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Product Benefits
• Increases fuel efficiency up to 25%
• Prolongs engine life
• Enhances horsepower and performance
• Reduces emissions by up to 33%

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New product presentation,prem-9238014101,

  1. 1. Global India
  2. 2. In modern times the world is facing many challenges. Two major concerns forallthe people and all the countriesright now are :1)Sharp Rising Fuel Price2) Environmental PollutionGlobal India
  3. 3. Have a look into the chart. Fuel Price is rising sharply Experts say the price may rise 7 $ per Gallon by 2020 Harvard Kennedy School, Science and International Affairs “…may require gas prices greater than $7/gallon by 2020.”Global India
  4. 4. Millions of vehicles and industries release harmful emissions to the environment every day around the world. This has created serious health hazards to mankind .Global India
  5. 5. Global India
  6. 6. We can Now fight back the Rising fuel price and Pollution by a Patent, Proven and Time tested product named XFT or Xtreme Fuel Treatment introduced by Syntek Global in the Global Fuel Industry.Global India
  7. 7. XFT – Extreme Fuel Treatment is a Proven FuelAdditive that gives 4 powerful benefits:•Saves Diesel/Petrol up to 25%•Reduce harmful emission up to 33%•Prolongs engine life & Reduce Repair Cost•Increase horsepower and performance of the VehicleGlobal India
  8. 8. Where did it come from? One MINOR Problem!Space rockets were exploding becausefuel would not burn evenlyGlobal India
  9. 9. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1973 was The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1973 wasawarded jointly to Ernst Otto Fischer awarded jointly to Ernst Otto Fischerand Geoffrey Wilkinson "for their and Geoffrey Wilkinson "for theirpioneering pioneering work, work, performed performedindependently, on the chemistry of the independently, on the chemistry of theOrganometallic,, so calledOrganometallic so called Wilkinson Fischersandwich compounds" sandwich compounds"Global India
  10. 10. What is it?A special, man-made compound referredto as a sandwich molecule. (organic substanceon the outside and a metallic substance on the inside)These materials are produced through a verycomplex process and are very stable, metallicsubstances that function as a catalyst topromote a combustion-related chemicalreaction. Global India
  11. 11. - Discovered in 1951- Nobel Prize 1973- Original Patent 1986- Multiple PatentUpdates- General Public 2009Global India
  12. 12. Without Xtreme Fuel With Xtreme Fuel Treatment Treatment Burn Rate Burn Rate Modifier. Reduced Modifier. ReducedLarge Partial ignition ignition The fuel Quickerfuel Before time with time with droplets are After and more more like a Completedroplets Fuel better better mist or a fog Fuel Burn Burn combustion combustion XFT contains a compound which makes your fuel ignite quicker in your engine - creating a longer, better burn of the fuel. This means that you actually burn more of the injected fuel- whereas most vehicles waste a good portion of unused fuel as exhaust. By Using XFT, you get more efficiency out of theGlobal India
  13. 13. Fuel Stabilizer: Prolongs life of fuel Lubricants: Pumps, Injectors, Pistons 5 Detergents: Cleans and Maintains Demulsifier: Separates water from fuel Polymerization Retardants: Solid Formation Corrosion Inhibitor: Rust removalGlobal India
  14. 14. Stabilizer--Prolongs life of fuelGlobal India
  15. 15. Lubricant--Pumps and InjectorsGlobal India
  16. 16. Detergents--Clean and MaintainGlobal India
  17. 17. Demulsifies--Separate water from fuelGlobal India
  18. 18. Polymerization Retardants Reduce Solid FormationGlobal India
  19. 19. Corrosion Inhibitors--Rust RemovalGlobal India
  20. 20. • What makes our product different? • Concentration of product and other ingredients. • $60.00 VS. ¼ OZ. $3.50Global India
  21. 21. Lower maintenance costs 15,000 HOURS ON THESE PISTONS—EXTENDED TO 25.000 HOURSGlobal India
  22. 22. Smoke reductionGlobal India
  23. 23. PT PAMA The world’s largest mining contractor PT PAMA treats approximately 150 million gallons of fuel every year with XFT, and they have been for 15 years. According to their records, this saves them over $17 million in repairs alone, NOT including fuel savings!Global India
  24. 24. Because of the effectiveness of XFT ,it is being used in many countries all over the world in thousands of vehicle in every single dayGlobal India
  25. 25. XFT is 100% safe for your engine. It is proven for the past 23 years. So far no one has claimed to have engine damage For this  refer to the letter of Mr.John Winterholler, CEO of the company.Global India
  26. 26. XFT: Fuel Additive For Petrol & Diesel Engines• Cars• Pickups• Heavy Trucks• Buses• Motor cylces• Generators• Farm Equipment• ConstructionEquipment• Mining EquipmentGlobal India
  27. 27. Date Odometer at Fill- Odometer Miles Gallons Used MPG Where fuel Comments Up Next Fill-Up Traveled Miles / Gal purchasedBefore XFTWith XFT Global India
  28. 28. Global India
  29. 29. How Much Can You Save?Example: Petrol Car•Motorist drives 1000 km•Based on 15km per liter (City driving )•Liters used: 66.66 liters•Cost: 70 per liter = Rs 4666/-•With XFT 25% extra mileage = 250 km•XFT used: 06.66 ml = Rs 200/- Approx.•Fuel Cost for 250 km = Rs 1167/-•Savings: (1167 – 200 = 967) Rs 967/-Per Month or 14.5 Per Litre•PLUS: Reduced maintenance cost•PLUS: Reduces your vehicle emissions by up to 33% Global India
  30. 30. How Much Can You Save?Example: Diesel Car•Motorist drives 1000 km•Based on 10 km per liter (City driving )•Liters used: 100 liters•Cost: 50 per liter = Rs 5000/-•With XFT 25% extra mileage = 250 km•XFT used: 10 ml = Rs 300/- Approx.•Fuel Cost for 250 km = Rs 1250/-•Savings: (1250 – 300 = 950 ) Rs 950/- Per Month or 9.5 Per Litre•PLUS: Reduced maintenance cost•PLUS: Reduces your vehicle emissions by up to 33% Global India
  31. 31. Order XFT Fill up with XFT Save at the Pump SAVE $ Money Back Guarantee!Xtreme Fuel Treatment has a 30-day, Money BackGuarantee to make it easy to try the product for the firsttime. Syntek Global is confident that if used correctly, XFTwill produce the desired results. And is willing to put theirmoney where their mouth is ! If after you have used theproduct for at least the recommended period of time, andyou see no results, the company will refund your money!Global India
  32. 32. Using XFT Not Using XFTSaves money on Diesel and •Saves no money at all on DieselPetrol up to 25% every time and Petrol ever. Gets relief from Price rise. • Gets no relief from Price rise .Prolongs engine life and saves •Engine life is shortened. Spendmoney on maintenance more money on maintenance.Reduces harmful emission •Releases more harmful emissionup to 33% to environmentGlobal India
  33. 33. So it is wise to be a XFT user and Save Money on FuelGlobal India
  34. 34. Share XFT with OTHERSGlobal India
  35. 35. Global India
  36. 36. Global India