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    t{]w-N-µv                                               ]p-Xn-b Nn-cn: kp-cm-Pv

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suraj orjinal


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suraj orjinal

  1. 1. aebm-f-Øn-s‚ t{]w-N-µv ]p-Xn-b Nn-cn: kp-cm-Pv "H¿-Pn-¬' ]p-Xn-sbm-cp m-b-I-s Aw-Ko-I-cn-°p-I-sb-∂ h-f-sc _p-≤n-ap-´p-≈ H-cp Xo-cp-am--Øn-v a-e-bm-fn-I-sf n¿-_-‘n-X-cm-°n-bn-cn-°- bm-Wv kp-cm-Pv sh-™m-d-Ωq-Sv ˛ 2009se H-cp "kw-`-h'am-Wv kp-cm-Pn-s‚ Xm-tcm-Z-bw "Uyq πn-t°-‰v' F-ß-s-bp-≠m-Ipw F-∂ tNm-Zy-Øn-v kp- cm-Pn-v H-cp-Ø-c-ta D-≠m-bn-cp-∂p-≈q ˛ A-sXm-cp "kw- `h'am-bn-cn-°pw; ln-‰m-bm-epw ^v-tfm-∏m-bm-epw! a-e-bm-f-Øn- s‚ ]p-Xn-b Nn-cn-bm-bn A-h-X-cn-®n-´p-≈ kp-cm-Pv sh-™m-d-Ωq-Sv n-›-b-am-bpw a-e-bm-f kn-n-a-bn¬ H-cp "kw-`-h'am-bn am-dn- s°m-≠n-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv. "Uyq-πn-t°-‰v' A-Xv sX-fn-bn-°p-I-bpw sN-øp-∂p-˛ "H¿-Pn--em'bn.- Hcp a-l-Øm-b kn-n-a-sbm-∂p-a-√ "Uyq-πn-t°-‰v'. H-c-h-Im- ihm-Z-hp-an-√m-sX I-S-∂p-h-cp-∂ Nn-{Xw. Xn-tb-‰-dn¬ sN-∂n-cn- °p-∂ a-Wn-°q-dp-I-fn-se Nn-cn am-{Xw e-£y-an-´v F-Øn-b Uyq- πn-t°-‰n-s‚ {]-[m- B-I¿-j-Ww kp-cm-Pv sh-™m-d-Ωq-Sv m-b- Im-Ip-∂p F-∂ hm¿-Ø-bm-Wv. ]-t£, Nn-{Xw ]p-d-Øp-h-∂- t∏mƒ kp-cm-Pv Xm≥ Uyq-πn-t°-‰v m-b-I--√ F-∂p sX-fn-bn- ®p. km-[m-c-W-°m-cp-sS Xm-c-am-Wv kp-cm-Pv. A-h¿-°v sF- U‚n-ss^ sN-øm-hp-∂ H-cmƒ. kp-cm-Pn-te-°p-≈ Zq-cw Ip- dhm-Wv. kp-cm-Pn-v _-ew-]n-Sn-Ø-hpw Ip-d-hm-Wv. kp-cm-Pn- s‚ Nn-cn-bp-sS B-I¿-j-Wo-b-X-bp-sS A-Sn-ÿm--hpw CXp-X-s∂.- PKXn-°p-ti-jw Bcv F-∂Xn-s‚ D-Øcw-Iq-SnbmWv kpcm- Pv C-∂v. Xn-tb-‰dn¬ C-∂v G-Xp Xmcw hcptºm-gp-ap≈Xns- °mƒ B-chw kp-cm-Pv hcptºmƒ Im-Wmmhp-∂p F∂Xp-X s∂-bm-Wv B Xm-cw PlrZbßfn¬ F{Xam-{Xw B-≠n-dßn bn-´p-≠v F-∂Xn-s‚ DØcw. H¿-Pn-epIƒ-t° C-Xv km[y-am- hq. R-cºp-Iƒ h-en-®pap-dp-°ns°-´n S°p-∂ aebmfnIsf Nn-cn-∏n-°p-Isb-∂ ITn-am-b Zu-XyØn-epw hn-Pbwhcn® kp cm-Pn-v C-n F-ßs-bpw ap-t∂m-´p-t]m-Im-mhpw. A-l¶m-cw Xebn¬-t°-dn ho-Wp-t]m-Im-sX kq-£n-®m¬-aXn. a-ebm-f kn- n-abn-se "cm-Pam-WnIyw' ssi-en-bpsS D-]⁄m-Xmhnv A`n-hm-Zy-߃. - Feedback: Printed and Published by M.J.Vijaya Padman for The Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing Company Limited, Kozhikode at The Mathrubhumi M.M. Press, Cherootty Road, Kozhikode-673 001. Managing Editor: P.V.Chandran, Editor: K.K.Sreedharan Nair (Editor responsible for selection of contents under PRB Act).