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Precision In-Line Load Cell (Model - PCIL-M)


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Precision's in-line tension and tension/compression load cells are designed to be mounted inline to the load axis to measure tension and compression. In-Line load cell offered in both tension or tension/compression measurements, these load cell are constructed of all stainless steel with a wide variety of thread configurations making them ideal for field applications as well as laboratory settings. The tension/compression series are capable of withstanding significant off-axis loads, making them an ideal choice for in-line compression measurement or tension measurement where side loading cannot be completely controlled. Other Precision's in-line load cells are constructed of carbon steel and offer a smaller diameter design for mounting into an existing work system with tight spaces or clearances. Commonly used in Tensile testing machine, Automotive component test. Economical and easy to mount, these load cells allow simultaneous testing of multi-element systems. If you need special modifications or a complete custom design to meet your unique requirements, please contact to precision.

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Precision In-Line Load Cell (Model - PCIL-M)

  1. 1. SPECIFICATIONS PERFORMANCE Nonlinearity ±0.2% of RO Hysteresis ±0.2% of RO Nonrepeatability ±0.1% of RO ELECTRICAL Rated Output (RO) 2 mV/V nom Excitation (VDC or VAC) 18 max Bridge Resistance 350 ohm nom Insulation Resistance ≥500 Mohm @ 50 VDC Connection #24 AWG, 4 conductor, braided shielded PVC cable, 10 ft [3 m] long Wiring/Connector Code C1 MECHANICAL Weight (approximate) Safe Overload 150% of RO Deflection 0.005 in [0.13 mm] nom Material (flexure) M stainless-steel IP Rating MODEL PCIL - M PrecisionInLineLoadCell CAPACITIES MODEL # OD kN Thread Natural Frequency PCIL-M 65 267 M40x4 5 kHz WIRING CODE (CON1) RED + EXCITATION BLACK – EXCITATION GREEN + SIGNAL YYELLOW – SIGNAL SHIELD FLOATING DIMENSIONS 150 mm THREAD (BOTH ENDS) 60 mm 60 mm PRECISION For Automotive Component Test M40x4 Email - Phone - 91 9074040000, 9993350000 Precision Robotics & Automation Robotics & Automation 205, Bhavna Apartment, Satyadev Nagar Gwalior Operation in hazardous environments FEATURES • • • • • Heavy Duty construction Both tension & compression High structural load limit. Built-in surge protection 30 Ton (294 kN)