Mgr mtg 2011 v1


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Mgr mtg 2011 v1

  1. 1. Agenda<br />
  2. 2. PRBS Directors<br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>Goals and Objectives
  4. 4. Safety
  5. 5. Messages and Mantras
  6. 6. Team Administration
  7. 7. Fundamentals
  8. 8. Practices & Games</li></li></ul><li>Rule Changes 2007 - 2009<br />Play on Grade<br />Scheduled day of practice for Pistols/Warriors<br /><ul><li>Junior Girls - 9 fielders, team may only bat once thru the order, & a 9 yr must pitch in each game
  9. 9. Pre Teen Girls - Pilot Program - A pitcher that hits 3 girls in 1 inning must be removed
  10. 10. Pony Girls - Stealing on the "release"
  11. 11. Bronco rules for Boys JA League (70" bases -lead offs-dropped 3rd strike), 70' bases for JN
  12. 12. Boys Pitching restrictions - innings per game reduced
  13. 13. Big Barrel Bats</li></li></ul><li>G22 Intentional Walks are prohibited, except to set up a force situation on the tie or go ahead run in the last or extra inning of a game.<br />G20.0 IHSA ejection penalty "Any player, manager, or coach ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be ineligible to participate for the next game.“<br />G10 The bench areas is reserved for players, coaches, and managers. All players should be on the bench when not batting, in the field or warming up. Managers and coaches may NOT stand in front of the out of play fences, or in the field of play, unless they are coaching a base, except for designated coaches in Future Stars, Etc<br />
  14. 14. G12  All rainouts will be rescheduled.  If a game ends because of weather conditions, curfew, or darkness interferes with play so that the game is called by the umpire, it is a regulation game provided the league predicated number of full innings have been played. (5 inning game needs 3 complete innings, 6 inning game needs 4 complete, and 7 inning game needs 5 complete innings)<br />Note: If the home team is ahead when the stoppage occurs, that inning will be deemed completed if it allows the game to be judged complete by rule.  If play has gone beyond the predicated minimum and is called when the teams have not had an equal number of completed turns at bat, the score shall be the same as it was at the end of the last completed inning.<br />Games not having played the predicate number of innings when suspended, will be completed at a later date, unless the league president determines the game is out of contention.  Play and line ups are to be resumed exactly as they were when play was halted.  On the rescheduled date, players who were not in attendance initially are eligible to play, if game is resumed prior to the start of the 4th inning (6 inning game) or 5th inning (7 inning game).  Players who were in the line up, but are absent when the game is resumed are skipped in the batting order, with no penalty.<br />
  15. 15. G6  Only the manager, or acting manager, may have a discussion with the umpire.  Upon the first attempt by a coach to have a discussion with the umpire regarding the game, a warning will be issued to the coach and manager.  Upon the second occurrence, said coach will be required to remain on the bench for the remainder of the game. <br />G10  The bench areas is reserved for players, coaches, and managers.  All players should be on the bench when not batting, in the field or warming up.  Managers and coaches may NOT stand in front of the out of play fences, or in the field of play, unless they are coaching a base, except for designated coaches in Future Stars, etc.  After two warnings from the umpire, the manager or coach will be asked to leave the field of play.  NOTE: This is not to be considered as an official ejection, unless the manager or coach will not leave.<br />PT Girls 6 inning Game<br />
  16. 16. Leagues<br /><ul><li>Little Sluggers – boys and girls
  17. 17. 7&8’s -Wildcat and Wildkits
  18. 18. 9 & 10
  19. 19. American assoc. (AA) boys
  20. 20. Junior Girls
  21. 21. 11 & 12
  22. 22. Junior Boys- American/ National
  23. 23. Pre-Teen Girls
  24. 24. 13& 14
  25. 25. Pony Boys / Pony Girls
  26. 26. 14-17
  27. 27. Colt Boys</li></li></ul><li>Calendar of Events<br />Opening Night – Friday May 6 6pm<br />Team pictures- Saturday May 14th<br />
  28. 28. Goals & Objectives<br /><ul><li>Learn the Fundamentals of Baseball
  29. 29. Good Sportsmanship
  30. 30. How to be part of a Team
  31. 31. Practice makes you better at anything
  32. 32. Fun means enjoying what you do
  33. 33. Most Fun= Doing your Best
  34. 34. Pass on to the next generation the tradition and love for Baseball</li></li></ul><li>Safety<br />Thorguard<br /><ul><li>Lightning Detection system
  35. 35. Operates 7 days a week- 8am-11pm
  36. 36. If you hear the alarm-
  37. 37. All must CLEAR the field
  38. 38. Stop the game- seek shelter
  39. 39. Building or Cars (not a convertible)
  40. 40. Leave the equipment on the field</li></li></ul><li>Safety<br /><ul><li>Thorguard
  41. 41. If strobe lights are flashing, do not take the field until an all clear is heard
  42. 42. If the weather is threatening, and no alarm, get off the field
  43. 43. Warning horn- like a car horn
  44. 44. 15 second blast
  45. 45. ALL CLEAR= 3 short blasts
  46. 46. IF NO CLEAR, after 20 minutes, ………. cancel game and GO HOME</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Managers
  47. 47. Wins???
  48. 48. Organized
  49. 49. Have a plan
  50. 50. Be flexible
  51. 51. Communicate
  52. 52. Your expectations, needs, practices, games, changes
  53. 53. Don’t use the child – use handouts, emails, post game reminders
  54. 54. Enthusiastic
  55. 55. Make it fun; Recognize and Celebrate!!!!
  56. 56. Get Good Attendance at games and practices
  57. 57. Where were you?
  58. 58. The team really missed you!!
  59. 59. The players really needed you at the last game
  60. 60. We sure could have use you…coming next time?</li></li></ul><li>Messages & Mantras<br /><ul><li>Mistakes Happen-don’t make it worse
  61. 61. “Correct” in private- not in public
  62. 62. “Correct” in practice
  63. 63. “Correct” as a group- not individually
  64. 64. “Correct” when you’ve cooled down
  65. 65. Positive Reinforcement
  66. 66. Catch them doing it right
  67. 67. Applaud the correct actions
  68. 68. Applaud at the “attempt”</li></ul>If Momma ain’t Happy, then Nobody Happy…<br />
  69. 69. Messages and Mantras<br /><ul><li>Umpires (None in T-ball)
  70. 70. In Baseball, quick decisions have to be made by an umpire almost every 30-40 seconds
  71. 71. Usually in front of 40-50 people
  72. 72. Half of which want to disagree
  73. 73. Accept their decisions unequivocably
  74. 74. Don’t Challenge, ridicule, “gasp” , “moan”, “groan” or do anything to infer your dismay-shut up! Shut up!</li></ul>- If you really have to ask a question, be very polite, pleasant and appreciative- like you are talking to a Tballr<br /><ul><li>Treat them with respect, be Polite and say “please” and “thank you”—see prior slide</li></ul>Remember the Golden rule- do unto others children as you would do to your own…<br />
  75. 75. 2009 Points of Emphasis<br />G8.3 All players must be in full uniform provided by the league to participate in a game. This includes socks and hats/visors. Ankle socks are not to be worn. No modifications or cut sleeves on the jerseys will be allowed.<br />G10 The bench area is reserved for players, coaches and managers. All players should be on the bench when not batting, in the field or warming up. Managers and coaches may NOT stand in front of the out of play fences, or in the field of play, unless they are coaching a base, except for designated coaches in future stars, etc.<br />Coaches may not sit on chairs or buckets in the field of play or in non designated bench areas, such as the batters on deck cage.<br />Rule 1.11-j Players must not wear watches, rings, pins, jewelry, or any other ornamental or plastic or metallic items. This includes plastic, elastic or cloth wrist bands and chokers. Athletic wrist bands are allowed. Cloth and elastic hair ties are allowed if they do not include metal or plastic.<br />
  76. 76. 2009 Points of Emphasis<br />OBSTRUCTION is the act of a fielder who, while not in possession of the ball, impedes the progress of any runner. A fake tag is considered obstruction. (NOTE: Obstruction shall be called on a defensive player who blocks off a base, base line or home plate from a base runner while not in possession of the ball.)<br />Rule 7.08-a (4) Any runner is out when the runner slides head first while advancing. (Leagues with players 12 years old or younger)<br />
  77. 77. Team Administration<br /><ul><li>Parent Communications
  78. 78. Parent Meeting
  79. 79. Parent Letter
  80. 80. Season Schedule
  81. 81. Practices, Games, Picture day, Birthdays
  82. 82. Phone numbers, emails,
  83. 83. Treats Schedule no no</li></li></ul><li>Team Administration<br /><ul><li>Parent Communications
  84. 84. Parent Meeting
  85. 85. Parent Letter
  86. 86. Season Schedule
  87. 87. Practices, Games, Picture day, Birthdays
  88. 88. Phone numbers, emails,
  89. 89. Treats Schedule</li></ul>Encourage Treat Spontaneity !!!!<br />
  90. 90. Parent Meeting/Letter<br /><ul><li>Contingency Plan
  91. 91. What happens if parent is delayed in pick-up
  92. 92. Never leave a kid alone before or after a game
  93. 93. Eye Contact –transfer- NO BLIND DROP-OFFS
  94. 94. Safety</li></li></ul><li>
  95. 95. Oh No …We don’t Have an Ump<br />What do We do????<br />
  96. 96.
  97. 97.
  98. 98. Things to Remember<br />Keep the games moving<br />Be organized and prepared.<br />Request assistance from parents as needed.<br />Have someone warm-up the pitcher<br />Let the players know in advance of what position they will be playing. Use a small white board for positions and batting order.<br />Assign a parent to assist with the catchers equipment<br />Move the team away from the field for the post game talk (if there is another game to follow)<br />
  99. 99. Please Do This<br />Each manager shall submit their official roster to their League President no later than the start of their 1st regular season game.<br />All rostered players must be listed on the scoresheet. If a player is absent, the reason should be noted, if known <br />Late arrivals/early departures<br />
  100. 100. Remember<br />No player shall be out of the game defensively for two consecutive innings<br />NO DEFENSIVE SUBSTITUTIONS CAN BE MADE FROM THE BENCH DURING AN INNING, EXCEPT FOR DISABILITY<br />ALL BATTING ORDERS WILL BE PROGRESSIVE<br />
  101. 101. REMEMBER<br />The behavior of all managers and coaches shall be governed by standards of good sportsmanship. Specifically, the following behavior is prohibited :<br />
  102. 102. Ultimate NO NOs <br />A. Profanity <br /> B. Abusive language<br /> C. Smoking during games while on the field or bench area<br /> D. Baiting of umpires<br /> E. Fighting<br />F. Alcoholic beverages or any illegal substances<br />G. "Taunting" of opposition players<br />
  103. 103. TALKING POINTS<br />IDIOTS<br />UNIFORM ALTERATIONS/white shirts<br />LATE ARRIVALS/EARLY LEAVE<br />School Night Curfews (LIT FIELDS ONLY)<br />Schedule<br />Umpires -Pay Slips - Attire<br />Pre Game Set up - Take down - Practice<br />Soft Toss<br />Box Keys<br />JEWELRY<br />Chain of Communication<br />
  104. 104. Post Season Playoffs; July 5-15; BOR. All-Star Selection meeting; Time/Location TBD. Purpose of themeeting:o In- House All-Star Team Gala; July 16-17o YE Travel Team PR Summer Sizzler JulyWARRIORS /PISTOLS<br />
  105. 105. 2011<br />Rule Changes for 2011 Season<br />G4.3 (add)  The visiting team shall be responsible for inspecting the field for obvious hazards before the game AND raking/leveling the batters boxes and pitching rubber/mound area after the game.<br /> <br />G7.1  ...The score MUST be verified by the managers after each half-inning...<br /> <br />G12  (add)  If a regulation game, including extra innings, is suspended due to weather conditions, curfew, darkness or time limits and the score is tied, the game shall be declared complete and a tie will be recorded in the standings. <br /> <br />
  106. 106. 2011<br />G13.1  A team shall play with 8 players.<br />G13.2 (in part) If a manager anticipates he will not have eight (8) players at the next game, he/she can request the League President to call up one (1) player.<br /> G23 (in part) All players in attendance must be out of the game defensively for at least one inning. Penalty: Forfeit<br /> <br />Changes for Special Rules for Individual Leagues:<br />All Softball Leagues: Field Dimensions and Equipment: (add) The batter and all base runners must wear a batter’s helmet and all pitchers must wear a protective mask.<br />Junior Softball: 6 (d) A league age 9 year old must pitch one (1) complete inning per game. (3 consecutive outs must be obtained while 9 year old deliver the pitch.<br />Pre-Teen Softball: 5 (a) (add) Runners who leave the base early will be called out. Dead Ball. All runners and batter return to positions held before ball was pitched.<br />Little Sluggers: (add) The Little Sluggers League is intended to accommodate 6 year olds too advanced for Future Stars and 7 year old boys not yet ready for Wildcat. Players are limited to 1 year participation in the Little Sluggers League.<br />
  107. 107. 2011<br />AA League: 5 (b) (add) Runners who leave the base early will be warned by the umpire.<br />Junior Boys League: 4 (b) (in part) …If a player arrives after the start of the 4th inning, he cannot enter the game.<br />
  108. 108. First Aid Procedures<br />See rules link on website for info<br />
  109. 109. U Reserve<br />See separate U reserve link<br />
  110. 110. How to run a practice<br />Please see various web site links for ideas<br />
  111. 111. FINALLY<br />Opening Night<br />Fall Ball <br />Injuries<br />Equipment<br />Follow The Rules<br />Head Lice<br />Double Base<br />SPONSORS<br />Questions<br />