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Foreign banks in india


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Foreign banks in india

  1. 1. WHAT IS BANK?  A banker or bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers and to borrow and lend money.y. An institution where one can place and borrow money and take care of financial affairs ;A branch office of such an institution. The first modern bank was founded in Italy in Genoa in 1406, its name was ( bank of St. George)
  2. 2. Foreign banks are not new to the Indian banking sector. These banks have played an advancement in banking sector of India by introducing services of international standards in India. First foreign bank to start its operation in India was Standard Chartered bank in 1858. second bank was Citi bank which started in 1902. There are the following points related to foreign banks: • There are over 29 foreign banks that operate in India. • Foreign banks are also known for uprooting the unemployment in India by offering lot of job opportunities. • These banks have brought along with them the latest technologies and banking practices. • Areas of concentration are risk management, customizing the product and value creation. • New banks to be in India  Royal bank of Scotland  Switzerland’s UBS  US based GE capital  Credit Suisse group  Industrial and commercial bank of China
  3. 3. Services of Foreign Banks in India The Foreign Banks in India provide the following services under the different sections: Credit cards Debit cum ATM cards Touch Screen Banking Mobile Banking Online Payment of Bills Bank statements through Email Loans which include home loans, business loans, personal loans, overdrafts Internet Banking Prepaid Mobile Recharge Insurance services which include Health insurance, Life Insurance, insurance on home loans and travel insurance Investment Services which include Demat, Mutual Funds, and Deposits
  4. 4. List of Foreign Banks in India ABN-AMRO Bank Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Bank of Ceylon BNP Paribas Bank Citi Bank China Trust Commercial Bank Deutsche Bank HSBC JPMorgan Chase Bank Standard Chartered Bank Scotia Bank Taib Bank
  5. 5. Foreign bank loans Citi bank loans Deutsche bank loans HSBC bank loans RBS bank loans Foreign bank insurance Citi bank insurance Deutsche bank insurance HSBC bank insurance RBS bank insurance Foreign bank top services Citi bank commercial account Citi bank life insurance HSBC bank smart money account Deutsche bank life insurance Royal bank of Scotland account HSBC bank travel insurance American express Amex bank gold gold credit card Deutsche bank home loan
  6. 6. HSBC Bank 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Bank It is both the world's largest banking group and the world's 6th largest company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine. Founded in Hong Kong (1865) HSBC Holdings plc is a public limited company HSBC India, along with HSBC Investment product and HSBC Insurance, it offers international Gold Card and Classic Credit Cards from VISA and MasterCard and debit cards from Visa. HSBC in India gives 24 hour banking services, extensive network of ATMs, integrated Call Centre and also HSBC e-banking.
  7. 7. Products & Services 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Personal Banking Business Banking Corporate Banking Interest Rates, Service Charges and Fees HSBC Premier Private Banking Corporate Sustainability
  8. 8. Personal Banking 1 . Credit Cards 2 . Loans 3 . Bank Accounts 4 . NRI Services 5 . Insurance 6 . Investments & Financial Planning 7 . Internet and Self Service Banking 8 . Special Offers and Discounts Business Banking 1 . Business Banking Services 2 . Global Trade Solutions 3 . Cash Management 4 . Foreign Exchange Services 5 . Business Current Accounts 6 . Business Loans and Overdrafts 7 . Self Service Banking
  9. 9. Corporate and Institutional Banking 1 . Corporate Banking 2 . Treasury and Capital Markets 3 . Equities and Global Investment Banking 4 . Institutional Banking 5 . Global Payments and Cash management 6 . Trade and Factoring Services 7 . HSBC Securities Services
  10. 10. Revenue ▼ US$ 137.309 billion (2008) Operating income ▼ US$ 56.384 billion (2008) Net income▼ US$ 6.498 billion (2008) Total assets ▲ US$ 2.527 trillion (2008) Total equity ▼ US$ 93.591 billion (2008)
  11. 11. HSBC Bank India Fact File The HSBC Group develops and applies advanced technology to the efficient and convenient delivery of banking and related financial services. HSBC Bank India provides the following: • Self-service banking with over 150 in-branch and off-branch ATMs and 24-hour phonebanking. • Trade and corporate banking services with real-time access to a centralised information database •Instantaneous inter-city transactions through online connections between all branches • A state-of-the-art treasury dealing system • A sophisticated card system supporting debit and credit cards, domestic and international VISA, MasterCard, and co-branded cards
  12. 12. •A dedicated acquiring system for both MasterCard and Visa transactions •online@hsbc, HSBC internet banking service, provides customers with an integrated and secure platform to access their accounts. •Internet Payment Gateway handles credit card transactions on the internet
  13. 13. HSBC Accounts HSBC Current Account Current account is one of the HSBC accounts, which is widely used by the customers. Mostly this account is used by the business class because of easy deposits and withdrawals. This HSBC account suits the requirement of businessmen. There is an overdraft facility for the account holders that he/ she can withdraw an excess amount of money his or her account. Interest will be at the rate of 2% on the amount withdraw in excess. HSBC Saving Account HSBC saving account is another type of HSBC account. This is a popular mean to earn some interest for the low salaried people or the person who want some savings. Interest may be earned in compounded periods like quarterly or semi annually or even bimonthly. The minimum limit of deposit is Rs. 25000. there are also some discount offers for the amount holders on acquiring any kind of loan.
  14. 14. HSBC Fixed Deposit Account Fixed deposit account is such type of HSBC accounts. Which is preferred by the people to get high return of their deposits. The minimum deposit for this account is Rs 10000. HSBC offers 7.55% p.a the rate of interest on this account. HSBC Smart money Account HSBC smart money account is another type of HSBC account. This is combination of saving and fixed account. Account holders enjoys the facilities of saving accounts and get high return of fixed deposits. Accountholders have facilities to make an overdraft payment up to 90% of his or her deposit.
  15. 15. CITI Bank History 1812 -founded as City Bank of New York ‡ 1894 -became the largest bank in the United States. 1902 -began expanding internationally and became thefirst major U.S. bank to establish a foreign department. ‡ 1930 -became the largest bank in the world with 100 branches in 23 countries outside the United States.
  16. 16. ‡ 1976 -changed its name to Citibank. ‡ 1981 -purchased Diners Club. ‡ 1994 -opening of the first fully foreign owned commercial bank in Russia ‡ 1995 -opening of the first full service branch in China 1998 – Citi bank was merged in to Citigroup
  17. 17. Citibank ‡ •Citibank is the consumer and corporate banking division of leading financial services company Citigroup. ‡ •The company has operations in around 1,700 locations, in more than 140 countries worldwide. ‡ •Established 109 years ago in Kolkata, Citibank has a long history in India. • Currently it is the largest foreign direct investor in financial services in India with a total capital commitment of approximately US$ 4 Billion in its onshore banking and financial services business and its principal and alternate investment programs. •It operates 42 full-service Citibank branches in 30 cities and over 700 ATMs across the country. •Citibank is an employer of choice to about 7,500 people.
  18. 18. Citibank India is since 1902. Citibank India was the first bank to lend actively to individuals. Citibank is the largest Consumer Finance lender in the world. Citibank India follows the following principles while dealing to its customers: •Truth in Lending •Superior Products and Services •Quick and Transparent Credit Decisions •Lending is not a transaction, but a relationship •Custodian of Public Funds
  19. 19. Products and Services Citibank offers the following products and services: ± Banking services ± Credit cards ± Mortgages, Loans ± Investments ± Insurance ± Small business services ± Corporate/Institutional services ±Asset management ± Government services ± Private banking
  20. 20. Citibank online banking With citibank online banking one can enjoy the following services from anywhere in the world. For citibank online banking one has to log on to Redeem your rewards points •Pay Bills Online • Send Demand Draft anywhere in India • Get statements by e-mail • Register for Instant alerts • Mobile Banking • Citibank online Security Tips
  21. 21. Citibank Suvidha With the Citibank Suvidha Account, one can get the following benefits: • Shop n' win Rewards •Secure your child's future •Instant cash upto thrice your salary •Get rewarded for your account •Citibank Suvidha Account Holders holds over 150,000 highly tech-savvy Account Holders from Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi alone. Citibank Cards Citibank cards are available in a range of flexible and personalized credit and charge that can be managed online. Under mentioned are few types of Citibank Credit Cards in India. • MTV Citibank Card •Indian Oil Citibank Card •Citibank Silver International Card •CRY Card •WWF Card •Times Card •Citibank Cricket Visa Card
  22. 22. Citibank Direct The Citibank Direct Current Account pays 4.59% AER (4.50% gross). The Citibank Direct is one of the best rates on the market, with no strings attached. No minimum deposit is required for Citibank Direct and no need to pay in ones salary. A minimum annual income of £15,000 is required to open Citibank Direct Account. A cheque book and automatic overdraft facility are not available in Citibank Direct. Moreover Citibank Direct Account is easy to manage. Citibank NRI Citibank NRI holds over 160,000 Citibank NRI Account. Citibank NRI Account Holders, holds a minimum balance of Rs. 10 lakhs. Citibank NRI is voted as the most preferred bank of the NRIs.
  23. 23. Standard Chartered bank Our History Standard Chartered Wholesale Banking build son over 150 years of banking experience in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In fact, we are the only international bank with over 90 percent profits generated from these areas. The Standard Chartered Group: background The Standard Chartered Group was formed in1969 through a merger of two banks: The Standard Bank of British South Africa founded in 1863 , and the Chartered Bank of India , Australia and China, founded in 1853
  24. 24. Standard chartered bank in India Standard Chartered Bank in India is the largest international banking Group in India. The Combined Balance Sheet (as at March 31, 2001) of SCB India is Rs. 24515.9 cr. and is having a combined customer base of 2.4 million in retail banking and over 1200 corporate customers. The first branch of Standard Chartered was opened in Calcutta (Kolkatta) in the year 1858. the while commercial capital of India. The opening of Suez Cannel in 1869 for trade facilitated opening of 2nd branch at Mumbai and was made as the head office for Indian operations. The bank today operates over 83 locations. Its customer base has grown steadily and today it enjoys a customer base over 2.4 million including corporate as well as retail customers.
  25. 25. Products and services Saving Account: a) AXcessPlus b) Super Value c) Parivaar d) No Frills Savings Account e) Aasaan f) Connect N Save Account g) 2-in-1 Account h) Depository Services I) Corporate Salary Account Current Account: a) Business Plus b) Enhance Business Plus
  26. 26. Credit Cards: a) b) c) d) e) Super Value Titanium Credit Card Emirates Platinum Card Platinum Rewards Card Manhattan Platinum Card Gold Reward Standard Chartered India was the first to issue first global credit card in India, the first to issue Photo card, the first Picture Card and was the first credit card issuer to be awarded the ISO 9002 certification. Some other product innovations of Standard Chartered Bank in India include the 'Sapnay' credit card, the international debit card that provides free access to over 1500 Visa ATM's, a first in the banking industry, Mileage, an overdraft facility against the security of a car and Smart Credit, a personal line of credit for salaried customers.
  27. 27. Standard Chartered Credit Cards Standard Chartered Credit Card can get you going with the privileges within the country. With Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card one is also rewarded with exciting benefits and unique features. Standard Chartered Credit Cards are of many varieties. Atleast one type of SCB Credit Card out of the entire range can fit to the need of a single person The varieties of Standard Chartered Credit Cards are as follows: Standard Chartered Bank Classic Standard Chartered Bank Classic Standard Chartered Bank Cricket Standard Chartered Bank Diva Standard Chartered Bank Executive Standard Chartered Bank Executive Standard Chartered Bank Gold Standard Chartered Bank Gold Standard Chartered Bank Sapnay Standard Chartered Grindlays Classic Standard Chartered Grindlays Gold Standard Chartered Grindlays Star TV
  28. 28. . Add-on Card is given free with Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card. SCB Credit Card come with the following insurances Air accident Cover General Accident Cover Add-On Card Cover No Cover Baggage Cover Credit Shield on death No Charge Purchase Protection Cover Standard Chartered Bank Quick Facts Combined Balance Sheet : Rs. 24515.9 cr as on March 31, 2001 Customer base : 2.4 million Corporate customers : Over 1200 The First : In issuing global credit card in India, in issuing photocard and picture card in India. Visa ATMs : 1500
  29. 29. ABN- AMRO Bank ABN – AMRO Bank is among the top 10 foreign banks in India around the world with an asset of over US$ 504 billion. ABN- AMRO global network consists of more than 3500 branches in 320 cities spanning 76 countries. More than 3,400 branches in 70+ countries, the 1991 merger Algemene Bank Nederland and Amsterdam Rotterdam Bank had a long-standing presence in India since 1920 in Kolkata known traditionally as a strong "diamond financing bank". ABN AMRO Bank India started functioning in 1991 in Delhi and till date it has branches in Chennai, Pune, Baroda, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Noida servicing multiproduct relationship with customers. It formed AA Securities [I] Pvt. Ltd. in September 1998.
  30. 30. The services of Abn Amro Bank is organised globally in three business lines: •Wholesale Clients •Consumer & Commercial Clients •Private Clients & Asset Management ABN AMRO Bank in India enjoys a strong image as a corporate bank with comprehensive Global Transaction Services. The investment banking services of the bank is delivered through ABN AMRO (India) Corporate Finance and the Global Financial Market Teams which strive to maintain the permanent position in the marketplace. It has also launched its microfinance program. The program is aimed at delivering credit to the poor women of India, especially in the rural areas, through Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).
  31. 31. The Achievements of ABN AMRO Bank • "Best at Cash Management Award in September 2001" - The Banker •Corporate Finance India : Ranked Second in M&A in the Investment Banking arena in 2001 - Economic Times. •ABN AMRO Securities India : Best Foreign Bond House; No 1 Arranger in Private Sector: Euro money 2000. •Top Bank on "Management Quality" parameter: Business India 'Best Banks Survey 2000'. •7th Most Admired Commercial Bank in the World: Fortune Magazine, 2000. •Top Foreign Bank in India: Economic Times - CMIE survey 1999. •Second overall in Banking Industry: Financial Express - BRIS survey 1999.
  32. 32. ABN AMRO Private Equity (AAPE) ABN AMRO Private Equity (AAPE) is one of the leading venture capital firms in the Midwest. Abn Amro Private Equity is headquartered in Chicago with over $300 million of capital under management. ABN AMRO Private Equity invests up to $10 million in privately-held companies. It focuses its investments in four broad industries i.e., business services, communications, information technology and healthcare services. Specific target markets within these broad industry segments include B2B electronic commerce, traditional and ebusiness services, communications services and infrastructure, Internet applications, and traditional and e-health companies. ABN AMRO Credit Cards Abn Amro India provides two types of credit cards to its customers. One is Abn Amro Freedom Credit Card and the other is Abn Amro Smart Gold Card. The credit card consists of package of offers and discounts along with insurances.
  33. 33. Deutsche Bank in India Deutsche Bank established its first branch in India in 1980. Currently, it has over 7,800 employees in the country, operating branches in 15 cities. Building on its dominant global markets and leading transaction banking franchises, and with over 500,000 individual customers, Deutsche Bank is a fully integrated financial services provider to Indian corporate, institutional and individual clients. Deutsche Bank was established in the year 1870 in Berlin, Germany. It was founded to transact banking business of all kinds. It had in view to facilitate trade relations between Germany and all other European countries, and overseas markets. The Bank is one of the leading worldwide financial service providers with its presence in 74 countries. Its approximate assets is EURO 840 billion.
  34. 34. A db Fixed Deposit will earn a higher rate of interest than a savings account and that too with total security of your funds. A range of ways to earn more interest Deutsche Bank offers a range of fixed deposits to cater to different needs. Choose from: db FixedDeposit db Recurring Deposit So no matter what your requirements may be, you will always find a Deutsche Bank Fixed Deposit that meets them. db Fixed Deposit So flexible, you can decide your own terms With a db Fixed Deposit, you have the freedom to choose the amount and the tenure that suits you the best. •The minimum amount you can invest is Rs 20,000 •The maximum tenure of your fixed deposit is 5 years
  35. 35. db Recurring Deposit Earn higher interest, month after month A db Recurring Deposit is a simple way to save money every month and earn higher interest than you get with a savings account. If you maintain a savings account with us, a specified amount can be automatically transferred from it every month to your db Recurring Deposit. At the end of the tenure, you will have saved a considerable sum of money. •The minimum tenure is 12 months •The maximum tenure is 60 months •The minimum amount is Rs 5,000 •The maximum amount is unlimited
  36. 36. Deutsche Bank Products and Services Corporate and Investment Banking The Bank offers to corporate and institutional clients a the following products and services: Equities Fixed Income Foreign Exchange Commodities Corporate Finance Asset Finance & Leasing Relationship Management Global Cash Management Global Trade Finance Trust & Securities Services
  37. 37. Private clients and asset management The Bank provides the following financial solutions to private and business clients: Private & Business Clients Private Wealth Management DB Real Estate DWS Investments Deutsche Asset Management Scudder Investments
  38. 38. About the Royal Bank of Scotland Group In 300 years, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group has grown to become one of the largest financial services groups in the world. Our brands operate around the globe to provide banking services for individuals, businesses and institutions. Proud of our history, we remain committed to innovation and service. In 2007, the Group strengthened its presence across the globe through the purchase of several parts of the Dutch bank, ABN AMRO, including their businesses in India. RBFSI is the social activities wing of the bank in India. RBS India offers an unparalleled suite of client services in India. Using our global reach and drawing on the expertise of our team of research, sales and trading, equity capital market and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory professionals, we have led many of the biggest and most innovative landmark transactions in India for our Corporate and Institutional Clients.
  39. 39. Products and services They offer a broad range of transaction banking, fixed income and foreign exchange products and services, including sales and trading, fixed income origination, derivatives, structured lending and commodity financing. Additionally, they provide a diverse range of product offerings including personal loans, credit cards, savings accounts, financial planning, investment and insurance services, to meet the everyday financial needs of over a million Personal Banking clients in India. Microfinance program, the largest amongst its peer foreign banks in India, is aimed at delivering credit to our target community of impoverished rural woman through intermediaries called microfinance institutions.
  40. 40. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank started its business in India in 1980 looking to the fact that India is a major trading partner in U.A.E. import trade. The trade relationship between the two nations has flourished with the advent of technology, advanced communication, sophisticated transportation and of course, efficient financial services.
  41. 41. Services Offered by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in India Account opening: Individuals, Corporates and Brokers can avail this facility of opening an account. Dematerialisation: ADCB converts physical securities into an equal number of securities in electronic form. After processing, on request by customers, the certificate along with the DRF is sent to the company who will arrange to credit to the customers DP account. Transfer of securities: Once the depository account is opened, the transfer of securities in the electronic form is effected to and from stock exchanges linked to NSDL. The Bank assists the customers for receiving/delivering securities to complete transactions concluded outside the stock exchanges (off market trades). Keeping track of the securities: The Bank provides monthly statement of DP account reflecting details and quantity of shares owned by the customers.
  42. 42. Pledge: An investor can pledge his securities as collateral for availing financial assistance for personal needs. Freeze/Defreeze of accounts: The Bank assists its customers for freezing their account, if they choose so, for a particular time period and no transaction will take place in the DP account. Similarly, customers can also defreeze the account to facilitate transactions when in need. Rematerialisation: ADCB also assists the customers to reconvert back the securities into physical form against specific requests. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank NRI Services Since NRI can invest in shares and securities on repatriable and / or nonrepatriable basis depending on the origin of funds (funds emanating from NRE or NRO accounts) for investment, the following requisites of the RBI permission is applied:
  43. 43. Cash Against Shares (C.A.S.H) C.A.S.H is an overdraft facility by ADCB against financial securities. It enhances the liquidity of customers, giving the freedom to utilize the money for their business / personal needs. Advantages of C.A.S.H. Prime Interest rates No Annual Fee Highest loan limit (Maximum Rs.20,00,000/- for individual) Convenience (Instant access to credit line, by simply writing a cheque Savings (Pay interest only on the amount you withdraw) Flexible Payments (Convenient repayment option)