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Bentley the Beautiful


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Students at Bentley in Flint, MI identify some possible projects to improve the quality of their school environment. These young people are participants in the Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES) Genesee County After School Study.

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Bentley the Beautiful

  1. 1. Bentley the Beautiful YES Project on Liabilities and Assets
  2. 2. Pride We can take pride in the many assets our school has. We have the power to help make improvements.
  3. 3. Leaking Ceiling In YES we traveled around our school grounds to examine some liabilities and assets. We explored the halls of the high school (with Kaidan and his walking stick). We noticed some water buildup on the ceiling. It was getting really bad- to the point where it was becoming a pretty big problem. It was starting to expand and become a bigger ring than it should. Although, there was a lot more liabilities around the school, it seemed that this was as bad as it gets. Kaidan G. Makalie W.
  4. 4. Bulldog bathrooms We found that the bathrooms could use some maintenance due to stall doors not closing properly, sinks not flowing well, and paper dispensers being broken. Isabella C. and Samantha F.
  5. 5. Basketball Court? Wait, there is a basketball court outside? Many people don’t use it or even know it’s there. I am sure if we fixed it up, people would use it. There are a lot of potholes, big cracks, and uneven blacktop. If we redo it, everyone would come. So things around there could be changed, for example; new basketball hoops, sturdy trash cans, comfortable benches, smooth blacktop, and an inviting path. This could be a great place for studying, relaxing, hanging out, and playing basketball. Thanks for listening! By Kaitlin Bailey & Colin Ford
  6. 6. Y.E.S. POWER This year we are going to use our new leadership skills to work together on a project making our Bentley Community a wonderful place to be... Stay tuned on what that project will be!