredto Kaliningrad for new sport constructions.90% of this sum will be spent on a newstadium.• Besides, Khrabrovo airport is going to bemodernized by the championship. A Turkishbuilding firm “Akyn Ozai” has just started thereconstruction of the airport.
  5. 5. How will Kaliningrad change?• The government of Kaliningrad regionproposed to rename the city back to Königsbergbefore the championship. According to the latestdecision all the street nameplates will betranslated into English.• FIFA requires to build about 4,000 hotel roomsin Kaliningrad. It means that there will be builtabout 15 new hotels in the city. We areinformed that the authorities of the network ofPolish hotels “Dwor Oliwski” plan to build anew hotel for the World Cup in Kaliningrad.The investment into the project could reach 20million Euros.• The Russian office in Cambridge will help thegovernment to prepare volunteers for the 2018World Cup. They will organize some languageclasses for them.
  6. 6. Who will coach our team?Our suppositions.• Nobody will argue the factthat the teams successdepends on its coach: ahead coach is responsiblefor trainings, encouragesplayers before games andsupports them afterfailures.• We can only guess whowill coach our footballteam in 2018 and here aresome of those who mightbe our head coach:Jose MourinhoMassimiliano AllegriFabioCapello
  7. 7. Who will play andwho will we support?• Since we host theworld championshipin 2018, our teamautomatically goes tothis tournament.• We don’t know whatthe staff of our teamwill be like but weimagine it somethinglike this.AkinfeevBurlack BelyaevLogashov ShennikovOzdoev GrigorevDzagoev Kokorin CheryshevMarkov
  8. 8. Our own contribution to the championshipFrom the part of our English teacherIn accordance with the general planof 2018 championship construction itwas announced that there would be atraining center on the territory of thetown of Pionerskiy. But later we got toknow that the idea was reconsidered infavour of Svetlogorsk.Our English teacherV.Y.Selunskaya, who is a deputy of thelocal Soviet, alongside with otherfourteen deputies applied to thegovernor of Kaliningrad region N.N.Tsukanov in order to discuss thequestion once again and to makePionerskiy priority. We also collectedour signatures and sent them to thegovernor.The question is now undergovernor’s control and we stronglybelieve there will be a new stadium inour town.
  9. 9. All fans should keep fitWe are quite sure that there’s nogood team that can do withoutgood fans. To be good fans weshould train a lot so that to be fit.We also practice surges and wethought of a good rhyme:“We believe in a Russian teamThere’s no doubt it will win”So we are ready to support ourteam during all the games.
  10. 10. Sensation!• Our former classmate PeterMarkov has done a lot to makehis dream come true. He’s beencrazy about football sinceelementary school. Last year hemade a great progress in FC“Baltika”.• This year he’s left for Samara.He is playing for Samara youthclub at the moment. We hopePeter will perform in thenational team in 2018 and wewish him luck.