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Kubernetes integration with ODL


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Containers are changing the compute landscape and for NFVi support of Containers is key. Kubernetes is a well known Container Cluster Management software and this is slide deck from a talk given in Opendaylight Summit 2016. This slide gives an insight about Microservice architecture, Kuberentes and how it can be integrated with ODL. Session Video can be found at

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Kubernetes integration with ODL

  1. 1. Integration of Kubernetes and OpenDaylight Prem Sankar Gopannan, Ericsson Faseela K, Ericsson
  2. 2. • Microservice • Use case – NFV • Kubernetes • Proposed Architecture • Demo • Q&A Agenda
  3. 3. Microservice Architecture • Pattern that helps break down monolithic software into smaller independent modules • Enables exploiting the real power of elasticity • Enables scaling and high availability of these modules at a granular level • Application containers help you enable Microservices and host these modules
  4. 4. • Containers • Virtualization methodology • OS Kernel allows for multiple isolated user space • Isolation by concepts like Cgroups and namespaces • Cgroups provides ability to • limit, account and isolate resource usage of process groups. Resource includes CPU, memory, disk I/O • prioritize resources • Control that includes freeze, checkpoint and restarts • Namespace partitions key kernel structure to create environment that include process, network, IPC, mount points, hostname and user Microservice enabler - Containers
  5. 5. Microservice and NFV - NFVi platform provides the infrastructure for VNF - NFVi needs to host VNF from different vendors - VNF would come in different flavours - It is key that NFVi supports containers and manages the container ecosystem
  6. 6. • Popular ones in the market • Kubernetes - Google • Mesos - Mesosphere • Nomad - Hasicorp • Docker Swarm - Docker • Cloud Foundry - Pivotal • Openshift – Redhat Container management landscape
  7. 7. Kubernetes and Microservice Current trend Monolithic > Microservice > Docker > How to manage > Kubernetes Source: Openstack User survey report, Apr 2016
  8. 8. • Kubernetes (K8S) is a container cluster management tool • K8S helps you realize the microservice architecture • Openstack:VM::Kubernetes :Containers Kubernetes
  9. 9. • Components of Kubernetes • Master -> Server with the K8S API service • Pod -> Defines a collection of containers tied together that are deployed in the same minion, for example a database and a web server container. • Replication controller -> Defines how many pods or containers need to be running. The containers are scheduled across multiple minions. • Service -> A definition that allows discovery of services/ports published by containers, and external proxy communications. A service maps the ports of the containers running on pods across multiple minions to externally accesible ports. • Kubecfg -> The command line client that connects to the master to administer Kubernetes. Kubernetes
  10. 10. Neutron Plugin or Gluon/Proton Linux Linux Linux Linux Kubernetes Datacenter Hardware Linux OpenStack OVS App OrchestrationSystems OpenStack APIs OpenDayLight Kubernetes APIs CNI Plugin KVM KVM ContainerRT Container RT App App App VM Application Container Application Proposed Architecture
  11. 11. • Magnum – API to manage multitenant Containers • Supports Swarm, Kuberenetes and Mesos • Kolla – Openstack control services as containers • Murano – Application catalog of containerized applications • Kuryr – Bridges neuton networking model to containers Containers and Openstack
  12. 12. DEMO Information
  13. 13. vhost VM Open vSwitch Container OpenDaylight Kubernetes Master Kubelet CNI Plugin Server 1 Server 2 Kubelet CNI PluginContainer VM veth Container Container veth phy phy Open vSwitch vhost OpenStack Demo Setup
  14. 14. Open vSwitch Host OS Open vSwitch VM Container App Container App Container App VLAN’s Openstack Magnum OpenDaylight Kubernetes / Docker Kuryr Neutron / Gluon Container App Container App Container App Container Mgt (docker, kube-pxy) Iptables / NAT/FW Integrated Native Moving forward
  15. 15. New beginning …