How to fail on social media


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Go bust on social media in 6 easy steps....

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How to fail on social media

  1. 1. A step-by-step guide May 2014 By Prayukth K V
  2. 2. Why fail?  Everyone is on social media these days  But how many of us are capable of using it to drive business?  Social media marketing requires knowledge of people, technology and trends  Most fail to attain a balance between traditional and social marketing goals  Others fail in understanding the significance of social marketing (in terms of the larger org. goals)
  3. 3. Ways to fail: route 1:Ignore RoI  Use the standard excuse – I cannot measure social media engagement or RoI  Avoid using basic inbuilt tools (Facebook analytics) or even free ones like  Ignore conversion rates  Post-campaign conversations do not mean anything to me  Avoid metrics  Sentiment monitoring?? What’s that?  I will use traditional measurement ideas for social media  Social content demand? No idea!  Conversational engagement? Sounds like a good idea!  Engagement interpretation is of no use to my business
  4. 4. Ways to fail: Route 2: Silos  Work in silos within your marketing team  Let each marketing division decide its priorities and enforce them  Avoid collaboration and focus on getting content out faster; ignore quality  No need to leverage the inherent strengths of teams (such as web marketing for building communities)  Build communication barriers to prevent cross pollination of ideas
  5. 5. Ways to fail: Route 3: competition  You don’t feel the need to track competition on social media networks  Absolutely ignore interactions of your social community members with competitors  You have no idea what a private list on twitter is  Why should I be bothered if my brand pops up in social conversations within my competitors social net?
  6. 6. Ways to fail: route 4: Influencers  Influencers don’t mean anything to me  I should be more worried about disgruntled customers than influencers  Nope I don’t measure influencer sentiment  Forget sentiment; I haven't even mapped my influencers  I don’t know how to assign weights to my social media participants and interactions
  7. 7. Ways to fail: route 5: myopic  I follow a post-to-post approach  No idea what the level of engagement will be a month down the line  Social crisis management? Nope, haven’t heard of it  Long term social engagement is for others; I have enough participants on my social networks  I have a single strategy for all my social channels  I do ignore many conversations that mention my brand or product  Disgruntled customer? I will tell her that her problem will be fixed that’s it!
  8. 8. So, have you figured out how to fail on social media yet? Here is one final tip! Just do what others are doing on social media!