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Prescription Assistance Programs Rx Savings Card


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Prescription Assistance plans by TotalRxSolutions allow members with incomes below a certain threshold with medication and drug coverage.

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Prescription Assistance Programs Rx Savings Card

  1. 1. Prescription Assistance Programs<br /><ul><li>Serve better prescriptions to patients in terms of cost/quality
  2. 2. Designed for those who are financially unable to pay for their prescription medication
  3. 3. Some branded prescriptions are available to low income patients who are without private insurance</li></li></ul><li>Prescription Assistance Programs – Role of a clinical pharmacist<br /> A clinical pharmacist serves as a communicator <br /> between patients, other healthcare <br /> professionals and the program.<br />
  4. 4. Prescription Assistance Programs – Look out for these….<br /><ul><li>Sample coverage by pharmacist while patients await PAP coverage.
  5. 5. Proper counseling of patients by pharmacists.
  6. 6. Proper update drug formulary.
  7. 7. Effective availability of healthcare professionals under this program.
  8. 8. Greater savings over brand prescription and generic alternatives.
  9. 9. Effective application of discount card within listed states.
  10. 10. Convenience of home delivery.</li></li></ul><li>Prescription Assistance Programs <br />To know more visit……..<br />