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Design Imitating Art imitating Life


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Design Imitating Art imitating Life

  1. 1. DESIGN Imitating ART…. Imitating LIFE….
  2. 2. What makes ART different from DESIGN? Design can aspire to be Art but can Art serve the functionality of design?
  3. 3. Or can functionality be disguised in the aesthetics of Art?? Function Form Formtion The “marrying” of Follows Follows Function Form Function with Form FORMTION
  4. 4. Mother Nature is the divine designer perhaps we have to look to nature for inspiration- Bio-mimicry?
  5. 5. Post-Modernist Design Replacing objects of Need by Creating objects Desir of______ e Creating Design that makes a statement about…?
  6. 6. PRODUCT DESIGN imitating Fashion Design FORMTION
  7. 7. Function Form Follows Or Follows Form Function OR IS IT A SYNERGY OF THE TWO? 1+ 1= 3 The WHOLE is greater than the SUM of its parts THE HOLE is greater than the SOME of its parts Seeing the possibilities in things where to others there are none FORM + FUNCTION= FORMTION
  8. 8. A Future for DESIGN or A Designed Future? Are we taking design places or is design controlling us?? Concerns to address?- 1) Sustainable design 2) Usability of products 3) Experience design 4) Design to elevate human consciousness- Post-Modern design: Questioning our very assumptions of how products should function: Should Products fit humans or Humans fit products?
  9. 9. Questioning our  assumptions?
  10. 10. Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists STEAL….?!! ____ Pablo Picasso Its not where you take things FROM… It is where you take them TO… __ Jean-Luc GoDard
  11. 11. A labourer works with his hands A craftsman works with his hands and his head An artist works with his hands, his head …and his heart
  12. 12. You can find inspiration in anything ….and everything Its all in the way we  see things and we all see  things differently Find your muse… To light your fuse