Sloodle Project Presentation


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Sloodle presentation at Temasek Poly-Specialist Diploma in Interactive Edutainment.

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Sloodle Project Presentation

  1. 1. Across the Universe……. to the…… the Metaverse M Multi- U User V Virtual E Environments
  2. 2. The focus of this project… • Using M.U.V.E in Teaching and Learning… (this would never end!...too many strategies with too many players) • Using M.U.V.E for collaborative design (which should I focus in getting results with? ..2ndLife is is popular…hmmm…) • Using SLOODLE platform for collaborative design. (finally!...some direction!) 1) Experiment with SLOODLE environment 2) Replicate Virtual Design Studio for 3D modelling in SLOODLE
  3. 3. Using SLOODLE platform for collaborative design. 1) Experiment with SLOODLE environment 2) Replicate Virtual Design Studio for 3D modelling in SLOODLE for COLLABORATIVE design COLLABORATIVE: 2 or more users in the same VIRTUAL environment designing concurrently. Limitations of current 2nd Life Platform: We have inbuilt PRIMS in 2nd Life Interface However complexity is limited.
  4. 4. Sculpting “Prims” in 2ndLife Limitations: Only Standard Shapes, does not allow customisable complex 3D forms Possible solution? Turn to 3rd Party software that can create complex 3D forms that can be imported into 2nd Life. $ Plug-in for MAYA: Free ware?:
  5. 5. Using as a M.U.V.E Environment Multi-User Virtual for Collaborative Design
  6. 6. Why Sloodle (Moodle meets 2nd Life)? • Pedagogy 2.0 (made possible courtesy of web 2.0 architecture)…..students customizing their own education… ITERACTIVE & IMMERSIVE= ENGAGING! • Social constructivism-active participation of students (learning from each other!) • Moodle allows STRUCTURED lessons and monitoring of assignments submitted. 2nd Life gives aspect of IMMERSION • Learning happens outside the classroom even after school!
  7. 7. Setting Up Sloodle(v0.3) Module in Moodle(v1.8 or 1.9) Sloodle Controller “Prim” Chat Quiz Drop
  8. 8. Walk through of Sloodle Design Environment Interactive(Clickable )Learning Objects in 2nd Life Environment • Toolbar • Webintercom • Quiz Chair • Pile on Quiz • Prim Drop • Choice
  9. 9. What can 2nd Life do? …………………specially for those of us without a life…
  10. 10. Crafting a Lesson using Sloodle • Pedagogy 2.0- Social Constructivism using Digital Tools • Treasure Hunt in a Digital Virtual Landscape
  11. 11. Why do this? ……………….WHY? WHY? WHY?WHY • Digital Tools are become more pervasive as a medium of expression • Pedagogy has to crafted INTO student’s lifestyle… • To capitalise on the TRUE potential and worth of the digital medium…if a lesson can conducted just as effectively without the medium, then why use the medium? Whats so special about 2nd life? To overcome physical barriers allowing users to enter a shared immersive environment to interact in.
  12. 12. Comparing Paradigms
  13. 13. Content features for Sloodle Environment • Blogs • Video • Podcasting • Chatting • Interactive 3D animations
  14. 14. The Future for
  15. 15. This project would not have been possible if not for.. • Mr Rick Toh for helping install the SLOODLE module and keeping the MOODLE server alive. • Mr Andrew Tan, Mr Douglas Finnigan,Mr Joshua Liew for granting access to TP island to set up SLOODLE. • The developers of SOODLE for having documentation.
  16. 16. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.