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Preet hul hul


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Preet hul hul

  2. 2. HISTORYHindustan Unilever Limited(HUL) is Indias largest fast moving consumergoods company,touching the lives of two out ofthree Indians with over 20 distinct categories inhome & personalcare products and food &beverages. They endow the company with a scaleof combinedvolumes of about 4 million tonnes andsales of over Rs. 13,000 crores. HUL is also one ofthecountrys largest exporters; it has beenrecognised as a Golden Super Star Trading Houseby the Government of India.
  3. 3. Recruitment Placing theRIGHT PERSON in RIGHT PLACE at RIGHTTIMERecruitment refers to the process ofattracting, screening, and selecting qualified peoplefor a job at an organization HUL firm RecruitmentProcess include:1] Manpower Resource Planning Considering Job-Analysis Feedback2] Specification of Job Requirements &Identification of Vacancies3] Developing Employee Profile and Selection ofRecruitment Method & sources:
  4. 4. SelectionAn assortment of applicant from which a choice can be madeOnce the potential applicants are identified, the next step is toevaluate their qualification, qualities,experiences, capabilities,etc..&make the selection.It isthe process of offering jobs to the desired applicants.Selection means choosing a few from those who apply, It is pickingup of applicants or candidates with requisite qualifications andqualities to fill jobs in the organization.
  5. 5. Factors Influencing Recruiting Effort a. Size: b. Employment condition: c. The effectiveness of past recruiting effort: d. Working condition, salary & benefit package: e. Growth of the organization:
  6. 6. HUL need three type of manpower 1.Fresh graduates as knowledge worker 2. Specialist experienced people for special purpose 3.People for Skilled and labour based events
  7. 7. The recruitment process at Unilever can be classified into following stages 1. Personnel planning and vacancy announcement:-@The internet @Online based job portals English and Hindi newspaper OR campus recruitment 2. Channels of recruitment:-1.Walks- ins and write- ins·2. Employee referrals· 3. Advertising· 4. Private placement agencies& Professional search firms· 5. Educational institutions &Professional associates 3.Nature of Application form:-
  8. 8. SELECTION PROCESS IN UNILEVER1. Reception of application2. Evaluating reference and biographical data3. Employment test4. Assessing candidate through interview5. Cognitive ability test6. Physical ability test7. Work samples8. Hiring decision
  9. 9. Training and Development programmeLearning is an integral part of life at Unilever & there aremany ways in which you can develop your skills, bothprofessional & personal.On the jobProfessional skillsContinual updatePersonal development
  10. 10. Hul product