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synopsis on customer viewpoint cooprativebank


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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synopsis on customer viewpoint cooprativebank

  1. 1. SYNOPSIS ON `“Customer’s viewpoint for Credit Policy of Co- operative Bank and Study of the Recovery Procedure” SUBMITTED BY Preety Bansal BBA 5TH SEM Roll No.:- 112261116 BABA FARID COLLEGE DEON (BATHINDA)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO TOPIC Title of study is “Customer’s viewpoint for Credit Policy of Co-operative Bank and Study of the Recovery Procedure” Co-operative Bank generally gives loan for short and medium term requirement in both rural and urban sectors.
  3. 3. NEED OF THE STUDY 1. Research study could give an idea of network expansion for capturing more market and customer with better services and lower cost without compromising with quality. 2. In future customer requirement could add with the product and services for getting the edge over competitors. 3. Different parameters could be used for the purpose of new products with extra benefits which are required by the customers. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. First objective is to find out various loan schemes provided by the bank. 2. To learn various aspects of loan provided by bank. 3. To know the problem faced by customers when obtaining the loan. Research Methodology Type of the study: Secondary data Surveys Sample Size: NO OF RESPONDENTS=50 Research approach: Survey method Research Instruments Questionnaire OR Financial Statements
  4. 4. QUESTIONNAIRE Name __________________ Age __________________________ Income_________________ Occupation____________________ Q1. Are you aware of various credit facilities of banks ? Yes No Q2. Which banks name comes to your mind first while availing credit facility ? Co-operative Bank HDFC Bank PNB Bank SBI Bank . Q3 Are you availing credit facility from any bank ? Yes No Q4. If yes, from which bank you are availing credit facility ? Co-operative Bank HDFC Bank PNB Bank SBI Bank Q5. Since when you are availing this facility. a) More than 3 year b) 2-3 years c) 1-2 years d) Less than 1 year Q6. Are you satisfied with your Co-operative Bank ? Yes No Q7. If no, then why? Intrest rate Services Employee behavior
  5. 5. Q8. According to you what is the main obstacle while getting finance under various credit facilities? a) Security b) Document Requirement c) Red Tapism d) Guarantee requirement e) Attitude of bank employees Q9. According to you arrange the parameters in the descending order of their preference? a) Interest Rate b) Collateral Security c) Services d) Attitude of field Officer e) Document required f) Validity period Q10. Have you heard about Co-operative Bank Card card? Yes No DETAILS OF TRAINING COMPANY NAME OF THE COMPANY: CENTRAL CO-OPRATIVE BANK NAME OF THE TRAINING GUIDE AT COMPANY: Mrs PARMJEET KAUR EMAIL ID OF THE TRAINING GUIDE: CONTACT PERSON:075894-26797