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  1. 1. About Us / Company Profile
  2. 2. Our MissionYour one stop Financial SupermarketOur range of Products and ServicesFinancial Planning ServicesOur TeamInvestment Advisory Products Offered by BajajCapitalFinancial Planning Services Offered by BajajCapitalFuture Goal FundingBajaj Capitals Value Added ServicesBajaj Capitals In-house Publications forInvestors8 Reasons for you to invest only through BajajCapitalHow to achieve Lifetime of Investmentsuccess?Our MissionThe single focus of our organization is to be the most useful, reliable andefficient provider of Financial services.It is our continuous endeavor to bea trustworthy advisor to our clients, helping them achieve their Financialgoals.We are SEBI approved merchant bankers, investment advisors andfinancial planners. We have a track record of ethical dealings for the last42 years and have had the honour of helping millions of investors achievetheir lifes financial goals.Your one stop Financial SupermarketWe offer you a comprehensive range of financial products and services,which will help you achieve your lifes financial goals all under one roof.Our range of Products and Services TopInvestment Advisory Products» Company fixed deposits» Bonds» Mutual funds» Life insurance» General insurance» Pension schemes» Post office schemes» Tax saving schemes
  3. 3. » Insurance linked investment schemes» Initial public offerings» Housing loans» NRI schemes» Car insuranceFinancial Planning Services» Investment planning» Retirement planning» Insurance planning» Childrens future planning» Tax planning» Short-term cash flow planningOur TeamWe have a well-trained professional team comprising of MBAs, CAs, CSs,Financial Analysts, Financial Planners, Investment Experts, InsuranceExperts, and Law Graduates.Investment Advisory Products Offered by Bajaj Capital TopCompany Fixed DepositsCompany Fixed Deposits offer better returns than Bank Deposits withminimum lock-in periods.Bajaj Capital offers select Fixed Deposit Schemes of reputedManufacturing, Finance and Government companies. We offer you widerange of Company Deposit schemesBonds and DebenturesBajaj Capital arranges taxable and tax-free bonds from Central and StateGovernment Institutions.Mutual FundsMutual Funds give you market related, realistic returns through properdiversification of risk by investing in debt and equity instruments. Theyalso give you transparency in transactions, anytime liquidity and tax-efficiency. We offer you over 2,000 Equity Funds, Debt Funds and LiquidFunds.Life Insurance Provides for dependents in case of a mishap. Replaces earning power if disabled. Protects your ability to meet accumulation, education, marriage goals.We all have financial responsibitities, in the absence of the bread earner,it becomes very difficult to fulfil these. This is the reson for getting
  4. 4. yourself and your loved ones a life cover to give you peace of mind alsogiving protection for critical illness and monthly income.General Insurance Addresses healthcare concerns. Provides for auto, home and personal liability protection. Provides for potential long-term care costs. Plans for business continuation.While you grow your wealth, you must protect yourself from a stroke ofmisfortune, which could take away some of your wealth earned over somany years.Pension SchemesA pension scheme is a savings plan that is designed to grow over time toprovide you with an income during retirement.The government provides tax incentives that allow your fund to growvirtually tax-free.Housing LoansWe arrange housing loans for you while helping you save sizeableamounts of tax in the bargain. The loans are for purchase, construction,renovation, etc, and are from the leading Housing Finance Companies,offering competitive interest rates at your door step.Car/Scooter InsuranceWe offer automobile solutions to safeguard your vehicle from theft,accidents, and other mishaps, ensuring you very easy and hassle freeprocedures.Financial Planning Services Offered by Bajaj Capital TopFinancial Planning is the process of meeting your lifes goals throughproper management of your finances. The process includes gatheringrelevant financial information, setting your goals, examining your currentfinancial situation and formulating strategies for how you can achieveyour goals, given your current financial situation and future plans. Atbajaj capital we are dedicated to the financial planning approach and giveyou advice only after understanding your financial needs.Investment PlanningEveryone should have secure savings for a rainy day. Once these are inplace, you have to start thinking about investing for the future. We helpyou plan your investments so that you may reach your personal goals byinvesting according to the risk that you can bear and your recommendedmix of investments.
  5. 5. Cash Flow BudgetingWe analyze your income, expenses, assets and liabilities to see whichbudgeting techniques you can use to help you reach your current andlong-term financial goals.Protection for yourself and your family (Insurance Planning)Your greatest asset during your working years is your ability to earn anincome. It is important to adequately safeguard this asset to ensure thatyour cash flow will continue in the event of an unexpected disaster. Yourinsurance policies will help you protect yourself and your dependents (ifany) against any unforeseen odds.Future Goal Funding TopChildrens education and marriage planning:One of the most important financial goals for every parent is to plan theirchildrens futures so that they can make the steps to success easier forthem to climb. Owing to the steep rise in the cost of higher education andmarriage, it has become essential to start planning and saving for theseevents well in advance. We can help you achieve these goals bysuggesting prudent investment avenues to you.Asset purchaseWe all long that one day we are able to purchase our dream house, car orother assets. To help you fulfill these goals, we give you advice on how toaccumulate the funds to purchase these assets by suggesting monthlysavings plans and other investment instruments that will make yourmoney grow to the required amounts.Tax PlanningBy planning your taxes, we help you reach your personal goals byidentifying how to increase your income by saving taxes and by helpingyou invest in tax saving instruments that fit your personal portfolio andsituation.Retirement PlanningPlanning your income for retirement is one of the most important financialdecisions you will ever make. You have to plan your finances so that youmay maintain the same standard of living when you are no longerworking. In order to ensure that you enjoy your retirement withoutfinancial hardships, we urge you to make your own pension plans likePublic Provident Fund, with our help.Speciality Service Groups"Wealth Management Group" offers Wealth Management Services for HighNetworth IndividualsBajaj Capital offers tailor made Investment Advisory and FinancialPlanning Services customized exclusively to meet the needs of high
  6. 6. networth individuals. Some of the additional services offered are:» Dedicated relationship managers» Periodic portfolio review» Regular update of portfolio valuation» Need based advice"Financial Planning Group" offers comprehensive Financial PlanningServices for long-term investors We pride ourselves in helping you meetyour lifes goals. We do this by helping you assess your goals, plan forthem and finally implement them. We take a comprehensive approach toplanning your future by including in each financial plan, solutions in all ofthe following areas:» Investment Planning» Insurance Planning» Cash flow Planning» Childrens Future Planning» Tax Planning» Retirement PlanningBajaj Capitals Value Added Services TopRegular Information Update: We keep you updated on the latestopportunities in the World of Investments.Need Based Advice: Our advice is all need based. We give youcustomized advice only after understanding your financial goals,risktolerance and other priorities in life.Research Based Advice: Our professional research team will help youwith advice that is thoroughly based on the analysis of market dynamics,government policies and a close monitoring of global developments.Investment Health Check: We help you achieve your financial goals byassessing your risk tolerance level and recommending to you a suitableasset allocation model for your investments.Doorstep Service: We have a vast network of branches all over India,helping you to get services at your doorstep.Regular Information: Through our in-house publications like BajajCapital Investors India, Investors Outlook, Investoments Select List andothers, we keep you updated on the latest opportunities in the world ofinvestments.Accessibility: We have branches spread nationwide, covering allimportant Indian cities almost every nook and corner of the country.
  7. 7. Tailor Made Solutions: You get easy transactions and tailor-madesolutions through our Investment Centres even at the tinkle of a phone.Specialization in all Client SegmentsWe offer Financial Planning for housewives, celebrities, players, doctors,architects, professionals, ambassadors, army officers and the likesBajaj Capitals In-house Publications for Investors TopBajaj Capital Investors India: This is our monthly magazine thatwill help you take the right decisions in matters relating to investments,based on the principles of financial planning. (Priced Publication)Money Multiplying News: This is a fortnightly newsletter that helps youchoose the best options available to you for investments during thatperiod. (Free of Cost)Investments Select List: This is a monthly list of the latest investmentoptions covering all financial products like Company FDs, Equity MutualFunds, Debt Mutual Funds, Insurance Schemes, and others investmentoptions. (Free of Cost)Investment Outlook: This is a monthly research report which gives anoverview of the debt and equity markets and a comprehensive analysis ofthe various mutual funds performance based on parameters like riskexposure, return fluctuation and other statistical performance metrics. Italso gives a technical trend analysis of the market. (Free of Cost)Tax Planning Guide:This is an annual guide that gives you acomprehensive idea about how to maximize tax benefits by availingbeneficial provisions in the tax laws. It educates the reader on how toavail certain exemptions, deductions, rebates and reliefs, in order tominimize their tax liability.8 Reasons for you to invest only through Bajaj Capital TopOld EstablishmentBajaj Capital is one of the oldest and largest Investment AdvisoryCompanies in India, in operation since 1964.Nationwide Presence and Modern InfrastructureBajaj Capital has a vast network of 109 offices spread all across thecountry. Our team of over 1500 highly motivated professionals includeMBAs, CAs, Financial Planners, Financial Analysts, Insurance Experts,Investment Experts and Law Graduates. Our operations are fullycomputerized.SEBI Authorization.
  8. 8. Bajaj Capital is a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)authorized Merchant Banker and Investment Advisory Company. SEBI is agovernment body specially created for investors protection.After Sales Service"Service with a smile" is our motto. Our role does not end when you havemade your investments. We feel obliged to solve all of your queries andgrievances even after you have invested with us.Vast Variety of Schemes: We are a full-fledged "Financial Supermarket"offering advice to our clients on a large variety of financial products.Research Centre: We have a full-fledged Research Centre thatconstantly monitors and analyses the industry, economy and variousscheme performances, helping us give you unbiased investment advice.Independent Investment Advice: We are one of Indias fewIndependent Investment advisory companies. We are not promoted by abank, a mutual fund or an NBFC, and hence are able to give you trulyneutral advice.Strength: Our largest strength is our vast and dedicated clientele ofaround 6 lac individual investors all over India.How to achieve "Lifetime of Investment success"? TopFollow Bajaj Capitals time tested Investment Philosophy» Do not invest directly in the stock market. Take the Mutual Fundsroute.» Safety of principal should be of prime importance. We believe in acontrolled (risk) approach to investments.» Do not let inflation eat up your money in a savings bank account. Gofor superior and stable returns.» Have a look at your financial objectives. Your investments shoulddepend upon them.» Take the long-term approach to equity investments.» Diversify your investments. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.» Keep a reasonable amount of liquid cash to meet your emergencyneeds.» Take a balanced approach to investing. Avoid risky investments as wellas an overly cautious approach to Investing.» Monitor your investments once a month and take corrective action, ifrequired, immediately.» Do not try to time the entry and exit of your investments.» Every time is a good time to invest if you have a long- term outlookand keep investing regularly.
  9. 9. » Put no more than 10% of your total investments in one company.Create an ideal portfolio by achieving perfect balance betweenRisk and returns.Risk and return are two inseparable parts of an investment strategy. Theyhave a direct Higher the risks higher are the returns and vice versa. Thevery basic consideration of an investor while investing his money are howto maximize ones returns will he get and what are the risks involved ininvesting in a particular investment.Take the MIDDLE PATH APPROACH to investments TopBank Deposits are too defensive, offering very low, real (post tax &inflation) returns. On the other hand, investing in equity shares is toorisky. Always take the middle path approach by investing in a wide arrayof instruments to have an optimum risk trade off. What are Mutual Funds?/??A Mutual Fund is a trust that pools together the savings of a number ofinvestors who share a common financial goal. The fund manager investsthis pool of money in securities -- ranging from shares and debentures tomoney market instruments or in a mixture of equity and debt, dependingupon the objectives of the scheme.Why choose Mutual Funds????Investing in Mutual Funds offers several benefits: Professional expertise: Fund managers are professionals who track the market on an on- going basis. With their mix of professional qualification and market knowledge, they are better placed than the average investor to understand the markets. Diversification: Since a Mutual Fund scheme invests in number of stocks and/or debentures, the associated risks are greatly reduced. Relatively less expensive: When compared to direct investments in the capital market, Mutual Funds cost less. This is due to savings in brokerage costs, demat costs, depository costs etc. Liquidity: Investments in Mutual Funds are completely liquid and can be redeemed at their Net Assets Value-related price on any working
  10. 10. day. Transparency: You will always have access to up-to-date information on the value of your investment in addition to the complete portfolio of investments, the proportion allocated to different assets and the fund manager�s investment strategy. Flexibility: Through features such as Systematic Investment Plans, Systematic Withdrawal Plans and Dividend Investment Plans, you can systematically invest or withdraw funds according to your needs and convenience. SEBI regulated market: All Mutual Funds are registered with SEBI and function within the provisions and regulations that protect the interests of investors. AMFI is the supervisory body of the Mutual Funds industry.Snapshot of Mutual Fund Schemes Mutual Who Investment Investme Fund Objective Risk should Portfolio nt horizon Type invest Those who Treasury park their Liquidity + Bills, funds in Moderate Certificate of Money current 2 days - 3 Income + Negligible Deposits, Market accounts weeks Reservation Commercial or short- of Capital Papers, Call term bank Money deposits Short- Call Money, term Commercial Funds Papers, Those with(Floatin Liquidity + Little Treasury surplus 3 weeks - g- Moderate Interest Bills, CDs, short-term 3 months short- Income Rate Short-term funds term) Government securities. Bond Predominant Funds ly Credit Risk Salaried & More than Regular Debentures, & Interest conservativ 9 - 12(Floatin Income Government Rate Risk e investors months g- securities, Long- Corporate
  11. 11. term) Bonds Salaried & Gilt Security & Interest Government 12 months conservativ Funds Income Rate Risk securities & more e investors Aggressive Long-term investors Equity 3 years Capital High Risk Stocks with long Funds plus Appreciation term out look. To generate returns that are NAV varies Portfolio Index commensura with index indices like Aggressive 3 years Funds te with performanc BSE, NIFTY investors. plus returns of e etc respective indices Balanced Capital ratio of Growth & Market equity andBalance Moderate & 2 years Regular Risk and debt fundsd Funds Aggressive plus Income Interest to ensure Risk igher returns at lower risk TopHow to choose the right Mutual Fund schemeOnce you are comfortable with the basics, the next step is to understandyour investment choices, and draw up your investment plan relevant toyour requirements. Choosing your investment mix depends on factorssuch as your risk appetite, time horizon of your investment, yourinvestment objectives, age, etc.What should be kept in mind before investing in Mutual Funds?Mutual Fund investment decisions require consistent effort on the part ofthe investor. Before investing in Mutual Funds, the following steps mustbe given due weightage to decide on the right type of scheme:1. Identifying the Investment Objective2. Selecting the right Scheme Category3. Selecting the right Mutual Fund4. Evaluating the PortfolioA) Identifying the Investment Objective Top
  12. 12. Your financial goals will vary, based on your age, lifestyle, financialindependence, family commitments, level of income and expenses,among many other factors. Therefore, the first step is to assess youneeds. Begin by asking yourself these simple questions:Why do I want to invest?The probable answers could be:» "I need a regular income"» "I need to buy a house/finance a wedding"» "I need to educate my children," or» A combination of all the aboveHow much risk am I willing to take?» The risk-taking capacity of individuals vary depending on variousfactors. Based on their risk bearing capacity, investors can be classifiedas: Very conservative Conservative Moderate Aggressive Very AggressiveTo ascertain your risk appetite, try out our Risk Thermometer.What are my cash flow requirements? TopFor example, you may require:» A regular Cash Flow» A lumpsum after a fixed period of time for some specific need in thefuture» Or, you may have no need for cash, but you may want to create fixedassets for the futureB) Selecting the scheme categoryThe next step is to select a scheme category that matches yourinvestment objectives:» For Capital Appreciation go for equity sectoral funds, equitydiversified funds or balanced funds.» For Regular Income and Stability you should opt for incomefunds/MIPs» For Short-Term Parking of Funds go for liquid funds, floating ratefunds, short-term funds.» For Growth and Tax Savings go for Equity-Linked Savings Schemes. Investment Objective Investment horizon Ideal Instruments
  13. 13. Short-term Investment 1- 6 months Liquid/Short-term plansCapital Appreciation Over 3 years Diversified Equity/ Balanced FundsRegular Income Flexible Monthly Income Plans / Income FundsTax Saving 3 yrs lock-in Equity-Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) TopC) Selecting the right Mutual fundOnce you have a clear strategy in mind, you now have to choose whichMutual fund and scheme you want to invest in. The offer document of thescheme tells you its objectives and provides supplementary details likethe track record of other schemes managed by the same Fund Manager.Some important factors to evaluate before choosing a particular MutualFund are:» The track record of performance over that last few years in relation tothe appropriate yardstick and similar funds in the same category.» How well the Mutual Fund is organized to provide efficient, prompt andpersonalized service.» The degree of transparency as reflected in frequency and quality oftheir communications.D) Evaluation of portfolioEvaluation of equity fund involve analysis of risk and return, volatility,expense ratio, fund manager�s style of investment, portfoliodiversification, fund manager�s experience. Good equity fund shouldprovide consistent returns over a period of time. Also expense ratioshould be within the prescribed limits. These days fund house chargearound 2.50% as management fees.Evaluation of bond funds involve its assets allocation analysis, returnsconsistency, it�s rating profile, maturity profile, and it�s performanceover a period of time. The bond fund with ideal mix of corporate debt andgilt fund should be selected.Systematic Investment Plan (SIP): TopA Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a simple method of investing, usedacross the world as a means to accumulate wealth. It works the sameway as a recurring deposit account. SIP involves investing a fixed sum ofmoney in a specific investment scheme, on a regular basis, for a pre-determined number of period.SIP is a disciplined approach to investing, and:» Helps you to invest disposable funds each month.» Gives you the benefits of rupee-cost averaging
  14. 14. » Relieves you of trying to time the market» Helps you to reach your financial goalsHere is how you start:» Fill up a single SIP form, and a single application form.» Draw post-dated cheques (minimum 5 cheques).» Per cheque minimum SIP amount, can be as low as Rs 500/-How is SIP useful?» Your periodic investments can be as small as you want, provided youroverall investment is at least Rs. 5,000/-.» The day/ date option ensures that you get to pick the time of month/quarter that best suits you, given your cash flow patterns.» Minimum papaerwork» If you invest through SIP, you do not have to pay an entry load in mostschemes» If you exit in less than the specified period (usually, 6 months for debtschemes, 1 year for equity schemes), you pay exit load as applicable.Benifits of SIPSIP in Tax Saving schemes (ELSS)People having time horizon of more than 3-4 years may choose TaxSaving schemes (ELSS) over a purely diversified or focused equity fundscheme.It provides:» Relief from one lump sum investment at the year-end (e.g., Rs. 1,000every month, rather than Rs. 12,000 lump sum)»Tax reliefAccumulating Insurance Premium through SIP.Open two SIPs of 6 month each and repeat the same after 6 months.It provides:» Ready premium at the end of six months every one year.» Relief from one lump sum investment at one go (e.g., Rs. 1,000 everymonth, rather than Rs. 12,000 lump sum at the time of premiumpayment date). TopWord of Caution on SIPAn SIP may not always provide better results in terms of returns,especially in successively rising markets (The Rising markets exampleabove has some months when NAV falls). But it usually works out infavour of investors as markets tend to fluctuate by nature fluctuate and
  15. 15. do not always show a continuous rise over long periods. And of course,SIP does offer a superior and easier way of investing in Mutual Funds.How to calculate the growth of your Mutual Fund investments?ILLUSTRATIONMr. Gupta purchased Mutual Fund units worth Rs. 10,000 at an NAV of Rs.10 per unit on February 1, 2004. The Entry Load on the Mutual Fund was2%. On September 15, 2004, he sold all the units at an NAV of Rs 20.The exit load was 0.5%.His growth/ returns is calculated as under:1. Calculation of Applicable NAV and No. of units purchased:(a) Amount of Investment = Rs. 10,000(b) Market NAV = Rs. 10(c) Entry Load = 2% = Rs. 0.20(d) Applicable NAV (Purchase Price) = (b) + (c) = Rs. 10.20(e) Actual Units purchased = (a) / (d) = 980.392 units Top2. Calculation of NAV at the time of Sale(a) NAV at the time of Sale = Rs 20(b) Exit Load = 0.5% or Rs.0.10(c) Applicable NAV = (a) � (b) = Rs. 19.903. Returns/Growth on Mutual Funds(a) Applicable NAV at the time of Redemption = Rs. 19.90(b) Applicable NAV at the time of Purchase = Rs. 10.20(c) Growth/ Returns on Investment = {(a) � (b)/(b) * 100} = 95.30 %Some don�ts for Mutual FundsDo not speculate: Always evaluate risk-taking capacity.Do not chase returns: Because what goes up must come down.Do not put all eggs in one basket: Diversification reduces the risk.Do not stop working on Mutual Funds: Continuous evaluation of fundsis a must.Do not time the market: Every time is good for investments.Always remember1. Mutual Funds are subject to market risks and there is no assurancethat the fund objective will be achieved.2. NAVs fluctuate depending on forces affecting the Capital market.3. Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future.4. Returns are neither guaranteed nor assured.
  16. 16. Company Profile Bajaj Capital is one of India’s leading Financial Services companies offering Free Advice on Investments, Insurance, Tax Saving, Retirement Planning, FinancialPlanning, Children’s Future Planning and other services. We also have a wide range of products and services for Corporates, High Networth Individuals, and NRIs… all under one roof.At Bajaj Capital, we believe in dreaming big. Dreams inspire us to excel. They ignitehope and kindle in us the passion to stretch our limits. We also believe that nothingcan or should stop us from realising our dreams… and financial constraints should be the last thing to stop anyone. Four decades of excellence For over four decades, we have been helping people realise their aspirations by helping them make their wealth grow, and plan their financial lives. Today, we are a one of the largest financial planning and investment advisory companies in India, with a strong presence all over the country. We take pride in serving our customers – both individual and institutional – and are known for our strong professionalism and work ethics. Wide range of services We offer a comprehensive range of services including financial planning and investment advice, and the entire gamut of financial instruments and investmentproducts of almost all major companies, both public and private. In addition, we alsoprovide investment assistance by helping you complete all the formalities, and help you keep regular track of your investments.These services and products are delivered through our network of 134 Bajaj Capital Investment Centres located all over the country.We are also aSEBI-approved Category I Merchant Banker. We raise resources for over 1,000 top institutions and corporate houses every year, and offer specialised services to Non-Resident Indian (NRIs) and High Networth Clients.
  17. 17. What you can expect from us Sound, research-based adviceUnbiased, independent and need-based advice Prompt, courteous service Honest, ethical dealings Accessibility