The Triumph of a Human Being


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Now, belief is okay, but you give it much more credence than it deserves. Knowing deserves the credence you give to belief. Knowing is certain. It’s clear. There are no ambiguities, no hypotheses. This is what happened. But when you don’t know, is belief sufficient?

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The Triumph of a Human Being

  1. 1. The Triumph of a Human Being Have you ever heard someone say, “You won’t believe what just happened to me”? We hear this and think, “Somebody’s going to tell me something thathappened to them, but why are they saying, ‘You won’tbelieve what just happened to me’?” The keyword isbelieve because if you had been there, you would knowand not have to believe.Now, belief is okay, but you give it much more credencethan it deserves. Knowing deserves the credence you giveto belief. Knowing is certain. It’s clear. There are noambiguities, no hypotheses. This is what happened. Butwhen you don’t know, is belief sufficient?I can just imagine a long time ago, a person standing on aridge, looking at the stars, wondering: “Who am I? Whyam I here? What is this all about?”
  2. 2. I call these the questions. Even though since then therehave been a myriad of religions, textbooks, stories, ideas,philosophies, wars, contemplation, inventions, explorationof outer space, these questions still exist. They are asked inone way or the other by every human being. Maybethey’re asked in times of trouble or in times of plenty—butthey are asked. Until these have been answered for you personally in a clear, concise way, you will not understand the need you have for peace, the need youhave to be happy. And once you understand that thedesire for peace is innate—not learned—you will pursueit.Ultimately, you came into this world and you’re going toleave this world. And you have a belief system. You do.And whether you have courage to hear it or not I have thecourage to tell you that you are here to experience heaven.You have always believed that heaven is something you’regoing to get to after you die, if you are good. You learnedthis. The desire for peace, to be happy, to be in joy—
  3. 3. nobody had to teach you. You have had this since youwere a little baby.You have been given this body—the ultimate experiencingmachine. That’s all it does all day long: “Wow. Beautiful.Hot, cold, soft.” If you were to make a list of the sounds,the smells, the tastes, the touches that it can appreciate—that list would be huge.You have this most incredible thing called life. All of asudden, you can move. You can understand. You candance. You can smile. You can cry. You can think. You canfeel. All this has come together, and while you are alive,you can know. And when you know, peace comes, thetruest joy comes. Your life has to evolve around knowing—not just believing. Clarity. Your life has to evolve aroundthis desire from your heart, from within you, to want toknow.What does your life want? People make all kinds of effort,“I have to do this, and I have to do this.” Then tragedystrikes, and they lose everything. Then they say, “I justwant to be happy.” Maybe that’s how it is supposed to be.The building block of your achievements needs to beginwith the achievement of peace, of joy. Build on it a toweras high as you want, and it’ll never fall down because it isbuilt on solid ground. It is tied to the most stable thing in
  4. 4. your life. You have taken care of the essentials in yourexistence. And then, having gratitude is natural. It’s not abelief, “I believe I’m happy.”Truth isn’t some mysterious thing sitting on top of themountain. Truth dances in you. Clarity is not somethingyou dig out of a goldmine. Clarity and understanding arenot buried somewhere; they are inside of you. They needto be evoked. They need to be invited into your life. Theyneed to be called upon; they need to be nurtured, theyneed to be truly invited and welcomed. All the answersyou want are inside of you. All the wealth you want isinside of you. All the wisdom of the ages is inside of you.Understand, accept—discover those things that are insideof you. When you experience that joy in your life, it issomething special. And when you experience peace, it isthe triumph of a human being. You have won every war.You have succeeded. The moment you feel peace, youhave fulfilled your destiny.Prem Rawat