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Some pictures from BarCamps and other tech events in East Asia. You will get an idea of what people are doing with technology, news ways of learning and networking.

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  • First we get a venue - Schools, offices - anyplace where we can get a couple of rooms for a day.
  • The initial group sets up a Facebook page and invites others to participate.
  • Participants are encouraged to invite their friends via their own social networks.
  • On the day at the venue. Come early and post your topics.
  • In South East Asia, we open up the BarCamp to a wide range of topics. Traditional technology topics, media, food, travel, hobbies, environmental issues etc.
  • We encourage every participant to speak or lead a topic. At some camps, the audience will vote for the topics they like. Your topics can even be something like “teach me how to cook thai curry” - you might get people who have experience cooking thai curry and the ones who like you are interested in learning.
  • We allocate classrooms to the presenters. Usually we get a venue where we have a couple of rooms to run multiple sessions.
  • People then make their own personal schedule of what sessions they want to attend. If the session you are in does not interest you, walk over to another room.
  • The sessions can be discussions like the one you see here in Tokyo at Sun’s office. Note the BarCamp Tokyo logo. People come up with unique localized logo.
  • Or you could run a hack-session where coders are busy building some project.
  • It could a workshop such as the one here in Singapore FilmCamp where a local actor is getting participants to try our some acting techniques.
  • It could be a demo like here again in Kuala Lumpur BarCamp with couple local musicians talking about how they come up with their compositions.
  • Or a tech demonstration here from Singapore BarCamp.
  • A panel discussion on startups in Thailand
  • Regular presentation. Thanks to Thais for starting the trends of non-tech topics at BarCamps.
  • Earliest such event was in 2007 in Phnom Penh where the Cambodian bloggers - they call themselves cloggers did the Cambodian blogger camp or the clogger summit.
  • The Cambodians are also a good study in how to get things done with the least resources. If there is not computers, we will use paper cards to design mashups. No projectors, some one will call somebody and a little while later someone will turn up with a projector.
  • A gadget-corner where people share their tech toys and let other try out some of these gadgets.
  • Girls taking lead. Discussion on gender-equality in Cambodia.
  • Using Skype to bring in remote presenters.
  • Traveling to neighboring countries. Here one of Cambodian bloggers talks about the outreach activities in Cambodia and looking to form connections with their Vietnamese peers.
  • Vietnam has had couple of BarCamps. The biggest one happens in Saigon. There have been a few in Hanoi too.
  • BarCamps are also spreading to secondary cities. Here we are going to Can Tho in South Vietnam.
  • Surprised by the level of English. Fast changing Vietnam and the topics reflect it.
  • Presentation on environment protection.
  • One of the discussions.
  • Active presentation of girls, in some cases more than the boys.
  • Chip from Vietnam in Johor Bahru, the second largest city in Malaysia.
  • The venue in Johor was awesome with a view of the tiny sliver of the ocean and then Singapore beyond it.
  • Android phone controlling a robot
  • Face painting
  • Lightsaber techniques.
  • Pestablogger Indonesia, netizens from all over Indonesia come to Jakarta to share their stories. Wide demographics. Good official participation too.
  • State department participating in the event.
  • BarCamp Create Indonesia focussed on creative industries.
  • An ad film makers talks about using Twitter trending topics as ideas for his ads.
  • Local versions of International brands.
  • Local artist talking about how he gets inspiration for his music.
  • Proudest effort on 2010 was BarCamp Yangon.

  • 2000 participants over two days. Venue was a local internet provider and they even gave us un-blocked internet for the two days.
  • Full topic wall
  • An young attendee
  • a presentation on web publishing in Myanmar. A tech blogger with good following.
  • A designer talking about colors for web
  • Wi-fi hacking, content management systems. Discussions on raising the IT professionalism and creating specific communities for web design, mobile etc.
  • A participant from Thailand tries out Burmese sarong or lyungyi.
  • Multi adapter plug.

  • Positive trend has been people traveling all over. Here you see people from the region in Phnom Penh.
  • Koshian doing a presentation on BarCamp Phnom Penh at Tokyo BarCamp.
  • A presenter from China at BarCamp Hong Kong.
  • Singapore and Malaysian participants in Cambodia
  • Norbert from Cambodia in Myanmar. Norbert is one of the connectivity pioneers in South East Asia.
  • Nearirath and Kounila from Cambodia at Singapore hackerspace. As people travel, they learn more about the opportunities in the wider region. The exchange also help change or update perspectives in the region.
  • John Berns shares his house

  • User generated events in East Asia

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