Reality Check: 5 PR Imperatives


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A presentation to kick off the Indiana Public Relations Leadership Summit, Indianapolis, IN on 4/1/11.

Focuses on key elements to consider in five areas: brand, social media, content, media channels and change.

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  • Nice presentation and the contents were very enlightening. Today consumers are more powerful than brands. They can pull down or push up a product just by simply tweeting or writing a blog about their experience.
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Reality Check: 5 PR Imperatives

  1. Reality Check:Five PRImperativesKevin Dugan, APREmpower MediaMarketingIPRLS | 04.01.11
  2. @empowermm
  3. Five PR ImperativesToday’s Topics Brands “it’s about more than you” Media Channels are no longer in silos Content is not (just) what you say Social Media is more than online Change is not a linear, annual exercise @empowermm
  4. Half-Full @empowermm
  5. Used with Permission: @empowermm
  6. “It’s About More Than You”1) Brand Imperatives @empowermm
  7. @empowermm
  8. Brand Imperatives Open Leadership: “Giving Up Control Requires More Rigor, Not Less” • Operational process • The rules and the game • True understanding of • Customer • Brand • Business Goals @empowermm
  9. Brand Imperatives Inside-Out Process: Employees must understand • Policy – What they can’t do • Training – What they can do • Plans – An overview of the external social media program and how they fit into it Social Voice: This is not brand voice; this is a person indirectly reinforcing your brand @empowermm
  10. Brand Imperatives Social Voice: Someone you can GoogleBrand Voice Social VoiceBrand accurately reflected Manifested in several real peopleSingle, anonymous, one-way Brand is more human in socialConsistent across touch Engaging and two-waypointsUnique to the company Listens, learns and interacts − Social Media for Dummies, Shiv Singh @empowermm
  11. Channels Are No Longer In Silos2) Media Imperatives @empowermm
  12. @empowermm
  13. Media Imperatives @empowermm
  14. Media Imperatives Paid Media Owned Media Earned Media Traditional, Online, All Forms In-Store, Websites, Content Conversation, PR, Search Results •Display Ads •Home Depot YouTube Brand • Product performance •Paid Search Channel ExperienceOnline Paid Content & • Customer Service •Targeting •Website/Blog/Newsletters and ServicePlacements Services Driven • Online Experience/Utility •Video Pre-Roll, Mobile •CRM Database • Employee Interaction • Apple Genius Bar • Brand Advocacy • TV Influencer Offline Brand Assets • Packaging/Display • News/Media Coverage •Print, All Other & In-Store • Video Demonstrations & Influencer Media • Blog Coverage •Owned Media (In Store) • Experential Driven • Brand Expert or Maven Metrics & KPIs that Matter in an Paid/Owned/Earned World Traditional Brand Readiness Brand Agility Brand Advocacy Brand Latency Reach, frequency, Is the brand primed to drive Can the brand flexibly sense and Do customers advertise & Does the media live inopinion, GRP, clicks, incremental value in respond to early signals (and recommend for brand. perpetuity, or position visits anticipation of paid media. drive more value) Who, how & where? itself in purchase funnel. NMIncite 2010, Pete Blackshaw @empowermm
  15. @empowermm
  16. Media Imperatives To integrate across media, we must be more flexible about how content, consumers and technology connect with a brand. @empowermm
  17. Is Not (Just) What You Say3) Content Imperatives @empowermm
  18. Content Imperatives Brands compete online with more than 1.6 billion messages. EVERY. Single. Day. 1.5 billion via Facebook 3,000+ press releases distributed, 50,400 video hours uploaded to YouTube, 750,000 photos uploaded to Facebook, 900,000 blog posts are published and 140 million tweets posted on Twitter @empowermm
  19. Content Imperatives Syndication: Sharing from one person to many networks, moving from RSS/aggregation to filters/ curated content @empowermm
  20. Content Imperatives Search Skills Critical • Organic search skills needs to become 2nd nature to PR, like AP Style • Paid search applies for crisis communication • Search can help with metrics/analytics @empowermm
  21. Content Imperatives Traditional/Mainstream: Decimated, evolving Citizen-Fortified (organized): Helps traditional with hyper-local content Consumer-Generated (unorganized): Passionate, well-received as highly transparent/genuine @empowermm
  22. @empowermm
  23. Content Imperatives Brand: Shifting from advertorial to games, feature films and substance (Wal-Mart, Converse, IKEA) Unconventional Formats: Brands uncomfortable with comments, Flickr protests, tweets, random consumer insight @empowermm
  24. Content Imperatives Role Revolution • Agencies: Becoming Publishers, Unconventional Roles like record label, Venture Capitalist for client • Consumers: Looking for more, customized to their needs – yet they have less attention • Media: Collaborating on projects (Forbes blogs) • Brand: Creating their own media outlets like P&G’s Man of the House, Adobe’s @empowermm
  25. @empowermm
  26. It’s More Than Online4) Social Media Imperatives @empowermm
  27. Social Media Imperatives People using technology to do online…Platforms Blogging Social Video/ Photo/ Communities/ Online Networks/ Audio Sharing Wikis Gaming/ Geo-Location Virtual WorldsSites Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr Wikipedia, Club Blogger, MySpace, Cincy Moms Penguin, Wordpress LinkedIn Like Me Second Life…many of the things they do offlineBehaviors Create Connect Collaborate React OrganizeAmplified @empowermm
  28. Social Media Imperatives Social Media is an engagement platform; not broadcast It’s not about every channel. It’s about the right channel(s) Social media is a line to the consumer that leads offline; mobile connects the two @empowermm
  29. Social Media Imperatives From a “1984” fear of one organization monitoring our every move; to actively recording our every move for multiple organizations: • Status updates • Check-ins • Food/Music/TV/Movies • Travel schedule • Bathroom habits @empowermm
  30. Social Media Imperatives Personal vs. Professional • 9 to 5 vs. 24/7 • Freedom vs. always on • Facebook vs. LinkedIn @empowermm
  31. Social Media Imperatives @empowermm
  32. It’s Not A Linear, Annual Exercise5) Change Imperatives @empowermm
  33. Change ImperativesA Five-Year Prediction, from 2005Facebook will have 600MM members, a movie and more display adrevenue than Yahoo. The newly launched YouTube will get moresearches than Yahoo. Foursquare: 2009 iTunes App Store: 2008 Twitter: 2006 YouTube: 2005 Facebook: 2004 LinkedIn: 2003 iTunes: 2001 @empowermm
  34. Change Imperatives Redefine: Expand consumer focus from campaign/transaction to include committed/ relationship Co-Create: Give consumers tools to create content and shape the brand in small ways Iterate: Consider ongoing change and the ability to better test and learn from “new” @empowermm
  35. Change Imperatives Get Involved: Help shape future of issues • Ethics, professional growth: PRSA • Privacy: Electronic Privacy Information Center • Content Quality Standards: Internet Content Syndication Council • Transparency: Federal Communications Commission • Industry-Wide Metrics: ANA, 4A’s IAB joint venture @empowermm
  36. Change Imperatives Change is constant (Heraclitus, 500 b.c.) Consider new rules for new tools, but never throw out the golden rules Test and learn vs. experiment When in doubt, follow the consumer – not your competitor @empowermm
  37. @empowermm
  38. For More… Twitter Blogs @prblog The Bad Pitch Blog @empowermm @badpitch Social Study Strategic PR @empowermm
  39. Reality Check:Five PRImperativesKevin Dugan, APREmpower MediaMarketingIPRLS | 04.01.11