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Nirvan Veerasamy (GAM): Where does it fit in Destination Mauritius?


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PRCPA(M) conference: Communication applied to the promotion of Mauritius as a destination. Case Studies: GAM - Nirvan Veerasamy - Where does it fit in Destination Mauritius?

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Nirvan Veerasamy (GAM): Where does it fit in Destination Mauritius?

  1. 1. The GAM Private Terminal One chance to make a first impression
  2. 2. General Aviation (Mauritius) Ltd. • Unique, unparalleled development in  the aviation sector in the Indian Ocean. • Setting new standards in the aviation  hospitality sector • Business hub at the airport for aviation‐ related companies
  3. 3. Project Development Phase 1 Phase 3 • Construction of  • Business  the VVIP  hub and  Terminal and  activities  lounges centre at the  airport Phase 2 • Development  of hangar and  technical block
  4. 4. Away from the crowd GAM Terminal Airport • Improved access to GAM • Avoid main terminal • Airside ride to aircraft in two minutes!
  5. 5. The GAM Terminal
  6. 6. The GAM Private Terminal An intimate conversation with luxury
  7. 7. The Yu Lounge, offers a unique 5‐star refined and  personalised service
  8. 8. It is all about our guests ! Our values are centred around Comfort, Exclusivity and Personalised service
  9. 9. A world apart..The Ultimate Arrival Scene
  10. 10. Our dedicated concierges look after everything while  our guests unwind in their own private space
  11. 11. Plasma screens playing international cable TV using  ‘Bose’ surround system, latest international magazines  & same day newspapers 
  12. 12. Our Legendary Mauritian hospitality & service…..
  13. 13. Gourmet finger food with local fresh ingredients  with the world’s finest wines & spirits
  14. 14. Fully double glazed and air‐conditioned lounge,  shower suites & changing rooms  for maximum comfort 
  15. 15. Unique designer silver sculptures by world renowned  artist and duty free items
  16. 16. Internet access using the latest Apple computers, WIFI  and  Ipod rechargers
  17. 17. Yu Lounge at SSR International Airport, Mauritius
  18. 18. www.gam.m u GAM TERMINAL | SSR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Plaine Magnien | Mauritius T: +230 603 6600 | F: +230 603 6605 | E: