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Retail marketing strategy


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Retail marketing strategy for a major US lifestyle brand planning to debut in Indonesia...

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Retail marketing strategy

  1. 1. Digital Engagement Strategy for a major lifestyle brand in Indonesia - Prayukth K V
  2. 2. 16-10-2014 2 Prayukth K V Objectives • Expand the digital footprint of a large US-based lifestyle brand in Indonesia • Expand the lead pipeline and facilitate sales through digital and ecom marketing • Build on and sustain brand awareness • Build digital equity and omni-channel sales experience • Provide a engaging, personalized and addictive e-shopping experience to customers • Target a healthy level of active brand conversations across the web, social media and offline channels
  3. 3. 16-10-2014 3 Prayukth K V Cross channel initiatives High awareness Conversations Brand and product traction Sales Sustained interest Goal workflow
  4. 4. 16-10-2014 4 Prayukth K V Overall strategy • The Indonesian website will mirror the parent website • Along with the Indonesian site, regional social media presence is launched • Seek out strong local content and traffic partners • Raise brand awareness, translate awareness into sales pipeline • Localise content, beat competition (including fakes) • Target local e-com traffic hubs: Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Makassar and Denpasar • Massive publicity around site launch
  5. 5. SEO and web traffic generation 16-10-2014 5 Prayukth K V Social Media Sales engineering Brand conversations PR and media buy App and campaigns Activity horizon
  6. 6. 16-10-2014 6 Prayukth K V Traffic building • High impact launch • Buy properties on funnel sites to drive traffic • Focus on improving page rank to build visibility • Targeted SEO and adsense activity with a few keywords to begin with and scale up • Exclusive offers for first time and repeat buyers • Promote website aggressively in brick and mortar stores; • Serchandise the site • Sign up loyal customers and prospects for newsletters • Create and popularize a (Ind) app
  7. 7. 16-10-2014 7 Prayukth K V The social media funnel • Twitter and FB to begin with; to expand into instagram and pinterest • Constant interactions, offers and contests on social channels • Objective: raise brand awareness, build a steady traffic stream to the local website and cultivate the next set of loyal web visitors • Be aggressive with posting and social engagement without diluting the brand premium • Lifestyle positioning to be extended to the website • Push app downloads
  8. 8. The conversation building strategy • Talk about the convenience of buying “Original brand” merchandise • Banners on prominent “traffic funnel” sites with appropriate messaging • Get employees to actively engage social media participants • Apt #tags and topics for offline conversations • Custom content for whatsapp users targeting awareness and mobile users 16-10-2014 8 Prayukth K V
  9. 9. 16-10-2014 9 Prayukth K V What does the app do? • Detect a fake product (enter the product code to spot a fake) • Instant membership to various brand clubs • Healthcare and lifestyle tips • Fashion quotient • Alerts on new merchandise • Gifting options • Build traffic for the website • Instant feedback and shopper sentiment mapping
  10. 10. Unseat Lazada with aggressive traffic 16-10-2014 10 Prayukth K V push in 4 months Unseated by Nov 2014
  11. 11. 16-10-2014 11 Prayukth K V Digital content and visibility • Prepare and share crisp content around lifestyle choices and merchandise • Host a lifestyle lounge for premium customers on the website to showcase latest lifestyle discussions, fashion and trends • High impact digital visibility campaign for the website through tie-ups with airlines (planes) and inflight engagement) and airports (lounges) • Push customers and prospects to share extensively on social media • Web loyalty coupons translating into discounts for the number of times a visitor logs after creating an account • High impact email campaign targeting prospective customers • Connect with high profile journalists and bloggers and invite them to chat with us • Reaching the length and breadth of the nation will be a priority • SEO and adsense
  12. 12. Digitally targeting niche segments • Examples: Health conscious and fashion conscious customers • Tie-up with adventure sport agencies and healthcare websites to promote niche merchandise such as the Bio-sensing shirt • Separate exclusive web club to be established for customers purchasing premium merchandise • Special offers for them 16-10-2014 12 Prayukth K V
  13. 13. The route: channel sales enablement 16-10-2014 13 Prayukth K V • Searchendising – Indonesian website will be strongly searchendised – This means that key search attributes will be connected with merchandise categories – An option to have dynamic menus will be explored (preferences populated by a form with minimal fields). The menu changes as the visitor’s browsing activity intensifies – Navigation will be smooth and streamlined; past navigation history to be relied upon to offer choices
  14. 14. 16-10-2014 14 Prayukth K V Site visitor engagement • Dynamic offers for first time and regular visitors • Pro-active and reactive chats to facilitate conversation and understanding • Backend analytics to study visitor behavior and predict navigation patterns • Incentivized browsing
  15. 15. 16-10-2014 15 Prayukth K V Q1 Impact • 370 percent increase in traffic to local site as compared to day zero • Online sales soar • 43 percent repeat visitors • SEO impact becomes visible; Search rankings push site to the 2nd page on Google for select keywords • Over 700 sign up for updates newsletter • Channel awareness and ongoing conversations up 200 percent
  16. 16. Launch PR, 5 Others , 12 SEO/Ad sense , 10 16-10-2014 16 Prayukth K V Q1 Web Traffic split for the Indonesian website* Social media and app, 33 Media properties, 20 Newsletter, 20 * Expected
  17. 17. Q1 Channel Marketing Activity Sustained interest, 10 Media traction, 10 Impact* 16-10-2014 17 Prayukth K V Brand impact, 35 Sales, 20 Conversations of interest, 15 Cross platform engagement, 10 * Expected