The Top 3 Choices Women Can Make To Manage Daily Stress


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Daily Stress Management

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The Top 3 Choices Women Can Make To Manage Daily Stress

  2. 2. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/This article is focused on:‫ ٭‬the top 3 choices women can maketo manage daily stress successfully:1. Clearly stated intents.2. Efficient Actions.3. Peace and harmony in life.‫ ٭‬some simpleclues to feel better and enjoy life.1. Be with positive people2. Face your problems3. Be true to yourself
  3. 3. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/ ABOUT THE AUTHOR• Many years on the path of personal growth.• Fulfilled intents to live in peace and joy.• Sharing the better life choices for women as verified by her own experience to be the most important ones for:• reducing daily stress, and• managing life to be harmonious and happy.
  4. 4. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/Managing the normal stress levels leads to: Abundant wealth; Healthy fit body; Great feeling of joy; Abundance in life; Growing in all areas of your life.
  5. 5. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/ The Top 3 Choices are:1. Spend your time with positive and optimistic people.2. Face your problems instead of running away from them.3. Be true to Yourself - you can lie to anyone but Yourself.
  6. 6. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/ 1. Spend your time with positive and optimistic people.Life is too short and precious to spend it with:• grumbles, naggers, unhappy people• aggressive, authoritative, domineering peopleRemember:* They will drain your energy away.* They will deprive you of your personal power.
  7. 7. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/ ADVICE: Make a decision to:- Begin something new into your life;- Manage your stress in this new activity by planning. Think of 5 people from your closest circle:- Ponder on their characters, behavior, life path.- Try to see yourself in them like in a mirror (like attracts like).- Find out through these people and what you do not like in them what could be changed for better in your environment.Remember, your true friends are not those who are with you in your best times, but those, who stay with you and support youin the worst situations of your life.If you want to learn more, please download my free ebook.
  8. 8. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/ 2. Face your Problems instead of Running away from Them.• Identify a problem and admit its existence.• Make a decision and plan of action how to solve it.• Take the first step.Remember, when you can face and solve a problem – that ispavestone towards your happiness. In fact solving problems and learning is the purpose of being: we develop and evolve by solving problems, learning life lessons, adapting to different conditions and passing the trials over time.
  9. 9. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/ ADVICE:• Be positive and set clear intents. Change your attitude from negative to positive Strengthen your intent that you want to face problems Willing to grow and developThen your problems are already half resolved.• Follow your intuition. Set up an intention, The Universe responds to it and Gives you a corresponding situation and guidanceIt could be a conversation, a sentence from a book, a symbol or asign.
  10. 10. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/ 3. Be True to Yourself because You Can Lie to Everyone but Yourself.• Know who you really are.• Stand for your core values.• Live to reveal your authentic essence.Remember, that will bring quality and improvement in all areas of your life.Remember, you are great just the way you are here now!• Core values are your drives and motivators.• They give you the energy to live and develop.• You will need this energy to reduce stress and manage your life.
  11. 11. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/ ADVICE:1. Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. Put in the first column the names of people from your inner circle starting with your name. In the second column write down one issue against each name and see which problems you have in common.2. Think of a problem you have. Write it down on a piece of paper and read it aloud. Think out one action step you can take to solve it. Write down the action step. Read it aloud.Then take this action and write down the result.
  12. 12. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/3. Take 3 deep breaths. Count down from 10 to 1 and listen. Then write down on a piece of paper the first word that has come into your mind. The answer may surprise you but try not to judge or criticize .Do this every day for at least 21 days and you will see that your life willimprove and you feel much better than before.If you want to learn more, please download my free ebook.
  13. 13. DAILY STRESS MANAGEMENT /DSM/Right now it is time for you to act. Start doing what it takes to get rid of daily stress and make space for joy and happiness in your life. Take the action steps, which I shared with you. Make a journal and write down the results from step 1, step 2 and step 3 at the end of every day. Read them aloud and be grateful that you succeeded to do such great work for yourself and others throughout the day. It will pay all your efforts and you will be more fulfilled than ever.Wish you success!