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Introduction to moodle

  1. 1. Introduction to Moodle
  2. 2. What is Moodle?Moodle is an online Learning Management System (LMS).Its open source (that means free!)Very technically complicated to install, but fairly simple to use.
  3. 3. Similar SystemsThere are several other for-pay LRM services that are very similar to Moodle:
  4. 4. What does it look like?
  5. 5. Using MoodleThe basic building block of your Moodle database is the “course.”
  6. 6. Using MoodleEach course is broken down into “modules,” which contain your lesson content:
  7. 7. Using Moodle
  8. 8. Lets Make a Course!Log in as an administrator
  9. 9. Lets Make a Course!On the “Settings” toolbar, go to: Site Administration Courses Add / edit courses
  10. 10. Lets Make a Course!If youd like, you can put your new course in a category.
  11. 11. Lets Make a Course!You can then input the information for the course:
  12. 12. Lets Make a Course!The important stuff: Category: You can choose which category to put your course into. Course full name (required): Give the course a name, for example “My Incredible, Amazing Course” Course short name (required): This is the short name, such as “IAC101.” Course summary: This will show up on the main page to describe your course.
  13. 13. Lets Make a Course!The Important Stuff (cont.) Format: Here you can choose whether you want your course to be displayed by date (use “weekly format”) or module (use “topic format”). Number of weeks/topics: This determines how many sections your course will have. Click “Save changes” at the bottom to continue.
  14. 14. Lets Make a Course!Congratulations! You have a course. Now, Moodle will prompt you to enroll students in your course. If you dont have any students yet, you can skip this step.
  15. 15. Lets Make a Course!On the home page, you can see your new course:
  16. 16. Lets Make a Course!If you click on your course, you can see that it is empty. We will be adding activities later:
  17. 17. Lets Make a Course!
  18. 18. Now We Need Some StudentsFrom the Settings menu: Site Administration Users Accounts Add a new user
  19. 19. Now We Need Some StudentsYoull see a screen that looks like this:
  20. 20. Now We Need Some StudentsThe Important Stuff: Username (required): This will be the name that the student uses to log onto the site. New Password (required): The student will use this password to log on for the first time. Check “Force password change” if you want them to change their password after they log on for the first time. First name, Surname, e-mail (all required)
  21. 21. Now We Need Some StudentsThe Important Stuff (cont.): City and country (both required) Description: Here, you can put a description of the student if youd like. Picture / Contact info: Here, you can put the students picture and contact information if youd like it to be accessible to you and/or other students.
  22. 22. Now We Need Some StudentsYou now have a new student.
  23. 23. Now We Need Some StudentsGo back to your course: And add your new students
  24. 24. Now We Need Some StudentsClick on the “Enroll” button and select your student. He/she is now enrolled in the course.
  25. 25. Lets Name the ModulesGo back to the course and make sure editing is turned on:
  26. 26. Lets Name the ModulesYour course overview should now look like this. Click on the hand to edit.
  27. 27. Lets Name the ModulesOn this screen, uncheck “Use default section name” and put in a new one. Make sure to click “Save changes” after every edit!
  28. 28. Lets Name the ModulesDo this for each of your modules:
  29. 29. Lets Name the ModulesLater, well talk about adding content: