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G definition a

  1. 1. What Is a Definition Essay?
  2. 2. Definition essay explained The definition essay explains themeaning of a word or a concept or aterm. The purpose of the definitionessay is to help the reader understandthe meaning of an unfamiliar term orclarify the meaning of an abstract orvague term.
  3. 3. How to Write a Definition Essay The following are common ways to definea word or a concept or a term: 1. Demonstrate the denotations andconnotations of a word: Denotations are the formal dictionarydefinitions of a word. Connotations often imply emotional,informal, or slang cases of the word.
  4. 4. How to Write a Definition EssayExample 1 Rat— Denotative meaning: a rodent; Connotative meaning: a person who tattles onother people or who exhibits undesirable ordishonest behavior.Example 2 Card— Denotative meaning: a sturdy, butsmall, piece of rectangular shaped paper usedfor business purposes or card games. Connotative meaning: a lively, entertainingperson or the act of requiring proof of agebefore sales of alcoholic beverages and tobaccoproducts.
  5. 5. 2. Demonstrate the popular beliefsand personal interpretations of a concept: Example 1 Success— Popular belief: success meansgetting rich Personal interpretation: success means eitherovercoming obstacles or other uniqueinterpretations. Example 2 Beauty— Popular belief: good looking Personal interpretation: self-sacrifice, loving,forgiving, or other unique interpretations.
  6. 6. 3. Demonstrate the characteristics, the function,or the make-up of an object or a term: Example 1 Axe— An axe is a tool used for choppingtrees and splitting wood; it is made up of awooden handle and a metal head with ablade usually on one side. Example 2 Machismo— Machismo is the inflated maleego as characterized by domination ofwomen, an exaggerated show of malestrength, etc.
  7. 7. Introduction 1. Lead-in: Introduce the topic (the conceptor term you are going to define). 2. Transition: Make transition to thesisstatement. 3. Thesis Statement: Define at least threeaspects of the meaning of the concept or term(e.g. “Country music can be best understood ifwe know its history, its pattern of rhythm, andits themes.”).
  8. 8. BodyParagraph 1 1. Topic Sentence: Present the first aspect ofthe meaning of the concept or term (e.g. “Themeaning of Country Music depends heavily on itshistory”). 2. Supporting Details: Explain what/how/why. 3. Closing Remarks: Wrap up this paragraph(e.g. “That is why one can not understandCountry Music without learning about itshistory”).
  9. 9. BodyBody Paragraph 2 1. Topic Sentence: Present the secondaspect of the meaning of the concept orterm. 2. Supporting Details: Explainwhat/how/why. 3. Closing Remarks: Wrap up thisparagraph.
  10. 10. Body Body Paragraph 3 1. Topic Sentence: Present the third aspectof the meaning of the concept or term. 2. Supporting Details: Explainwhat/how/why. 3. Closing Remarks: Wrap up thisparagraph. Writing Made Easy
  11. 11. Conclusion 1. Wrap up the main points. 2. Point out the significance of theconcept or term
  12. 12. Definition essay - South Texas College www.southtexascollege.edu/dev-english/PowerPoint/.../G-Definition.ppt