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Nepal between india and china


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Nepal between india and china

  1. 1. Opportunities and Threats in terms of Economic Growth and Development Presented by: Prajwal Shrestha MBA II ‘A’ Roll No: 18 Faculty: Ms. Tejaswi Sharma Wednesday, July 03, 2013
  2. 2. Contents  Nepal’s Geographical Position.  Nepal-India Relationship: An Overview  Nepal-China Relationship: An Overview  Indian Economy: A Glance  Chinese Economy: A Glance  Nepal’s situation  Opportunities  Threats  What can be done? Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  3. 3. Nepal’s Position Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  4. 4. Nepal-India Relationship: An Overview  Ancient and close.  Common ethnic, linguistic and cultural identities.  1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.  Open boarder. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  5. 5. Nepal-China Relationship: An Overview  Old relationship history.  Established diplomatic relations in 1955. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  6. 6. Indian Economy: A Glance 10th largest in the world by nominal GDP. Adopted liberalization policy in 1991.
  7. 7. Chinese Economy: A Glance World’s second largest economy. Largest exporter and second largest importer.
  8. 8. GDP increase, 1990–1998 and 1990– 2006, in major countries
  9. 9. Nepal’s situation Poorer and least developed. Political unrest. Remittance based economy. Dependence on agriculture. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  10. 10. Opportunities  Transit between India and China.  Potential benefits to Nepal when playing a role of transit point: • Fees of various types to government. • Setting up service centers, tea shops, hotels along the road creating employment. • Nepali people will learn new business. • Exporters-Importers start to compare Nepal with other countries in terms of export-import ease. • Proximity with India-China will grow and this will enhance Nepal’s goodwill with both the countries. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  11. 11. Cont….. • Earned about SAR62bn (US$16.5bn)(NRS 14.26 Trillion) from the annual pilgrimage rituals of Hajj in 2012. • Accounts for about 3 percent of the kingdom’s gross domestic product. Religious Tourism( competitive advantage) An example of Saudi Arabia. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  12. 12. Nepal has more….. Attract Chinese Attract Indians For Buddhist For Hindus Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  13. 13. Buddhists in China • Chinese Buddhists at a growing 18% to 20% of the total population, or around 300 million people, thus making China the country with the most Buddhist adherents in the world. Hindus in India • 80.5% of total population around 827 million people, thus making India the country with the most Hindu adherents in the world. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  14. 14. Threats • Rivalry between India and China. • Open border with India • Activities of free Tibet Activist. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  15. 15. What can be done?  Economic (Development) Diplomacy.  Relationship of Trust and Confidence with India and China. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  16. 16. Lastly The best interest of Nepal is in nurturing a relationship of trust and confidence with both India and China. Rising China, Shining India and changing Nepal create new opportunities for all sides to strengthen the age old friendship for the benefit of the people of all three countries in the days to come. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha
  17. 17. Prepared by: Prajwal Shrestha