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Women in innovation management - Networks in Innovation Funding


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Women in innovation management - Networks in Innovation Funding

  1. 1. This Project is funded by the Improved SME Competitiveness and European Union Innovation Project Part 2:Networks for Innovation Funding
  2. 2. FINDING PARTNERS This Project is funded by the EU Important • There is no FP7 R&D project without at least 3 partners from 3 countries17 October 2012 2
  3. 3. Finding Partners - Possible Options This Project is funded by the EU • Previous or current project partners • Business partners • Internal company networks • Information Days and other events • Public Partner Search: Cordis, IDEAL-IST • Specific Support Actions • Scientific publications • Patent databases • Scientific conferences and seminars17 October 2012 3
  4. 4. Possible Options This Project is funded by the EU Approaching Existing Contacts This is the main method used by organisations based on “word of mouth” and previous collaborations and exchanges • MAIN ADVANTAGES: fast access to contacts, trust and common working language based on previous collaboration • DISADVANTAGES: if you don’t open up further, you may be “stuck” with limited or unsuitable contacts17 October 2012 4
  5. 5. Possible Options This Project is funded by the EU Public Partner Search (Cordis, Ideal-IST, EEN, etc) To be used when the CONFIDENTIALITY of the project is NOT CRITICAL or the project DESCRIPTION TOO VAGUE for any competitor to “steal” the idea • MAIN ADVANTAGES: very fast, high yield • DISADVANTAGES: many unsuitable offers, info often not directly comparable17 October 2012 5
  6. 6. Partner Finding This Project is funded by the EU Some Criteria for Selection • Interest and motivation • Inherent capabilities in the topic domains • Past experience in EU RTD projects • Resources in general • Critical mass in the specific topic area • Access to local markets, contacts • Good command of English17 October 2012 6
  7. 7. Finding Partners This Project is funded by the EU Before Committing to Participate Check role proposed and also • Main effort, cost and “Return on Investment” involved • Other potential benefits, e.g. new market opportunities, improved efficiencies, access to new technologies, etc If in agreement, supply required info • Monthly labour rate and overhead rate • Organization profile • Short CVs • Admin data, technical input, etc17 October 2012 7
  8. 8. Getting Started This Project is funded by the EU As a new partner in a consortium you should receive sufficient information about the proposal, including: • List of partners, points of contact • The draft proposal text • A list of planned preparation activities and completion dates to be done before to deadline for submission • Simple rules on proposal change control17 October 2012 8
  9. 9. Getting Started This Project is funded by the EU Agreement on exact role and project budget share can be • in good faith through the exchange of telephone calls / e-mails (a common practice for long-lasting contacts) • in writing by signing a memorandum of understanding (usually for first-time collaborations) or a None-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)17 October 2012 9
  10. 10. Rules of Behaviour This Project is funded by the EU Partner Responsibilities… • Grant access to own IPR and own pre-existing know- how if relevant to project • Sharing of results • Compliance with EU contract stipulations • Fulfilment of technical role • Good communication between partners17 October 2012 10
  11. 11. Sources for finding partners This Project is funded by the EU There are numerous tools, databases, or services around to help finding partners, for example: CORDIS Run by the EC, covering all FP7 programmes and calls. Based on profiles and explicit requests/offerings. Large database, but often not very call specific results IDEAL-IST Exclusively for the ICT Theme. Active participation requires a proposal outline which is “quality checked”. Search is open. Very call specific but few opportunities. EEN Focus is on enterprises, not academia. Very good for technology offers and requests, can be used for FP7 R&D if application/industry partners are needed. Linked-In A more personalised network of professionals. Many groups around FP7, but more on “meeting” people, rather than parameterises search functions.17 October 2012 11
  12. 12. Sources for finding partners This Project is funded by the EU … and one more source of finding partners, most likely the most important one: Information Days and Conferences A good example is the ICT Proposers Day 2012 resulting in a large collection of ideas ( items.cfm?id=177&by=175) You need to be well prepared for such events, precise proposal idea, short and clear profile of your organization with respect to this idea, and well acquainted with the relevant work- programme.17 October 2012 12
  13. 13. Sources for finding partners This Project is funded by the EU CORDIS Partners Service • The Partners Service is a free on-line service, tailor- made to help you to find the best research partners for your projects, either in the context of EU-funded R&D projects or within a broader search for technology- orientated partnerships. • It is open to everybody, there is no quality check of published proposal ideas!17 October 2012 13
  14. 14. The EEN Network This Project is funded by the EU The Enterprise Europe Network offers support and advice to European small and medium sized businesses, helping you to make the most of business opportunities beyond national and European Union bordersThe Enterprise Europe Network brings together businesssupport organisations from across 49 countries, with morethan 580 member organisations17 October 2012 16
  15. 15. Enterprise Europe Network This Project is funded by the EU • EEN is Europe’s largest business and technology network • The partners include chambers of commerce, enterprise agencies, regional development organizations, research institutes, universities, technology centres and innovation centres • Strongly rooted in local communities and regions across Europe17 October 2012 17
  16. 16. Contact points in Serbia This Project is funded by the EU • Mihajlo Pupin Institute • Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency • Nacionalna agencija za regionalni razvo • University of Belgrade • Serbian Chamber of Commerce • University of Nis • University of Novi Sad http://portal.enterprise-europe- October 2012 20
  17. 17. Enterprise Europe Network This Project is funded by the EU October 2012 21
  18. 18. LinkedInThis Project is funded by the EU • Worlds largest Professional Network • Network of more than 175 M members • More than 2.600.000 companies world wide • People tend to work with other people (or institutions) they know • Idea was to create ONE place to meet other professionals Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project
  19. 19. How do you use it? (2)This Project is funded by the EU • Level of details depends on you • Based on that details, system will: 1. Send you confirmation on your registration 2. Suggest what groups are of interest for you • Become a group(s) member • You can accept the choice of the system and/or chose additional groups from Groups Directory (there are close to 1.5 M groups)
  20. 20. How do you use it?This Project is funded by the EU • Search for the groups you are interested in, using key words and join them • When a member, enable system to send you an e-mail for each new comment (to keep it current) – bottom of the page – it is optional and you can rethink your decision • Recommendation: if EU funded project oriented, be a part of EU funds group • You are set to go!
  21. 21. Linked In This Project is funded by the EU EU Consortium Partner Network, Europe PF programmes and other EuropeAid Contracts European Entrepreneurs - Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs FP7 Programme - Research for SMEs Tender Writers Guild Bid Managers EC/EuropeAid Framework Contracts Projects Technical Assistance Consultancy Network; EU, Worldbank, Calls, Grants, International Development FP7 Research for the benefit of SMEsJoin Framework Programme Seven (FP7)Join17 October 2012 30
  22. 22. This Project is funded by the EU THANK YOU17 October 2012 31