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Social media deck mar 21 2012


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Setting the stage for a panel on Social Media

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social media deck mar 21 2012

  1. 1. Social MediaTiE Houston Social Media Workshop March 21, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Setting the stage• Usage of Social Media in Business• Mobile <-> Social
  3. 3. Only Facebook and Twitter? Think again 800 MM+ monthly active users 15MM+ users 800MM+ monthly users visit site 15MM+ usersSETTING THE STAGE 232MM+ monthly active users 6MM+ users 230MM+ users 2MM+ users 135MM+ users 2MM+ users 115MM+ subscribers 2MM+ users 62MM+ users 1.5MM+ users 51MM+ users 500K+ users 20MM+ blogs 100K+ usersSource: Official and Estimated statistics. Facebook, YouTube, Zynga, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, scvngr, Path, Google+ SlashGear, TechCrunch / Comscore, FastCompany, Oink: TechCrunch, GetGlue, Foodspotting: Soraya Darabi’s LinkedIn, Esteban Contreras
  4. 4. Facebook is #1 – by most measures SETTING THE STAGESource: Citi Investment, Research and Analysis (September 2011)Source: Comscore, February 2011, Nielsen, State of the Media: The Social Media Report Q3 2011Source: Experian Hitwise, Facebook was the top search term for 2011, based on searches on Bing, Yahoo and Google
  5. 5. Social network is a worldwide and industry wide phenomenonSETTING THE STAGE
  6. 6. Brand building benefits the most from social media SETTING THE STAGESource: Booz & Company/Buddy Media Campaigns to Capabilities Social Media & Marketing 2011 Survey results, Esteban Contreras
  7. 7. Businesses think they know their social customers, but do they?USAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN BUSINESS 77% of companies thought they knew their social customers well, but 53% hadn’t even asked!Source: Survey by Pivot
  8. 8. Businesses are challenged by how to use Social Media EffectivelyUSAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN BUSINESS HOW DO YOU WHO OWNS IT? HOW DO YOU DO IT? MEASURE IT? • Full time? • What tools? • The Holy Grail! • Part Time? • Marketing Platform? • Extremely nascent • Marketing? • Email marketing fit? • Social Analytics an • PR? • Extremely complex emerging field • Advertising? • Customer Service?
  9. 9. Who owns Social Media? Everyone? No one?USAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN BUSINESS • There must be an assigned owner • Might be different for Facebook and Twitter – For example, Twitter might be owned by PR since it is largely a conversation, but Facebook might be owned by Marketing since it could be more strategic • The best practice seems to be to assign owners, but ensure that all other teams are involved
  10. 10. How do you do it?USAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN BUSINESS Analytics E-mail Media ExactTarget Constant Contact Marketo Eloqua Social Platforms Listening CMS Radian 6 (Salesforce) Web Content Manager BazaarVoice WebSphere Portal Lithium CRM E-Commerce
  11. 11. How do you measure it? USAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN BUSINESS Example: What is the value of a FB “Like” • $9.56: (money saved in triggering a fan into a purchase or other action assuming a constant acquisition cost of $1-per- click, compared to the cost for a non-fan; calculated by SocialCode). • Area of intense discussion • 2 cents: (offer for 500 new fans for $10.51; eBay). • No resolution: see Table on value • 57 cents: (offer for 1000 new fans for $57 by this fan- creating agency). of a “Like” • $1.07: (the cost of advertising on Facebook that • As of 3/20, Google launches a encourages a user to become a “fan”; Webtrends). Social Reports section under • $3.60: (as a media buy to reach 1 million fans; Vitrue). Google Analytics • $71.84: (extra amount fans spend vs. non-fans; Syncapse) • $136.38: (average annualized value of total fan purchases; Syncapse). • 20 extra visits to your web site: (vs. one visit from a non- fan; Hitwise).Source: How Much is a FacebookFan Worth? $10. Or Possibly 2 cents. Business InsiderSource: Why Brands Still Need Facebook “Fans”, AdAge Digital, Esteban Contreras
  12. 12. Social Media on Mobile Devices are becoming the norm MOBILE <> SOCIALSource: eMarketer
  13. 13. Users are more than just “consumers” of social media on their mobile devicesMOBILE <> SOCIAL 70% of users posted a status update on their mobile device and 28% clocked on an ad
  14. 14. Users are more than just “consumers” of social media on their mobile devicesMOBILE <> SOCIAL 70% of users posted a status update on their mobile device and 28% clocked on an ad
  15. 15. Conclusion• Social Media usage is growing rapidly, but its usage by business is still in the nascent stage• Businesses must assign an owner to social media to do it right• A social media strategy must work with a companies mobile strategy