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Mobile Flickr and Mobile Blogging


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Using a mobile phone to take a picture and using the Multimedia messaging feature to send the image to photo sharing site. Also, using the mobile blogging feature of Sony Ericsson phones.

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Mobile Flickr and Mobile Blogging

  1. 1. Mobile Phone to the Web via MMS or Picture Messaging
  2. 2. Create Flickr Account
  3. 3. Check your email address
  4. 4. Enter the Email address as a contact on your mobile
  5. 5. Take the picture
  6. 6. Select send
  7. 7. Select “Send As a Picture Message”
  8. 8. Type some description if you want
  9. 9. Select Flickr Mobile as a contact to send the message to
  10. 10. Send
  11. 11. Phone image appears on your Flickr page
  12. 12. Mobile Blogging with Sony Ericsson Phones Z610, K800, K850, K770
  13. 13. Z610 100$ to 150 $ for Phone 10$ to 20$ per month Mobile connection fee
  14. 14. Shoot the picture
  15. 15. Select Send
  16. 16. Choose send” To Blog”
  17. 17. Type a Title and some text below
  18. 18. Publish
  19. 19. The post appears on the blog