Tagging real world objects


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Tagging real world objects

  1. 1. One evening at the library..... I was returning a book.. someone else had reserved it..
  2. 2. It would be interesting to talk to the next borrower. Not many people are into alternative history. How do we initiate a conversation with future readers of this book?
  3. 3. A ryokan in kyoto, japan
  4. 4. We find this notebook on the table. what is this book. Let’s open it. omoide noto - memory notebook
  5. 5. We find stories penned by guest’s who had stayed in this room in the past..
  6. 6. The omoide noto gives us an idea. Can we build an online narrative or blog for a physical object or a place? And we build iwinkd.com
  7. 7. Going back to the book. Let’s say we had a message for future readers
  8. 8. We go to iwinkd.com and create our message “Loved this story. I want to see the movie too. I wonder if there is some thing like this about Japan winning the war”
  9. 9. iwinkd gives us a tag “your iwinkd tag is hot8725”
  10. 10. We attach the tag to the book and return the book to the library
  11. 11. The next borrower....
  12. 12. She finds our tag
  13. 13. She enters the tag at iwinkd hot8725
  14. 14. She reads our message..... and comments too “Loved this story. I want to see the movie too. I wonder if there is some thing like this about Japan winning the war” “Search for fatherland on youtube for a clip. The DVD is hard to find”
  15. 15. Other future readers can embed youtube, maps in addition to text continuing the conversation we started
  16. 16. Where else can use iwinkd
  17. 17. Tag a movie poster and start talking about it. iwinkd works on mobile browsers iwinkd:show77
  18. 18. Tag an event poster and let people find information about the event. iwinkd:show99
  19. 19. Cafes can tag themselves allowing visitors to share comments, reflections. iwinkd:story99
  20. 20. Invite people to come over to see videos, maps of your property iwinkd rent99
  21. 21. Talk about Mr. Bush iwinkd:talk99
  22. 22. Make it easy for people to note/remember your adverts iwinkd:job889
  23. 23. ideas, suggestions come to iwinkd.com and enter tag wink2429 thanks and see you guys at another event Preetam Rai, preetamrai@gmail.com