Sample performance evaluations commentsEmployee Performance appraisals or reviews as they are called or more than just a p...
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Sample performance evaluations comments


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Sample performance evaluations comments

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Sample performance evaluations comments

  1. 1. Sample performance evaluations commentsEmployee Performance appraisals or reviews as they are called or more than just a pieceof paper or formality to most employees. Surveys say that employees want recognitionand open lines of communication with their peers and their boss more than they wanthigher pay or larger bonuses. The yearly performance appraisal is the managers tool torecognize and to motivate them for the next years goals.Have the employee fill out their key accomplishments for the year and their feedback onwhat they did well, and what they could have done better prior to the review. Read thisbefore doing any formal evaluation. This will give you a peek into their mindset and thetasks from their viewpoint. Sometimes as managers or leaders we are not involved in thedaily tasks and are only brought in when the task goes south or is in trouble. Thisinformation allows the employee to think about the year and what milestones orrockslides they encountered. Call it a refresher if you will, but it will get them in theframe of mind for a review.When doing the review use these items as discussion points. Let me them tell you whatthey believe to be their opportunities for growth and what they feel their strengths are.This takes some of the pressure off of you the manager and most employees know whatthey are good at and what they arent. If the employee is having trouble with parts of theirrole or function, ask them what you can do to help them or get them more comfortablewith that part of their job.If you have negative points that have to be discussed or problem areas with the employee,determine a detailed action plan to make the negatives positive over the next cycle. If youtake a partnership approach to performance appraisals you will encourage them to take anactive role in their development and you will see improved results. If you look at theperformance review as a chore and just a formality you are missing a great opportunity tolearn more about the people who work for you.Happy Employees = Happy Management! : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.