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Tata history present

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  3. 3. Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomeratecompany headquartered inMumbai, Maharashtra, India.Tata Group operates more than 80 companiesranging from software and automobiles tosteel, consumer goods and telecommunications.With above 424,365 employees across India, it is thenations largest private employer.INTRODUCTION
  4. 4. The 2009, annual survey by the Reputation Instituteranked Tata Group as the 11th most reputablecompany in the world.The group takes the name of its founder, JamsedjiTata, a member of whose family has almost invariablybeen the chairman of the group. The currentchairman of the Tata group is Ratan Tata, who tookover from J. R. D. Tata in 1991.Continue……..
  6. 6. Deep rooted historyEXPANSION1990 onwardsCONSOLIDATION1932-89FOUNDATION1868-1931Ratan TataCyrus mistri
  7. 7. The beginnings of the Tata Group can be traced back to1868, when Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata established a tradingcompany dealing in cotton in Bombay (now Mumbai), BritishIndia.This was followed by the installation of Empress Mills in Nagpurin 1877. Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay (now Mumbai) was openedfor business in 1903.Sir Dorab Tata, the eldest son of Jamsetji became the chairmanof the group after his fathers death in 1904. Under him, thegroup ventured into steel production (1905) and hydroelectricpower generation(1910).HISTORY
  8. 8. After the death of Dorab Tata in 1934, Nowroji Saklatwalaheaded the group till 1938. He was succeeded by JahangirRatanji Dadabhoy Tata.The group expanded significantly under him with theestablishment of Tata Chemicals (1939), Tata Motors andTata Industries (both 1945), Voltas (1954), Tata Tea(1962), Tata Consultancy Services (1968) and TitanIndustries (1984).Ratan Tata, the incumbent chairman of the groupsucceeded JRD Tata in 1991.Cont………
  9. 9. Tata group encompasses seven business sectors:communications and informationtechnology, engineering, materials, services, energy, consumer products and chemicals.Different groups of tata
  10. 10. Tata group has spread itself in various sectors:- theyare ENGINEERING:- Tata products, Voltas consumerelectronic co. ENERGY AND POWER. CHEMICALS:- Rallis India, Tata Pigments. SERVICES:- The Indian hotels co., Tata Assetmanagement.TATA GROUP
  11. 11.  COMSUMER PRODUCTS:- Tata Salt, Tata sky. INFORMATION SYSTEM: - Nelco, TCS. PHILANTHROPHY & NATION BUILDING: - TATAMemorial Hospitals, Indian Institute Of Sciences. AUTOMOBLIE SECTOR: -TATA MOTORS
  12. 12. The TATA group restructuring involved varioussteps such as building Tata Brand, Reviving itsmanagerial recruitment and retaining practices(through,reviving TAS), changing the portfolio ofbusiness lines, and most importantly making thegroup more cohesive and controllable.Strategies of TATA
  13. 13. • An increased complexity in the cross holdingsamong group companies is a classic countertakeover defense strategy.• As we see that TATA group companies haveincreased their investment in other groupcompanies at a rapid pace compared to the slowrise in their dividend payments.Cond……
  14. 14. An increase in the cross holding structure of groupcompanies combined structure s provided amechanism for the TATA group to control firmswithin the group without necessarily havingsignificant equity investment. We found that thegroup has indeed achieved higher control.Cond……
  15. 15. 2000 Tata Tea acquires The Tetley Group Ltd., UK2001 TATA-AIG marks the Tata re-entry into insurance.2005 Tata Steel acquires Singapore-based steel company NatSteel by subscribingto 100 per cent equity of its subsidiary.2007 Tata Steel purchased a 100% stake in the Corus group at 608 pence share in all cashdeal.2009 TRF acquires UK-based Hewitt Robins International.Mergers and Acquisitions
  16. 16. 2008: Jaguar and land rover BrandsFebruary 2000 – Tetley Tea Company, $407 millionMarch 2004 – Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company, $102 millionAugust 2004 – NatSteels Steel business, $292 millionNovember 2004 – Tyco Global Network, $130 millionJuly 2005 – Teleglobe International Holdings, $239 millionOctober 2005 – Good Earth CorporationDecember 2005 – Millennium Steel, Thailand, $167 millionDecember 2005 – Brunner Mond Chemicals, $120 millionJune 2006 – Eight OClock Coffee, $220 millionNovember 2006 – Ritz Carlton Boston, $170 millionJan 2007 – Corus Group, $12 billionMarch 2007 – PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) (Bumi Resources), $1.1 billionApril 2007 – Campton Place Hotel, San Francisco, $60 millionJanuary 2008 – Imacid Chemical Company, Morocco[12]February 2008 – General Chemical Industrial Products, $1 billionMarch 2008 – Jaguar Cars and Land Rover, $2.3 billionMarch 2008 – Serviplem SA, SpainApril 2008 – Comoplesa Lebrero SA, SpainMay 2008 – Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A., ItalyJune 2008 – China Enterprise Communications, ChinaJune 2008 – Neotel, South AfricaOctober 2008 – Miljo Grenland / Innovasjon, Norway
  17. 17. On the occasion of Indias 50th Republic Day on 26January 2000, Ratan Tata was honored with thePadma Bhushan.In February 2004, Ratan Tata was conferred the titleof honorary economic advisor to Hangzhou city in theZhejiang province of China.He was listed among the 25 most powerful people inbusiness named by Fortune magazine in November2007.AWARDS AND RECOGNATION
  18. 18. In May 2008 Mr. Tata made it to the Time magazines2008 list of the Worlds 100 most influential people.The international brand consultancy Brand Financehas ranked the $68-billion conglomerate, TataGroup, as 50th most valuable brand in the world.
  19. 19.  Tata looks at innovation as a strategic approach to global growth andhas adopted a three-pronged strategy to encourage it. The three key drivers are better communication and recognition ofinnovative ideas and efforts; facilities for learning from other companies;and support for collaborative research and partnerships with academicinstitutions. Communication and recognition a number of initiatives have beenlaunched to spread the message of innovation and recogniseinnovators:Tata Group Innovation Forum (TGIF): The role of TGIF members is to assist their companies in experimentingwith ideas, propagate the relevant ones and spread them through theenterpriseTATA Innovation
  20. 20. The Tata Group has helped establish and financenumerous quality research, educational and culturalinstitutes in India.The Tata Group was awarded theCarnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2007 in recognitionof the groups long history of philanthropicactivities.Some of the institutes established by theTata Group are:Philanthropy
  21. 21. Tata Institute of Fundamental ResearchTata Institute of Social SciencesIndian Institute of ScienceNational Centre for Performing ArtsTata Management Training CentreTata Memorial HospitalTata Football AcademyTata Cricket AcademyTata Trusts, a group of philanthropic organisations run by the head of thebusiness conglomerate Tata Sons[17]The JRD Tata Ecotechnology CentreThe Energy and Resources Institute (earlier known as Tata Energy andResearch Institute) – a non governmental research institute.
  22. 22. The Tata Group has donated a Rs. 220 crore($50 million) to the prestigious Harvard BusinessSchool (HBS) to build an academic and a residentialbuilding on the institute’s campus in Boston,Massachusetts. The new building will be called theTata Hall and used for the institute’s executiveeducation programmes.[18] The amount is the largestfrom an international donor in the business schools102-year-old existence.
  23. 23. Apart from success there are also some controverciesassociated with tata groups some are:Kalinganagar CONTROVERCIES,Orissa Dow Chemicals,Land acquisition in Singur ,Dhamra PortSoda extraction plant in TanzaniaCONTROVERCIES AND CRITICISM
  24. 24. Tata Nano Singur Controversy refers to thecontroversy generated by land acquisition of theproposed Nano factory of Tata Motors at [Singur] inHooghly district, West Bengal, India.Singur controversy
  25. 25. On 2 January 2006, policemen atKalinganagar, Orissa, opened fire at a crowd of tribalvillagers. The villagers were protesting theconstruction of a compound wall on land historicallyowned by them, for a Tata steel plant. Some of thecorpses were returned to the families in a mutilatedcondition. When pushed for comment, TATA officialssaid the incident was unfortunate but that it wouldcontinue with its plans to set up the plant.Kalinagar controversy
  26. 26. In November 2006, survivors of the Bhopal gas disasterwere outraged by Ratan Tata’s offer to bail out UnionCarbide and facilitate investments by Carbide’s new ownerDow Chemical. Tata had proposed leading a charitableeffort to clean-up the toxic wastes abandoned by Carbidein Bhopal. At a time when the Government of India hasheld Dow Chemical liable for the clean-up and requestedRs. 100 crores from the American MNC, survivor’s groupsfelt that Tata’s offer was aimed at frustrating legal effortsto hold the company liable, and motivated by a desire tofacilitate Dow’s investments in India.[27]Orissa Dow Chemicals,
  27. 27. The Dhamra port, a venture between Tata Steel and Larsen &Toubro, has come in for criticism for its proximity to theGahirmatha Sanctuary and Bhitarkanika National Park, fromIndian and international organisations, including Greenpeace..TATA officials have denied that the port poses an ecologicalthreat, and stated that mitigation measures are being employedwith the advice of the IUCN. On the other hand, conservationorganisations, including Greenpeace, have pointed out that noproper Environment Impact Analysis has been done for theproject, which has undergone changes in size and specificationssince it was first proposed and that the port could interfere withmass nesting at the Gahirmtha beaches and the ecology of theBitharkanika mangrove forest.Dhamra Port
  28. 28. Tata group, along with a Tanzanian company, joined forces to build a sodaash extraction plant in Tanzania.[40] The Tanzanian government is all for theproject.[40] On the other hand, environmental activists are opposing theplant because it would be near Lake Natron, and it could possibly affect thelakes ecosystem and its neighbouring dwellers.[41]Tata was planning to change the site of the plant so it would be built 32 kmfrom the lake, but the opposition still thinks it would negatively disturb theenvironment.[41] It could also jeopardise the Lesser Flamingo birdsthere, which are already endangered. Lake Natron is where two thirds ofLesser Flamingos reproduce.[42] Producing soda ash involves drawing outsalt water from the lake, and then disposing the water back to the lake. Thisprocess could interrupt the chemical make up of the lake.[40] Twenty-twoAfrican nations are against the creation of the project and have signed apetition to stop its construction.[40]Soda extraction plant in Tanzania
  29. 29. Soda extraction plant in Tanzania
  30. 30. Type PrivateIndustry ConglomerateFounded 1868Founder(s) Jamsetji TataHeadquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaArea served WorldwideKey peopleRatan Tata(chairman)Cyrus Pallonji Mistry(Deputy Chairman)[1]ProductsAutomotive, steel, IT services, electricity generation,chemicals, beverages, telecom, hotels, financial services,consumer goods, retailing, engineering goodsRevenue US$ 83.3 billion (2010-11)[2]Profit US$ 5.8 billion (2010-11)[2]Total assets US$ 68.9 billion (2010-11)[2]Owner(s) Tata SonsEmployees 424,365 (2010-11)[2]Subsidiaries List of subsidiaries
  31. 31. Its TATA every where !!!‘TATA’ in your life!!!What makes you lick your fingertips, but of courseTATA SALT.What makes your costumes neat and clean?TATA SHUDH.What gives a foundation to your dreams?TATA FINANCE.What makes you feel fresh?TATA HAMAM.
  32. 32. What helps you to prosper?TATA YELLOW PAGES.What/Who increases your valuable treasure?TATA McGraw-HILL PUBLISHERS.The producer of MISS WORLD & MISS UNIVERSE from INDIATATA LAKME.What beeps next to your heart?TATA CELLULAR.What makes the world within your reach?TATA TELE.
  33. 33. What makes you more relaxed other than your wife/spouse?TAJ RESORTS.What keeps you on the move?TATA ENGINEERING & LOCOMOTIVE.What protects you from disease?TATA PHARMA.What makes you punctual?TITAN.Who gives you a roof over your head?TATA HOUSING.