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Nginx in production


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Published in: Technology

Nginx in production

  1. 1. NginxIn production
  2. 2. Evolution• Started with Apache• Massive server load• Considered adding more servers• Needed a cheaper solution
  3. 3. Evolution v2• Changed to Lighttpd• Win!• .. but it loaded up again• Growing user base• Needed another solution
  4. 4. Nginx• New server• Fresh install• Lots of hype• Try Nginx, see the results
  5. 5. Result• Server load 26+• Reduced• Server load 0.3 (max)• 4 million+ views per day
  6. 6. Nginx• Learning curve for configs• But its simpler• Easier to read• More flexible• Less overhead
  7. 7. nginx.conf
  8. 8. common.conf
  9. 9. php.conf
  10. 10. cakephp.conf
  11. 11. Available / Enabled
  12. 12. sites-enabled/
  13. 13. Nginx’s friend• PHP-FPM• Super Fast• Pool management• Simple and self-managing
  14. 14. CakePHP Ready• Nice simple configuration• Easy to deploy new sites• Separated rules for CakePHP
  15. 15. Plain old PHP too!• Separate PHP configuration• Just include php.conf into your site conf• Dead easy to setup new sites• Simple == awesome!