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Trendwizor Polish Trends


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The first professional portal of the Polish market trends. It's tool that will increase the competitive advantage of your company.

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Trendwizor Polish Trends

  1. 1. genesis description summary
  2. 2. genesis description summary Genesis
  3. 3. genesis description summary IWP consulting for business and administration60 years of IWP IWP as a research and development unit Programme „Dobry Wzór” (Good Design) as a One of the first institutions response to the needs of promoting design in post- market economy war Europe IWP focuses on economics and dissemination of ideas Developent of research on ergonomics and Institution specialising in biomechanics comprehensive research, consulting and design for the economy
  4. 4. genesis description summary 350 exhibitionsIWP in figures 6 magazines and periodical topical supplements 35 published books 100 awards for products developed by IWP 2000 articles, movies and radio shows 2000 projects 800 research and development projects
  5. 5. genesis description summary Zaprojektuj Swój Zysk: (Design your profit) project aimed at the creation of a business environment where companies and businesses can develop competitiveIWP programmes products thanks to the use of design. Co-financed from EU funds. Dobry Wzór: (Good Gdynia Design Days: design) the first international days annual national of design in Poland competition for best accessible to designers. A designed products and form of promotion of services on the Polish design and good market practices Imagine Cup: Polish Young Design: a edition of the largest competition promoting worldwide technological young designers. The competition organised by winner receives a Microsoft. IWP realises monetary grant as a the Software Design memorial of Professor category Wanda Telakowska
  6. 6. genesis description summaryChallenges for Polishbusinesses Before 1989 After 1989 Problems related to the Consumers start making difficulties in obtaining decisions, have a wider materials for choice. manufacturing. Lack of design specialists Very low and any industrial innovativeness. research. Low product quality. Lack of information forced increased business risk. Difficulties in export to Western countries. „Recognition through fight” – companies learnt from their own mistakes.
  7. 7. genesis description summarySources of knowledge about design individual foreign portals, blogs,trade fairs reports trendbooks magazines up-to-date broad perspective broad perspective, cheap, easy access information on the subject authority of experts general information, high price, time- high cost lack of business lack of experts’ consuming, excess guidelines, lack of comments of information local aspect
  8. 8. http://www.trendwizor.plgenesis description summaryIdea of the portal A tool that will increase the competitive advantage of your company.
  9. 9. genesis description summary Description of the portal
  10. 10. genesis description summaryUnderstanding trends 8 tendencies 37 trends
  11. 11. genesis description summary Trend indicators strength: 3Measurable indicators strength potential: 4 temperature: 3,5All trends have been defined with useof measurable indicators:STRENGTH corresponds to the % of current trend Forecast and status:recipients on Polish market, basing on expertise and stable developmentmarket data.STRENGTH POTENTIAL reflects the prognoseddynamics of the development of the trend on Polishmarket.TEMPERATURE corresponds to the visibility of theanalysed trend on the market and the frequency of How to interpret indicators?information related to the trend in the media and inscientific literature. low temperature + low strength + low potential = a niche to be used high temperaturae+ high strength = large, stable future market
  12. 12. genesis description summaryBroadperspective We take into account social, economical and civilisational phenomena.
  13. 13. genesis description summaryPolish trends Trendwizor is a base of knowledge gathered by the most prominent Polish specialists who have studied polish design market for the last 60 years. Their knowledge and experience enable to translate international trends to the reality of Polish market.
  14. 14. genesis description summaryForecasts Trendwizor is a „barometer” of Polish market trends What trends do we have? How do they manifest? How will they behave in the future?
  15. 15. genesis description summaryUnderstanding trends 8 tendencies 37 trends
  16. 16. genesis description summaryUnderstanding trends 8 tendencies 37 trends
  17. 17. genesis description summaryPersonalisation The portal adapts to your personal expectations, considering: !sectors from your list of interests !searched values of trend indicators !interconnections between trends The portal enables to find desired information quickly and intuitively in spite of the large amount of available data.
  18. 18. genesis description summaryBusiness-oriented Trendwizor provides information that is: !comprehensive !synthetic !ready for quick use !illustrated !containing examples of best practices !supplemented by experts’ comments The nature and quality of information available on Trendwizor portal allow its direct use by management.
  19. 19. genesis description summary Up-to-date: news from Polish marketUpdates and development with comments of IWP experts.of the portal Trendwizor is a live textbook – constantly updated, developed and modified. Every 6 months: full, extensive report on a new Polish trend and updates of data and indicators related to current trends.
  20. 20. genesis description summary President/ owner Managing DirectorGroups of recipients Product Development R&D Director Marketing Director Sales Director Director Promotion & Market Research and Public Product Manager Purchase Manager Communication Opinion Specialist Manager Trendwizor may be used by a wide group of recipients.
  21. 21. genesis description summaryKey advantages Trendwizor helps to: !       ü  recognize the market and the customers’ ü  needs     !   find market niches ü      !   develop and implement new products ü      !   lift existing products ü      !   shape competitive strategy
  22. 22. genesis description summary