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3 d internet(final)


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you can see the topic of 3d internet it will help for you at the time of presentation

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3 d internet(final)

  2. 2. • Introduction • What is 3D Internet? • Why 3D Internet? • History • Advantages • Disadvantages • Applications • Examples of 3D technology • Conclusion • References CONTENTS
  3. 3. • The internet is evolving to become to de- facto cyberspace. • The 3D internet is one of the most important technologies. • Virtual world or virtual reality . • new way to reach consumers ,business customers ,students etc. • 3D internet is actually a much better alternative way of organizing data which every one knows and uses. INTRODUCTION
  4. 4. • Combination of two powerful forces Internet 3D Graphics • The result : Interactive ,real time 3D graphics delivered over the web WHAT IS 3D INTERNET?
  5. 5. • Interesting 3D Shopping. • Easy social interactions. • To represent interior design effectively. • Gaming made more interesting. • Distance learning is a joyous experience. Why 3D Internet?
  6. 6. Web 1.0 Web2.0 Web 3.0 Functionality Companies publish limited webpages for large num of users.. People publish info for other users.. Integaration of data over the internet from various means.. Usage for graphics for windows.. for news YOUTUBE Flickr Wikipedia Integration of devices : cellphones, cars etc.. High Accessibility Extensibility Upto ‘n’ users Upto ‘n’ users Upto ‘n2’ users  ONE WEB : same info for all users irrespective of all aspects…  Semantic WEB : linked data… linked devices.. linked people
  8. 8. • Participants have control throughout the virtual space. • Content readily available. • Participants have a choice in whether to interact with an offering. • Open source development. • Realistic rendering ADVANTAGES
  9. 9. • The limited effectiveness of traditional media techniques. • Lack of an effective way for enabling people in virtual world. • Difficult in modeling , high cost. • Require high internet speed. • Difficulty in viewing 3D objects in 2D display devices. DISADVANTAGES
  10. 10. E-commerce • Product visualization • 3D virtual shop • Interact in virtual workspace • 3D chat spaces Education • Web based training using interactive 3D • Virtual experimental of physical science (tech learn and practice in a way that’s feel ”real”)
  11. 11. Collaborative design and engineering • Architecture • Product design • 3D visualization of data for various field. Entertainment • Multi-player ,fully 3D game • Streaming 3D animation Contd….. 24 meters 12 images
  12. 12.  Google goggles • Used for 3D imaging • Any one putting “the goggles” Will be immersed in a 3D “stereoVision” • virtual reality called 3D life
  13. 13.  3D Shopping • User can navigate easily throughout mall. • Find themselves into virtual shopping envi. • Time saving approach. Contd…
  14. 14. Contd…… 3D mouse • Time saving • Easy to handle • Increased design performance Vision station • Display device used in 3D internet • It uses a computer display technology • that provide 180 degree of viewing angle to its users
  16. 16. 3D internet is a step ahead to future which could serve for not only as metaverse but will change the way we perceive internet of today. Conclusion
  17. 17. • • • • • References