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Project summary 1Q AP

  1. 1. First Quarter Assessments Periods 1 and 4
  2. 2. First Quarter Assessments Periods 1 and 4
  3. 3. Service Beginning Seven Kaitlyn Murray Gabriella Sciarrino Becky Pilkington
  4. 4.  In the original language, the word Deacon meant SERVANT.  The martyrdom of Saint Stephen is the description of the FIRST office of deacons.  During the time of the Apostles, the deacons ranked next to the Apostles amongst the Church.  Their jobs were to help relieve the bishops, for example they assisted in distributing alms. Cara Doogan Kelsey McCrossin Lexie Doran
  5. 5. Parish Service  Pastoral counseling  Widowed and divorced  Youth  Prayer groups and support groups  Religious education  Liturgical celebrations (baptisms, marriages, proclaiming the gospel, preaching, presiding at prayer, communion, and funeral services)  Sacramental preparation Lisa Flatt, Brianna Leicht, Victoria Palady
  6. 6. First Quarter Assessments Periods 1 and 4
  7. 7. Saint Paul's Conversion on the road to Damascus to obtain letters and bring followers of Jesus to trial- CHRIST APPEARS! CONVERSION-Baptized Enthusiastic follower of Jesus PREACHED the Gospel throughtout the Roman Empire Veronica Davis Jahira Longcrier Yahquia Jones
  8. 8. Jackie Ronayne Becky Lehigh Melissa Groome Katie Brennan Encounter with Jesus Enthusiastic Preacher
  9. 9. Renae Keeley & Catherine Goldschmidt
  10. 10. • Visited synagogues and preached to Jews - “It was necessary that the word of God should be spoken to you first, but since you rejected and judge yourself unworthy of eternal life, behold, we now turn to the Gentiles. For so the Lord commanded us, I have set thee for a light to the Gentiles, to be a means of salvation to the very ends of the earth.” • Rejected by Jews • Preached to Gentiles bRitTaNy & LiND$aY
  11. 11.  Asking for unity between the Christians  Discussing foundations for living  Advice on marriage and forgiveness  Christian order  The Eucharist and Resurrection  Instruction for the Church  His concern for them  Final instructions, warnings, and greetings
  12. 12. Paul’s 1st Letter to the Corinthians • Christian community that he had founded in Corinth Greece. • While Paul was on his third Journey he learned that the community had become divided, as members began identifying themselves with different religious leaders. • His letter, written about 56 AD, opens with a plea for Christian unity, and is written in response to different issues raised by the Corinthians. • This letter is the most quoted – particularly the passage on love Noelle Sanders Lauren Rolek
  13. 13. First Quarter Assessments Periods 1 and 4
  14. 14. Involves a number of stages: Liturgical Convert Easter Vigil Become full members of the Roman Catholic church Sara Nance
  15. 15. The Sacraments are: Baptism Confirmation Eucharist
  16. 16. First Quarter Assessments Periods 1 and 4
  17. 17. St.John • Names of John 1. Saint John was called the 2. "Beloved Disciple" 3. The EVANGELIST • About St. John 1. A Galilean, son of Zebedee, 2. By tradition he is the author of the FOURTH GOSPEL, LETTERS, and the book of REVELATION 3. Died of natural causes 4. John and his brother were nick named "Boanerges"(sons of thunder) by Jesus 5. Lisa Pesiri, Sheereen Hoyte, and Joylette Dulaney
  18. 18. John, Son of Zebedee • Also known as "Beloved Disciple" • Son of Zebedee and Salome; Brother of James • He was the last surviving Apostle; Died at age 94. • Wrote Several New Testament works • he alone remained at Jesus' feet at the cross, along with his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene . Katie Euganeo, Tara McKenna, Lauren Flynn, and Kallie McLaughlin
  19. 19. THOMAS He is best known for disbelieving Jesus' resurrection when first told of it, then proclaiming My Lord and my God" on seeing Jesus in John 20:28. He doubted Jesus' resurrection and demanded to feel Jesus' wounds before being convinced. Hence coining the term that is used to describe someone who will refuse to believe something without direct, physical, or personal evidence. · He was perhaps the only Apostle who went outside the Roman Empire to preach the Gospel. · St. Thomas went out and preached in Parthia, Persia and India, even though he was reluctant to start the mission because he had to be taken into slavery by a merchant heading that way. Finally he submitted himself to God's will and was freed from the slavery. Natasha Smith Chydell McKoy Alizay Harris Ciara Smith
  20. 20. saint matthew  Name means “gift of Yahweh”  former agent of Roman government tax collector who first began to follow Jesus after being asked by Him one day spread Christianity after the death of Jesus Jackie McGrath Jess Rotella Christi Rementer
  21. 21. St. Andrew  Brother of Simon Peter  Fisherman  FIRST DISCIPLE OF JESUS  After Jesus ascended to Heaven, Andrew went to Greece to preach the gospel.  Patron of Russia and Scotland  Tied to the cross Courtney Sladek Simone Sims-Riley Cecily Gibson
  22. 22. • New Testament documents assign Peter a variety of roles. He is seen as a missionary fisherman, pastoral shepherd, martyr, recipient of special revelation, confessor of the true faith, magisterial protector, healer, and repentant sinner. These roles and images help explain the wealth of later stories and legends surrounding Peter and his high status in Christian literature, including his role in Roman Catholic belief as founder of the papacy. The two Epistles of Peter are ascribed to Peter, although the attribution is questioned. Many postbiblical books were also produced in his name, notably the Acts of Peter. Feast day: June 29 Natalie Carroll, Tina Grandizio, Meghan McCray, Kellie Lee PETER
  23. 23. Saint Peter’s Leadership • Peter is a leader in the Jerusalem church • He engages in missionary activity in Samaria, Galilee, Lydda, Sharon, and Joppa • He favors admission of Gentiles into the church • He is seen as a missionary fisherman, pastoral shepherd, martyr, confessor of the true faith, magisterial protector, healer, and repentant sinner. Angela Sharer, Catherine McGurk, Kelsey Kilgore
  24. 24. Apostolic Succession • The line of bishops stretching back to the Apostles. • A doctrine that states the current bishops have inherited all the traits of the first Apostles. • spiritual power, sacramental, power and responsibility. • When a bishop uses this power it is seen as infallible. Rachel DuFrayne, Brooke Shepherd, Holly Kelly, Shanna Nestel
  25. 25. What is Apostolic Succession?  Line of bishops stretching back to the apostles Ashley Saunders Jackie Mecca  Role is to preserve the true doctrine that is illustrated in the Bible
  26. 26. Roles and Duties of Bishops  Leader of a diocese  “TEACH, SANCTIFY, AND GOVERN”  Watches over priests of the diocese  Successor of the Apostles  Builds the community of God with hope  Preaches the Gospel  Administers Sacraments  Teaches about our salvation Kaitlyn Barney, Anjelica Cervantes, and Christine Sangco
  27. 27. Bishops • Each bishop in the Catholic Church is a successor to the Apostles and act as our shepherds • In the day-to-day matters of life, the bishop guides his flock not only to the converted but also to the unconverted • Bishops are the local spiritual leader of all the faithful in his diocese Danielle Graziano, Kelsea Huber-Welch, Alex Hill and Christa Oestreich
  28. 28. • The Archbishop of Philadelphia is CARDINAL JUSTIN RIGALI • Bishops are called to bear witness to Christ. • They carry out the role of Christ as a TEACHER, PRIEST, AND SHEPHERD. Bridget Fenning and Kristin Anger
  29. 29. • Cardinal Justin Rigali • Selecting clergy • Ordaining • Disciplining • Preaching • Overseeing